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  1. .38/.357 LOAD .38,much cheaper reloading
  2. anyone have any problems with these primers?
  3. thanks all for the info
  4. have a slip over larger bead sight on my shotgun but can not remember where I purchased it.any one have a web sight for this sight[need another one]this sight bead slips over the stock front shot gun sight on a stoeger coach gun
  5. well then I've had cas guns with lighten springs,have my share of FTF using cci
  6. anyone have any idea where I can get some lighter springs for this gun?[ single trigger]
  7. suede holster rig,fit .44/.45 cal waist 39.5" to43.5". rig by ROWES LEATHER$150.00 shipped
  8. any one know who can reverse the triggers on this stoeger?
  9. bought one of these, gun is short stroked but far from CAS ready,needs complete spring change[all springs]
  10. saw somewhere a larger replacement brass bead for the 1873 lever gun [ bead only ] can anyone help
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