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  2. Shoot the other revolver till empty and holster, then you have two hands to deal with the issue.
  3. https://www.montanabulletworks.com/shop/?filter_caliber=3220 OLG
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  5. I read something one time that you want a certain side of the two briskets. The reasoning went that whenever the cows stood up that 90% of the time they stand up with one leg/side first and that side was supposed to be tougher from all the use.
  6. I’ve got a new in box Valkyrie commander 45 AOC for a nice price if interested. I have the same in 9mm and love it, great guns.
  7. I tried some 125s gr at 2.9 of clays and compared them to my 105tc with 2.9 grains of clays and I have to admit the 125 felt better and I shot better. I will try 2.4 grains of clay's with the 125 and 3.1 grains of clays with the 100 grain and see how it feels. They should have similiar power factors. There are some very top shooters shooting 125's. We will see if the hits are easier to hear. I did a comparison test with Ray Heartless. He was using 125s and I was using 105s. I really enjoyed his load and thought the sound was more noticeable. Thanks Doc
  8. My magnet says you are 100% correct. I even deprimed one to be sure the primer wasn't the magnetic attraction. But they really do look like aluminum. Thanks!
  9. Will this restriction apply to only hunting ammunition or target shooting as well?
  10. Use the sink to relieve yourself... Texas Lizard
  11. A Gunfighter may not holster revolvers with the intent to engage another revolver sequence.
  12. my prayers as well - i wish i had had the opportunity to meet up at a shoot , there have been way too many posts of this nature lately
  13. You CAN safely stage a revolver with hammer down on spent cartridge / empty / fired chamber to clear the jammed revolver and then resume the shooting string without penalty.
  14. ARE you using a true Round Nose bullet, or the Round nose Flat Point bullet in common use? I noted the same problem with the RNFP ; took to using the semiwadcutter seating stem . Worked fine. Would not help with true round nose bullets, obviously.
  15. I don't shoot gunfighter style very often, but I think you would be allowed to stage OR holster one revolver with the hammer down on a fired chamber, clear the jam (use one hand to rotate the cylinder while cocking the hammer with the other, and continue, either by completing the stage Double Duelist Style, or by re-drawing the holstered revolver and continuing to alternate shots until the revolvers are empty. I wait for more knowledgable folks (Pale Wolf Brunnelle) to confirm or correct me.
  16. Howdy- Don't have an Uberti '66, but do have an Uberti '73. It slugged at .452". Shoots that diameter bullet ( at typical cowboy velocity ) well enough, have tried some Hornady swaged lead , dry lubed bullets ( soft, no lube groove ) ; they shot fine as well, but being so soft, there was no advantage to trying to push them faster. By contrast, I have a late production JM Marlin with the SHALLOW "Ballard" rifling that had become typical of marlins just before they closed down and were sold to Remington ; it slugged right at .450". Shoots well ( did have a Marble's tang sight installed, as they just flat work better for me. The 73 has the usual semi-buckhorn ).
  17. You can safely stage one of the revolvers on an available table or prop and work on the other.
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