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  2. I have a set of lightly used Lyman dies, with shell holder for $35, shipped to you, If you are interested. — trvlr
  3. Wife got a call from "the electric company" saying our electricity will be shut off in 45 minutes unless she presses [1]. She didn't and hung up. Still waiting, and that was yesterday. My social security is supposed to be "shut off", my roof is about to start leaking from hail damage (we are in such a bad drought that we can hardly open the windows for the smoke from wildfires. I'd love to be able to send an electric shock back down the phone line for these scammers!
  4. Clear your browser cache history and cookies.
  5. With 45 shooters and two or three possees it's easy to miss people. I was so nervous the first time I don't remember too many pards. Also, at the time I didn't have an official SASS alias, and I went by "J. R. Woodby". Probably was wearing a black vest and a striped shirt.
  6. A BLAST for sure??? Pro steel lets a shooter enjoy shooting 150 round on 150 pieces of steel. Be ready for Texas Star, Irish STAR, Tombstone plate racks, End OVER End, Lots of Targets....LOTS????? Make sure you get signed up for Pro Steel we have a cut off of 60 shooters. thanks T-Bone
  7. When I was stationed at AberdeenProving Grounds there was a little place in the middle of the student parking lot. Just a shack called the Patio, where they made the first pizza burger I ever ate. Never had another one until Phill's Best open at the Ontario Mills in California. There's was like a trip back into my past. I've tried to make pizza burgers at home but I never qutie capture the same flavor.
  8. It's more than just having enough to get thru an encounter. Some of us like to remain proficient with our guns and practice.
  9. The energy that little kids have is one reason why having them when the parents are younger is the best idea. My grandsons are now 23 and 26 and the "little girl" starts high school (from home). Guess I'll just have to wait until the boys get married and start having kids. Hopefully, I'll still be spry enough to enjoy them.
  10. Packing up for the shoot, hmmm which rifle do I shoot??
  11. Not sure how I missed you at the range, but then again I watch reruns of my favorite episodes of Gunsmoke and come away saying, " That new Festus character really adds something to the series, I hope he gets on regular!".
  12. How the meat tastes depends on (a) what they have been eating; (b) how quickly the meat is cooled out; (c) the breed mix of the hawg; (d) how it is cooked (marinate for a couple of days. Mostly purebred Europeans are very lean and don't have any bacon on them! Been a long time, but I'll guarantee none of them are kosher!
  13. Culver's are okay but I don't like their buns. They do make a really passable fish and chips, though.
  14. I can see it now. 150 years from now, there will be a shooting club called PSS, the Preppers Shooting Society. It will be similar to SASS, but the time period and dress will be evolved around early 21 century Prepper dress and weaponry. Costuming will be a mix of patriotic themed t-shirts and camouflage. Any attire with gun brands or early 21st century political slogans will also be accepted. Baseball caps will be in general use, but they need to be gun logo or other “prepper” brand logos… of course truck and tractor logos will be accepted. Firearms will be an automatic handgun with a double stack magazine, a semi auto rifle (preferable an AR or AK variant), and a semi auto shotgun with either extended tube mag or removable box mags. There will be a shooting category called “Primatives”, for those who choose to use an automatic with a single stack magazine (1911, Hi Power). Pump shotguns will also be required for this category. There will be the same old argument between the 9mm shooters and the 45auto shooters about mousefart loads vs warthog loads. Stages will have stories like “ a pack of zombies have come into the neighborhood, and you are the only one left to protect the children of the school” and “a gang of Covid infected thugs are running amok without face masks and you need to stop them”.
  15. I haven't been to a McDonald's since the southern California massacre when the old bat that owned Micky's went on an anti-gun campaign that still hasn't ended.
  16. I have taken mule deer with a Marlin CB 1894 and a OMV in .44 mag and elk with a .54 cal Hawkin and a Shiloh Sharps Business Rifle in 45-70.
  17. Numbers two and three are Five Guys or Burger King. Way down in fourth place is Wendie's. And then there's Brown Bag Burgers in Prescott, a genuine national treasure the almost no one has ever heard of. It's First Place
  18. Is having tons of 9mm akin to having a pallet of toilet paper? Maybe I’m missing something but I’ll take a shotgun and an. AR every time over a pistol for keeping the zombies at bay so that’s where my resources are going. Sure it’s nice to be able and afford lots of pistol ammo but hopefully it won’t rake more than a clip fuel to get to the shotgun.
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