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  1. Well, I am going to add my two cents. Often carry a hobo knife (along with other knives) because been to restaurant when they forgot the silver wear or two spoons & no fork. Blamed that on the dishwasher. Was a Boy Scout long time ago. Remember, always be prepared. Easy to make a two pronged fork with a knife when camping, not as easy without the knife. Most of my knives can shave hair. Yea, don't like those plastic things. Broke far too many plastic forks, trying to be polite. Now I am older and somewhat more wiser.
  2. I thought it was an audience clapping to start with. Guess my imagination doesn't give me much time for "nothing to do". ha
  3. I believe rose hips are part rose flower, though could be wrong.
  4. Would love to help but have a knee that steadily getting worse & walking with a cane to prevent falling. Getting older is not all it's cracked up to be.
  5. Once in a while, I may have done similar things. My more common mistake is to have a primer in the case - upside down. What I have learned is it may depend on the brand of primers used because when I slowly & carefully extract the upside down primer, sometimes it works and sometime it doesn't. No problems most of the time, but just yesterday it didn't work. The anvil part came apart as well as the magic stuff to ignite. Didn't used to care much in the past but now that they are priceless when you can find them, well we are all in the same boat.
  6. Changes. Saddened by the closing too. Due to long distance, work, costs, etc. I am one of many who never got the right opportunity to ever visit FR, but hoped to go when retired. Now retired and moved closer to aging parent (dad will be 93 this year), but FR is closing, my chance has changed changed again. Seems changes is the one thing that is constant. We can look back at memories shared and anticipate ones to make in the future. Now we must look again and for more ways to promote good healthy shooting - SASS.
  7. WOW! Been off the wire for some time and now regret that. Just saw EOT won't be far from my neck of the woods & maybe going to go. I saw the registration is already filled up. Bummer. Guess it is fair play since it took years for The Chronicle to remove our SASS contact at our club after he passed away & now it isn't listed at all. Still love cowboy shooting, but ...
  8. Love cornbread, with or without sugar. Prefer it with sugar but also Type II diabetic, so seldom cornbread at all. Love chili almost no matter how it is fixed. Happy to eat chili several times a week, even without cornbread.
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