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  1. The question was about model '92's. I understand they are allowed in WB and happy about that. No need to drag this out further. Thanks folks.
  2. Ozark Shark, on page 10, under lever action rifles the hand book states a '73 and '66 can be exchanged. We all have our favorites but only those two listed it would seem they are the only ones allowed. The model '92 is a lever action rifle as well. I question why the '73 and '66 are singled out.
  3. Thank you. Just the mention of '73 and '66 made me question a change. I suggest an improved re-right in the next revision. I have been shooting SASS for some time, but it has been a long time since I checked the wire. Thanks again.
  4. Just read the July 2020 updated Wild Bunch hand book and have a question regarding accepted rifle models. Are model '92 acceptable in Wild Bunch or not? From the way it is stated, it looks like only '73 or '66. I happen to like my '92, but may need to go back to my '73 if that is the change.
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