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  2. The gasoline in your cars tank, is a far more dangerous explosive. I have never-ever had a insurance company ask if I reload....... Like gasoline-I buy my powder and will never attempt to make it. OLG
  3. Howdy, When I was in high school we wanted to build and shoot rockets. We tried making several fuels. One was black powder. I got a pretty good formula for bp and managed to accidentally light it. In a second the entire basement was full of black smoke. It all burned without exactly exploding because it was not confined. I never tried that again. I wouldn't make bp if you paid me $5000 a pound. I quit when Im ahead. Best CR ps If you do go ahead be sure your insurance is good for it.
  4. Funny, folks are assuming 38/357.
  5. No Show, it should hold ten .357's and at least that many .38's depending on length. I'm wondering how you posted but still show zero posts.
  6. so I decided to actually sight in my Uberti-made '66. It's an early one, the rear sight slot being closer to the receiver. it shoots .452 bullets all over the place. !! Came home and found a few .454 boolits to slug the bore. VOILA, she measures . 454...does yours, if you have checked yours ??
  7. If BMC wants to catch fish all he needs to do is go down to Pike Place Market in Seattle and wait for one of those guys to throw one at him. Actually I was there a few weeks ago and nearly got walloped with a large fish when I tried squeezing past the crowds gathered there to watch.
  8. Get a hold of Badman Bullets or Cowboy Shooters Supply they have the Boggus Deal checker made by SliXpring products. Big Iron Buster
  9. Noz, you best hang onto that one. Sounds like a keeper fer sure …. MS
  10. I found the same issue. nothing resolves to a place to order or pricing.
  11. IME, the most accurate powders for the 30-30 are: RE7, RE15 & BL-C(2).
  12. I doubt that anyone in the old west made their own powder! I agree with every one else, too dangerous!!!
  13. It looks like a direct replacement for the Figure 8 except bio degradable which is good! Graf and sons reloading is listed, and I will try their website to see if they are listed for sale. The Figure 8 design was primarily for 1 1/8oz loads but did show compatible with 1 oz in some charts.
  14. Dang I hate to hear that, he was one fine feller, lotta fun to posse with. Prayers up for family and friends.
  15. Just a question, what side by side distance between plates do you usually see, what is target size and how far are they set from shooter.? This is not to start a rant just info for reference. Thank You
  16. I'd like to answer your question, but I'm afraid I don't understand what it is you're asking. In your example, are there any overlapping targets? Are there any targets that are separated by a fraction of an inch? That's kinda what we're dealing with here. Phantom
  17. In general high explosives propagate faster than the speed of sound, and the detonation is due to shock waves. Low explosives deflagrate, which means the combustion propagates thermally. Popellants are generally very low explosives because their combustion is much easier to control.
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