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  2. I have no loops on my gun belt but had 38 and 45 loops put on my shotgun belt so I have any reloads or combinations covered.
  3. That was saved for dumb city cousins !!!! GW
  4. Cowboys and Cowgirls, the latest edition of the Rough Rider Range Report, the only official newsletter of Winter Range is now available here: http://winterrange.com/WRNewsletterFall19Final.pdf . Copies are also being emailed to current and past participants, but our email program limits how many can go out each day. Enjoy, and we can hardly wait to see you all here in February!
  5. I found the .060 veg wad to seal better. Don't worry about the primer pocket uniformer. I F/L size my Sharps .45-70 cases in a .45-90 die. Works the brass less. Would be a good idea to anneal the case mouths before the first loading. Don't need a mic-die for powder compression. OLG
  6. Lawman Mark, You are to be commended for showing those 1911's in their proper way..... Cocked and Locked. Thank You. ..........Widder
  7. Capt.: Yes, SPF. Flanigan; the grips came from now retired Collins Grips; they were made for original S&W New model #3s and required some slight sanding on the edges to fit. They could be further slimmed down but I wasn't that persnickety about it.
  8. Remember that almost all police chiefs are political appointees. To get their job they had to kiss a politicians back side. To keep it..... you get the idea.
  9. If you have never cooked with meatballs you have never met some of my friends! Blackfoot
  10. Since SASS rules require long guns to be cleared (used to require "action open" as well) the only way to enforce compliance is to attach a penalty for failure to do so.
  11. You can boil those in kerosene for 5 hours and they won't fall apart! Blackfoot
  12. I did. If I had to do it over the loops would be for 12 gauge and I'd wear the belt with the buckle to the rear.
  13. The Defender comes with only one magazine, and only one set of grips. These have a MSP of $549, and are selling for about $499-$529. The Mil Spec parkerized comes with upgraded grips, holster, magazine pouch, and two magazines. MSP is $780, and are selling for around $650-$675. I'm not familiar with, nor can I find the middle model you referenced. I have an EMP-9mm, a 1911 Loaded 9mm, a 1911 MC Operator .45, a Mil Spec .45, a stainless TRP and a TRP 10mm. I love every one of them, and am looking forward to buying a Professional model in .45 soon.
  14. So if you’re going to whet our appetite with pics why not add the sequences?
  15. Allie Meaux, you'd really enjoy yourself at Black Gold. There's actually two liquids on tap there, beer and Copperhead juice! Beer you've had but Copperhead juice is something special. You'd know a bunch of people and you've got a bunch of friends you haven't even met yet and you also will meet family there, I know I have! Kajun
  16. Well at least it made a nice impression.
  17. Oh crud! Now I have to clean my computer. Blackfoot
  18. Merci beaucoup petite fille! I tole you fo sho dat I knowed a whole passel of dem Meauxs in Louisiana, dey's good people! Widder, you are a spelling jeanyus! Kajun
  19. I just got though reading an article about loading for long range shooting with the .45-70. The items that it appears I need are: -24" brass drop tube -Sinclair Primer Pocket Uniformer -Lyman M-die for getting precise neck expansion. -Redding Micrometer adjustable compression seating die -.030 King Veg wads I am not in any hurry to get the items as I still have to move 1700 miles so the less I buy now the less I have to move. But, do these sound right? I have a set of RCBS .45-70 dies, several Lyman molds, and a wad punch die that I'm a little fuzzy on using. The article said to "fire-form" the brass, which I assume means to load them up and shoot them. from then on I only resize the neck. Do I have that right?
  20. https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=PEN&sectionNum=16170
  21. Rye, if I see your name on a "Who's Coming" list to a match we are going to, I will make some for you. That will keep you out of the freezer aisle. Plus you can always make a bunch and freeze them yourself, and you will know exactly what is in them! There was a family gathering when I was very young at a relatives house (you never seem to run out of cousins in Italian families). Somebody opened a cupboard and there was a jar of the famous "Ragu" spaghetti sauce. Nonna cried. Took it personal. If you wanted sauce, ask her. She would love to make it for you. Another infamia was Chef Boyardee Beefaroni. Then Spaghetti-O's. Trying times indeed for Italian grandmothers. (back in the day, infamia meant a loss of Roman citizenship. Today it has evolved into a synonym for "shame on you.") Give it a shot. Make some sauce or meat balls. Freeze what you don't use. Keep it simple with the ingredients. Remember, many of these dishes were "peasant" dishes way back then. You used what you had. Once you get the hang of meat balls and sauce ("gravy" on the east coast), we can talk about making pasta from scratch. One hint. Adding red wine to a tomato based sauce makes it sweeter (and a good excuse to have some wine while you cook). There are certain sugars in tomatoes that only dissolve in alcohol. Buona fortuna!
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