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  2. The ground actually is ok to restage your guns as long as its done safely....
  3. 2 - Brand new in box Lee 6 Cavity Bullet Molds 452-255-RF. $36 each delivered to you, thanks! Preacherman
  4. Very nice Browning 12 gauge double built by Goose Neck Clem. It has full size barrels (uncut). Wood and blueing in great shape some minor gun cart imperfections. I can ship to your FFL on your dime. Located in eastern West Virginia. $1000. If you want any more info or pictures PM me thanks the Rippen Kid
  5. Somebody's wrecking yard is gonna make a bundle on "new" salvage parts.
  6. Just left you a PM on payment...Got your msg in my PM box so I'm Cornfused about PM's.... TR
  7. Hello, next order from Texas just arrived. Thank you very much we will send your PCC capper tomorrow and we will give you tracking number afterwards. best regards Polish Cappers http://www.polishcappers.com
  8. Mec Chart says 43a throws 1 more grain of unique than the #43. I would guesstimate that would be about 2 more of 2FF.
  9. Looks like I'm going to have to make TWO sandwiches. Oh, the horror. I'll just have to cowboy up and do it. Angus
  10. Mayonnaise and peanut butter is yummy. Add dill pickles for perfection.
  11. I'll be there barring some unforeseen tragedy in my life. I've loaded 3 boxes of shells in anticipation of my first official run at the rat hotel
  12. BTT. Lower price. Pic of one of these mounted to muzzle.
  13. i'm not fast at loading or shucking a sxs so i'm further ahead to just leave it standing if it dont fall with the first shot. It doesnt bother me either way. I always keep going until down or out of ammo.
  14. When I was quite young, I saw on (most likely) a sitcom where they were making chicken soup. They had a whole raw chicken and tea pot full of boiling water. One of them held the chicken over a bowl while the other one poured water in the neck hole, and it came streaming out the other end. For years I thought that was how you made chicken soup. The only soup Mama made was vegetable beef. Chicken soup came in a can marked Campbell's.
  15. Brand New Jeeps and Chevy Silverados Destroyed After Train Derails in Nevada I don't think those are going to buff out.
  16. Don't like their politics, but Ben and Jerry's Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzz with big ol chunks of dark chocolate is to die for.
  17. We design and make all of our own parts we sell. We offer a couple things for sell from other cowboys shooters such as the Bogus Deal 12g shot shell gauge and the Stainless steel one piece firing pin. Everything else is ours and we have several vendors who sell our parts for us such as Long Hunter, Taylor & Co, Rusty Wood Trading Post in Canada, Made Dog Guns and Gear in Australia, Klassic laser works, just to name a few.
  18. That's really close to what I am looking for. Midway says #43 is a special order, but they have a 43A. I wonder if that is close enough.
  19. I ate a weird one once, peanut butter and honey with a June bug for extra crunch. highly not recommended...
  20. If you think a 20ga is a fun caliber - try a 16 gauge
  21. I don't know about you but I don't pick an EXACT location on a table to place my gun......my intention is to place the gun on the table....anywhere on the table that is safe. I think it would be a pretty far stretch for a shooter to state that they intended for the gun to be on the ground via falling off the table.....nor would it seem reasonable to call releasing a gun several feet off the ground a safe way to place a gun on the ground. The TO could apply "Unsafe Firearm Handling" in that last instance which is also a SDQ. Just because a dropped firearm ends us pointing in a safe direction on the ground doesn't excuse the shooter from the penalty of dropping the gun. We all have a responsibility to handle our firearms safely.....for our personal safety and more importantly the safety of those around us. Stan
  22. Gunsmoke is always a great match!
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