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  1. I have a 1860 Henry Transition rifle by Uberti, I bought my back up parts (in case of of breakage) thru Taylor's & Company. Be advised if you go this route in may be several months before you can get parts as they normally don't keep these on hand and the parts have to come from Uberti in Italy.
  2. I'll take one box of these - "Cowboy 45 colt cast bullets. 560 per box cast 452 with 20-1 SPG lubed. Cast with mold # 452664 by M&P Bullets, Brattleboro, VT. Each box is $60.00 Shipped." Pm sent
  3. A buddy of mine has one, a 1894S with straight grip stock in 41 mag. made in 1988. Didn't know there was such a creature. It's definitely not for sale, that's going to an expensive hunt for one of those.
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