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  1. They have Road Kill at Texas Roadhouse, it’s ground steak in a delicious gravy with onions and mushrooms! I always get it when I go there!
  2. My son does door dash part time and he’s very careful handling the food. My friend who’s retired also does it part time and he’s also very careful handling the food orders. I’m sure there’s real slobs out there but I don’t think they’re the majority. Door Dash keeps tabs on you if you get a bunch of bad reviews. They’ll fire you.
  3. Great actor, I liked him in many roles! https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/louis-gossett-jr-1st-black-man-to-win-supporting-actor-oscar-dies-at-87/ar-BB1kKuqZ?OCID=ansmsnnews11
  4. I'll have to agree with that! I've got a few places around here that have prepared meals that are great! I just wondered about these delivery meals, I'm lazy!
  5. That's what I tend to think about these home fresh meals as well. They seem to good to be true! BTW does you and lovely bride deliver to Ohio!!
  6. It's not that hard to write a check! I understand if they don't have a checkbook but they can always get a money order!
  7. Guardians, (Indians) beat the A's 8-0! It helps that the A's are the worst team in baseball, at least last year they were!
  8. Has anyone tried these supposedly fresh meals like Home Fresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef etc.?? I see all kinds of ads and commercials for them. Just curious! Thanks, Rye
  9. It’s gotta be hard to pick your nose with a ring in it!
  10. I’ve heard them saying the same thing. Watching that video it looked like a toy coming down!
  11. Watched the Dodgers roll over the Cardinals. Watching Texas and Cubs right now. Texas had a 50 year season ticket holder guy throw out the first pitch to Pudge Rodriquez. Pretty cool!
  12. I picked up a prescription today at my pharmacy and the prettiest girl waited on me. Very nice but my lord the nose ring was awful! I wanted to ask her why do you want to ruin such a pretty face with that bull ring in your nose? I bit my tongue
  13. Did you want to put this on the MEME’s thread??
  14. That’s great but I have no idea of what you’re saying . I don’t work on cars and haven’t for years nor do I want to!
  15. Broderick Crawford on Highway Patrol never missed with his snubby!
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