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  1. Can’t make a silk purse out a pig’s ear just as you can’t eliminate fouling shooting 45 Colt in a rifle BUT you can reduce it. Use a 250 grain bullet. Load at towards the top of the powder manufacturer’s maximum. A very good case crimp.
  2. I’ve got one that’s been slicked up and shoots like a dream…kidding…sorry I couldn’t resist.
  3. Yeah. I ordered a small drink. Lady told me they didn’t have a small, only medium, large and jumbo. I then asked the lady if medium was the smallest they had. She said yes. Then I said then I’ll have the smallest size then. Didn’t hear another word out of her and I got my small drink.
  4. About ten years back I dished out some old geezer revenge. I was out of town and needed a screwdriver. Found a hardware store and asked the young pimply kid at the counter if they had any left handed screwdrivers. Frowning the kid said he didn’t think they had any. A mature voice from the back yelled they have a whole rack full of them. Kid walk me over to their screwdrivers. I picked up a few to site down their length. Here’s one I declared. I fully believe that today there is a 10 year older kid without pimples that truly believes there are left handed screwdriver.
  5. Because someone mail anthrax to our “Leaders”in D.C.all mail now goes through expensive sniffers.
  6. My service firearm. One income and four mouths to feed it had to be sold when I changed careers. S&W 9mm model 459? More for sentimental reasons.
  7. Reminds me of the SASS coin project. A lot of “somebody should” and “want several”. Found a manufacture and my cost. SASS asked if they could take over the project. SASS discontinued the coins for lack of interest.
  8. And this is why I don’t save my CC information on the seller’s web site.
  9. It silences the ringer and sends the caller direct to your voice mail.
  10. Local Credit Union, new Tellers would ask for ID. As the Teller was punching at her keyboard I got my Driver’s License ready. She looked at her computer screen and then told me she didn’t need it because the have it on file!?!?
  11. Iphone settings phone Silence unknown callers
  12. His refinishing article is posted here too with credit: http://wolffsrowdyrangers.com/styled-4/
  13. Because the Government states ”Guns are evil” is the reason I don’t own one.
  14. 1. Phone number: 574-831-xxxx (your number) 2. Calling Party number: xxx-xxx-xxxx (any number) 3. Bill to number: xxx-xxx-xxxx (any active number) A business has several phone lines (1). Business wants only their published number (2) to be appear to the called party. And they want all long distance calls billed to the national office (3). I’m on vacation four hours from work, son is marrying in two hours. I get a call, I recognize the number as from my employer (telephone company), I didn’t answer. A few minutes later I get another call from my number, I know how this works, someone at work is spoofing my number hoping I’ll answer, I didn’t. Then my wife got a call from me!? She’s frowning at me wondering how I can call her without having a phone in my hand. “DON’T ANSWER!!!” She did’t take the call. Work continued calling using every number they thought would tempt me to answer. Didn’t work, phones were now on vibrate. Telemarketers have the same ability to spoof numbers. My phone now only rings if the calling party matches a number on my contact list.
  15. I’m trying to figure these things out too. There is difference in the ends of screwdrivers?
  16. In order to load the rifle (‘66 or ‘73) do you need to open the action a little for the link to clear the loading gate?
  17. These were recommended to me by Kow Patty Karla. Used my Cabela credit card points and bought a set. Tried them at a SASS match and a 22 LR match. I can now hear the 22s hitting steel! Time will tell.
  18. You have a Texas Star that is a swinger!?
  19. Way back when LEOs were issued revolvers. Indiana Law Enforcement Academy firearms instructor (a State Trooper) was telling us Trainees how to practice dry firing. Instructor’s experience. Whenever a predetermined image appeared on the TV he would draw and fire. He was in the process of unloading his .357 when one of his children asked him a question. Car appeared on the TV and in reflex he put a live round in the TV. Explain that to your wife he said. He also said it’s better to practice when you’re home alone.
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