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  1. I was intrigued by the shot shell pickers as well as by the shooting and beautiful scenery. Heres one I found <http://www.ammoupusa.com/compact-ammo-up-for-Shotgun-Shells-and-Wads/>
  2. Warden, if you roll crimp the Federals do that the best of all of them.
  3. I like the movie where it was shown that by snapping your wrist at the moment the trigger was pulled you could make your bullet fly a curved path.
  4. But likker's quicker. I'm sorry. I had to do it
  5. I was reading all about Ground Hog Day (to me ground hog is unseasoned sausage) today when the Department of Conservation dropped a little note that here is in fact a ground hog season in MO. I was dumfounded. I have always considered them and treated them as a pest. Now you can get fined for shooting one of the dagblasted varmints.
  6. I was watching an old TV series when the hero shot one of two bad guys with, what appeared to be a 44 with a silencer on it and the gun went SPUT. He then used the silencer across the other guys head to knock him out.
  7. That was from the days when a non dancing actor or actress got very few parts.
  8. Remember us little people when you get the 8 million.
  9. That horse ain't thru the first page and already stinks.
  10. The 1860 Army's bore diameter generally ranges in the .451-.457 area. The conversions shoot .45 Colt ammo.
  11. Yea Brother, I believe !!!!!
  12. Come on guys. Here ​finished a leisurely breakfast, read the paper and then here comes this thread. Yeah I was an Artillery man but that's a far cry from horse drawn. Everything on the list makes sense but the tar. I dunno? A thought. Maybe they used the tar to waterproof the fuse?
  13. A friend takes blocks of cream cheese, splits them in half, rlls each half into a log then rolls the log in Chili powder. Gooood, simple and easy spread on crackers.
  14. It must be the dead of winter when a thread about cheese, bread and tomato soup can get snarky.
  15. I had forgotten. Beautiful harmony.
  16. I have discovered tomato bisque soup. Very nice with the griddled cheese.
  17. We might not be able to get along without avocados but I'm willing to try.
  18. Yeah, but you got one coming on husband high pretty quickly.
  19. Seems that way. I found the name and a birth and death date but nothing else.
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