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  1. I'm not so sure the Importers actually order the Martial 1860s. I would bet they order just "1860s" and the manufacturers ship what they have. Since the original sample samples were martial 1860, the manufacturers simply assume we ALL want the "Military" guns. Perhaps those that don't want to be screwed are in the minority?? Hummmmmmmmmm.
  2. the reason is Hysterical - er - Historical . . . yup . . Historical. The 1860 Army was a "Martial" weapon initially. Produced for the military. The 1860 was requested to be able to fit a shoulder stock so Colt did that. It was only much later, the "Civilian" version, without the Shoulder Stock mounting screws were seen. The Sample Example, Uberti and "others" had for the initial reproductions was of course, a martial 1860. So now, so many years later, we're screwed.
  3. Resistance is Futile. YOU WILL be assimilated!!
  4. Nah. That's strictly "Gamer" lever throw already No need to shorten it. Pumps up Pneumonia-er-Pnumatic chamber just fine. Little too much drop at the comb though.
  5. Hogleg - You pose a very good question. The RWS do not play well with Slix. The play moderately well with OEM Pietta nipples. I would not, however, want to rely on them for anything other than local play. Not real Bueno with Ruger. Can't comment on Uberti, no real encounter with OEM Uberti nipples. Did however, observe another shooter with an Uberti 1860 this past Saturday. He was only shooting one Cap Gun and it didn't run the entire stage. Not one stage. His were OEM nipples, I am unsure of which Caps.
  6. J-BAR Stop That!! You keep talking about that silly little screen thingie and everybody will want one
  7. For general consumption: NO two powders are "interchangeable." Powders ALL react differently. When there is NO load data available . . . and the manufacturer does NOT recommend for cartridge loading, Successfully and Safely become Oxymoron. Without scientific pressure test equipment, you're flying blind. I would suggest, you only use scientifically derived data from established loading manuals. To do otherwise is to invite disaster. Stay Safe Out There
  8. I have always been of the impression that CORN came in a JAR
  9. But El CupAJoe Do your really mean an 1851 with a Stepped cylinder and a Rebated Water Table in .44 has no historical basis?? (tongue stuck firmly in cheek). I am crushed!! And here I thought I was hysterically kerrekt all this time (Sob, sniffle). Dawg Hair Have no fear !! (At least not a lot). Common knowledge, Pietta has been building the "better Mouse Trap" for several years. The Great Western II is a "ringer" for the early second generation Colt with a much better action. I do have to admit, including the Encyclopedia Brittanica in bold print on
  10. Well Thank You Cypress I'll take your Right Wing derision as a complement
  11. OK . . . . AGAIN . . . . Back splatter is dictated by Target Condition, Stand Design, Gravel Base of the range. targets need to be in good condition (Already Said). Targets need to be hung with about 15 degrees back deflection at the target bottom. Target frames should not include any "right angles." Mounting targets on Rebar will guarantee splash back. A range with a Gravel Base will guarantee splash back. Target distance, with correct targets is immaterial, as it velocity. Simple Physics and Geometry.
  12. PLUS ONE too Loophole LaRue. Additionally, the Ghost guns and 80% guns need to be accounted for. Admittedly, the criminals will acquire guns in any way possible, but deliberate temptation is ludicrous. And, it has already been stated, if you manufacture your own Firearm, it is NOT LEGAL for sale. EVER.
  13. Ha. None of the Above. Toss my brass into the shop sink with water and some Whit Vinegar. Soak for Half Hour. Rinse. Put it onna cookie sheet in into the small oven for an hour at 180 - 190 degrees. Ready to load. PS: I Dont shoot that heathen smokeless stuff. BP and Subs only.
  14. Just as an aside . . . Shot with a fella for a couple of seasons that used a 20Ga, Single shot H&R. He could keep up with the 97 guys and gals. Was a hoot to watch. This missive add no real content for the OP. Just a bit of Tuesday Evening commentary of trivial pursuit. Should you choose to ignore this missive, I'll not take offense. I'd probably ignore it myself. But, if you have gotten this far, it's too late. Yer HERE!!
  15. PLUS ONE too Pettifogger your betcha!! (And Dirty Harry)
  16. PLUS ONE for J-BAR absolutely!! As an aside. My Metronome was installed on the left and I shoot on the right. Mine was installed during the Winter "Off" season so I have no idea how long I could have, should have, would have waited under other circumstances. Under NO circumstances would I trust other than the information provided by your Cardiologist. If your Cardiologist is clueless, he or she has access to an entire network from which to get answers. If your particular Cardio won't get you answers, you need to find a different Cardio. Stay Safe Out There.
  17. There is actually little if anything stated in writing as pertains to Percussion Guns. Per BATFE daffynitions, a Percussion anything is not a firearm, and as such BATFE doesn't care. Now. The other shoe. If your customer is injured or killed by one of your creations, it befalls the Lawyers to fight it out. The cost of a really competent Lawyer will take every penny one can Beg, Borrow or Steal.
  18. Relieved to see Remington #10 and #11 Caps are in the mix. Patience Padawan . . . Patience.
  19. Hi Sue, There are two problems with 45 Schofield in '73s. First up is the rim diameter which the Schofield is larger and "adjustment" may be necessary to the extractor. Next up is cartridge length. A '73 will run just fine so long as the bullet used is no shorter than a 200Gr RNFP crimped in the crimp groove. Seamus: All that is necessary is to machine the breach of the cylinder for the thicker Auto Rim Rim. Echo Echo Stay Safe Out There
  20. Use a bunch of different color Peeps to make Technicolor Rice Crispy Treats. Don't last long enough to get photos.
  21. Just plain "Mo Betta" fer CAS. If you didn't really already know that, you just haven't been paying attention of the past few years.
  22. Donner Party?? Yep. I was just about to suggest, sometimes they were known to eat "other" pioneers. Yum.
  23. Hah. None of the Above. Of an age, cutting grass is NOT grins and giggles. SO: Hired a "Service." They provide the Mower, They run the Mower. They maintain the Mower. They haul the Mower away along with the clippings. SWEET!!
  24. Nah. Been stuck in too long. Need to get out and suck rip some powder smoke (Gag, Choke, Cough). gonna have to try and get out to PLAY!! SNUBBIES-R-US
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