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  2. Anything's Ok with us, Jack. If you need to make an early departure; let us know so we can help! Mo
  3. While we’re on the subject of great CAS songs about pards gettin’ in trouble with Mexican saloon girls let’s also pay homage to Jay and the Americans great classic “Come a Little Bit Closer” wherein the hero actually survives by bolting through a window when Bad Man Jose (what a great SASS Alias, has anyone taken it yet?) shows up to claim his woman. The only casualty is the poor cowboy’s drink he dropped from his hand. Otherwise a reasonably happy ending! Seamus
  4. Those short cable locks would make good saps
  5. As the title says, looking for a brass 1873 Carrier for 45C rifle. Doesnt need to be pretty as i'm going to skeletonize it, just needs to not be worn out. Would prefer to pay via paypal, zelle, or google pay for quicker deal making!
  6. The young man that Tyrel had arrested cursed him a blue streak for a solid 30 minutes before he could figure out just who he was. The boy's Pa had just bought the Hoover place ans he was gonna be sorry for doing this to him; Tyrel couldn't get the family name out of him, only that the boys name was Russ. Exasperated, he finally left him, still cursing and headed down to the Saloon for a quick bite to eat and then on to the telegraph office to send a message: Blackwater. Trouble brewing at Stone Creek. Come loaded for bear ASAP. -Tyrel Tyrel never knew what hit him. As he stepped out of the telegraph office one of the rough dudes that had passed Calico on the way out hit Tyrel with a 2x4 he had found leaned up in the alley. Once down, both kicked him several times and beat him nearly to death. "Grab his keys and let's get Russ outta here!"
  7. Because those are our rules. It has been posted numerous times on this thread the options available to the shooter. It may not be us that cant wrap our heads around something. The TO does not HAVE to talk spotters into seeing a P. It doesn't matter what the spotters see or do not see. If the TO sees a P, he or she calls it regardless of what the spotters see. Again, it has been posted a bunch of times on this very thread the shooters' options. Hmm. Did you get the story also from the TO and spotters? I would hope so. I would also hope the only thing you took off was the msv or it will be you who has some lessons learned. Just saying. Dont really know why I felt the need to chime in, just got tired of seeing the same posts I guess.
  8. Sorry to hear that. Sometimes when it rains it pours. Just remember that all things are temporary, including the bad stuff. As for me, I'd probably cut off the Marlin just so I could re-use the lock!
  9. Hey Willi Them there guns look to me more like Bisley .... rather than Birds ... N-Nice Sox
  10. The corollary is also true... one way to get a girl is to be friendly to the fat ones. Unfortunately we are a shallow society obsessed with looks.
  11. A drivers license is not a fee to travel. In fact technically you do not even need a license to own a car... provided it never leaves your own property. The license allows you to use public roads and verifies that you actually know how to operate a vehicle so that you don't get others killed while out on the roadway. But if you own your own 100-acre spread you can let your 12yo drive a car on it as long as he knows how. I equate carry permits to drivers licenses. But a license just to buy a gun and keep it in your own house? That's silly.
  12. https://www.boredpanda.com/how-to-get-men-1950s-dating-article-magazine-mccalls/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic
  13. I was thinking drivers' license - a fee that most folks pay in order to be able to travel.
  14. Had the power company ring my door bell about a year after we moved in. Wanted to know if I could let them in to do something with their gear on a pole directly behind my NE corner. Said they needed to get to it and would I mind if they cut away some of the forty-five foot pine growing there. I told them I didn't care if I took the whole tree down. They said they could do that and I asked how much. Three hours later the tree was gone, nothing but the stump left. A few weeks later a guy showed up and removed the stump, too. All gone and cleaned up and it only cost me three Whoppers and three soft drinks.
  15. My daughter has the youth model Henry 22 - neat gun and nice wood. Thinking of getting this simply because I like the silver-chrome finish and it has the stamp of Evil Roy. Kinda of a fan https://www.henryusa.com/rifles/henry-frontier-carbine-evil-roy-edition/ https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/henry-frontier-carbine-evil-roy-edition/ GG ~
  16. I also depends on how well the SG was cared for.... Unless that bbl has been in an x-ray for internal corrosion. I will hang it on the wall.... YMMV, OLG
  17. For speed of loading at a match, I'm in absolute agreement with Navy Six! Making paper cartridges ahead of time DOES take time, but you can do it at your leisure and it speeds up the loading process greatly - almost as easy as a metal cartridge. . . almost. When I don't use paper cartridges (which is more often than not), I do the exact same thing J-BAR describes, only I use a teardrop-style flask. Keeps the process simple, accountable, with a minimum of fuss and gear. I dislike taking apart the gun - even a Remington - to load, as loading on the pistol is much faster for me. A good powder flask will be your best friend! Two points I'll also mention: even with paper cartridges, I'd advise lube on the top of the chambers. Keeps the fouling soft and action running smoother. Second, fabricate from a needle or wire a small pick to use on the cones. Most of the paper will detonate with just the cap, but to be on the safe side, poking a needle hole through the paper cartridge will ensure a direct line from the cap to the powder. Wild Bill Hickok is recorded as doing this, and he knew a thing or two about cap 'n ball revolvers. . . In any event. . . Keep your powder dry, Wild Ben
  18. I found that they make great bicycle locks. OLG
  19. Maybe he choked him with a print out of all of Alpo's ponderings
  20. Today
  21. Irish Ike.. So glad you clarified this.. You only took the "minor safety" away.. Not the "P".. Your original example on this you just said you corrected the shooters score... I, myself, was wondering how he got out of shooting the pistols out of order.. See how communications can help?? "P" only.. no MSV.. Got it now.. Rance Thinkin ya done good then..
  22. Oh yeah, I got one of those things with my Marlin when I picked it up recently. It's still in the box...where it will remain.
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