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  1. DO NOT get in a hurry and watch GB and other auctions and here and you can find them. I have seen them go for as much as $2200 and as little as $1200 each for in unaltered condition in the last month. 38-40 and black powder for me is a great match willie GOODNEWS
  2. I have SS grip frames, hammers, triggers and Like new Eagle gunfighter grips that are checkered ivory for sale.
  3. It is a drop 2. With the lever all the open the magazine tube is blocked from being loaded. Ensert 2 rounds and as you close the lever the carrier drops down allowing the bottom shell in the magazine and the top shell chambers. The length of pull is 12 3/4” giving you room to work the long lever throw. i shoot plastic AA or STS hulls with black powder and use the regular folded crimp. I also put crisco in the webbing of the plastic hull for lube and I shoot the whole match without cleaning it keeps the fouling soft and no buildup. Winchester used smokeless powder in the 1880s in 10 and 12 ga thanks willie GOODNEWS
  4. Charles Daly model 500 double barrel 12 ga. Made in Muroku JAPAN 20” barrels chambers have been polished and forcing cones lengthened for end has a sliver of wood missing finish is worn with a few dings . Leather but cover can remain or for $100 extra I’ll make one with your alias or I can just remove it. $625 shipped to your FFL From me or add $30 if I use my FFL. First I’ll take it Thank you willie GOODNEWS
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