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  1. My son lives there, a few miles from downtown.
  2. Get a hold of Blackwater he’ll probably know! He lives in Tennessee.
  3. Im talking about the people making the planes now! NASA employs lots of people.
  4. We made them as kids. We used the piles of snow from the snowplows. They lasted until the next snowstorm when the snowplows ruined them
  5. What a groove on this tune!! Larry Carleton guitar solo!! One of the absolute best guitarists ever!
  6. Guns are kinda cool though! Glad they were invented!!
  7. Since this has gone way off topic, I learned to drive stick, the old 3 on a tree, in a 1962 Nash Rambler. Classic . It was my neighbor's car. He was in his 80's and asked my dad to tech me to drive stick so I could take his car for rides or to the store now and then because he wasn't driving much. So I learned on an automatic 1957 Chevy and a stick Rambler. I loved that Rambler! It looked like this one.
  8. Well I typed it 4 different times to try and get it printable!
  9. Go with a real Colt if you can afford one and find one, all the others are reproductions. Ruger is not even close!
  10. I have 4 Colts. Three 3rd gens snd one 2nd Gen all in .357. I’ve had Ubertis, Piettas and Rugers but I worked my way up to Colts. I bought them all used. I never paid more than $1600 for one that was unfired. The others were all around $1000-1200
  11. They moved the Buffalo game to Monday because of the snow and cold.
  12. This plane is supposed to quiet the sonic booms to a “thump “ instead. Over 900 mph https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/technology/nasa-unveils-the-revolutionary-x-59-quesst-quiet-supersonic-jet-9-photos-video/ar-AA1mTtBj More here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_Martin_X-59_Quesst
  13. Killing Crazy Horse was great!!
  14. As a kid I loved Lil Abner, Dick Tracy, BC, and Peanuts. There was more that I’m not recalling at the moment but I read all the comics.
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