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  1. 1973 when we married I gave the Pastor $25. Twenty five years later I gave the same Pastor $50 for another twenty five years.
  2. Well if'n more would be used then wouldn't that give a cowpoke the chance to develop the skill? Since I don't take the time expending thousands of rounds every month practicing, then we all should stop using ammunition at matches to accommodate my lack of skill?
  3. Two or three stages a year will have a few clay pigeons/soda cans tossers. The annual match, what Isom Dart said "...BRING PLENTY OF SHOTGUN SHELLS". Six of our bays have side concrete berms.
  4. Curious. What powder charge and OAL deviation do you find?
  5. Only those that feel their current lifetime supplies they have now aren’t enough!
  6. OP, IMHO your rules that your children are instructed to obey should NOT be changed for their friends. I had asked my daughter to help her mom. Daughter told me that I couldn’t make her! In a moderate tone of voice I told her that may or may not true but I could make her wish had done as I asked. Daughter thought about it for a bit before going to help her mom. Wife’s nephew did what he wanted when he wanted. We were hosting the wife’s family at our house. Nephew picked up the phone to make a call. I removed the receiver from his hand as I told him he hadn’t asked my permission. He told me that his grandpa lets him. I told the nephew that I’m not his grandpa and this is my house. Nephew stomped into my living room and turned on my TV. I was right behind and turned it off. When “Grandpa lets me…” didn’t work on the second attempt he got his mother and they left. Friday evening I had to worked late. I was tired, glad the week was over and hoping I wouldn’t get called back to work during the weekend. Daughter asked if I would take her the high school basketball game. Yes. It would be a good father daughter bonding time I thought. As we where getting out of truck at the high school she told me that she didn’t want anyone to know that I was her father so I was to pretend I didn’t know her. So much for my bonding idea. At halftime I watching her make her way to me. “Dad! Give me some money, I’m hungry!” I looked her straight in the eye, “No. I don’t loan strangers money.” She blinked as she realized that I just followed her previous instructions. Back to friends she went. AND she NEVER asked me again to pretend I didn’t know her again. Then there was the time when my father-in-law tried to supplant my house rules in my house with his…
  7. No on beachfront…do have a bridge that just came on the market. Seller needs the cash, you can get it for a steal if you act fast!
  8. No different then the “Masks Required” signs.
  9. Wonder how long the car’s battery will keep the heater running when stuck in traffic jam during a snow storm?
  10. Brass carrier, 617 primers Aluminum carrier, 895 primers Titanium Carrier (grade wasn't listed), 2,334 primers
  11. Because you are using a steel magnet instead of a brass magnet. For three easy payments of $19.95 I can sell you a brass magnet. For you I’ll throw in second brass magnet for FREE. Just pay separate shipping and handling.
  12. Did y'all know that SASS's new headquarters is only 15 miles from Denver and 20 miles from Mexico?
  13. Quick Al Bore Internet search: Brass carrier, $46.25 Aluminum carrier, $67 Titanium Carrier (grade wasn't listed), $175
  14. Well...I put one in my '66 and didn't care for it. After using the '66 for 15 years with a solid brass carrier the aluminum carrier felt and sounded "wrong". Just had my Gunsmith (Coyote Moon Gun Works) check the my aging '66 over. He suggested an aluminum carrier could improve the cycling. I'm thinking about reconsidering my previous 5 year old decision.
  15. In the State of Indiana a "No Gun" sign has NO state statutory enforcement. In other words if you walk in legally armed the police can not arrest you for ignoring the sign. BUT if you get caught the property owner (or an owner authorized representative) can order you to leave and if you fail to do so you could be arrested for trespass.
  16. Amish craftsmen. Union made. Talk is cheap. What’s the business local reputation?
  17. Or a PEBKAC problem. Problem Exsists Between Keyboard And Chair.
  18. Odd numbers are bad don’t you know!
  19. That's my reasoning too!
  20. Members $10, nonmembers $15 for five stages, restrooms with indoor plumbing within walking distance, port-a-John within spitting distance. Donuts included along with lunch (donations accepted for lunch). Free on site camping with power. http://wolffsrowdyrangers.com/styled/
  21. Better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it. You got fire insurance on your house? Why? Just in case!
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