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Folks I’m selling out.

guns and equipment.  If you’re in Texas area then f/f.

pistols are Rugers with action jobs by Longhunter. 

Prices are as follow


73 is 18” they have Longhunter tuning.  $1400 shipped 

66 is 19” and 38 only slicked up by Joe Brisco  $1100 shipped 


































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Sold some
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Smokie, I’ve bought from you before and you’re a great pard to deal with but you need to remove your phone number and email address from your ad. Scammers will take advantage of you. 

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Are the non-octagon Rugers .357/.38?

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I will take the octagonal barrel rugers, never mind i see they are sold.

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Already sold
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Smokie, Im interested in the 66'.   I'm new to CAS / SASS so excuse me if some of these questions seem silly.  I'm not familiar with the 66's but I like the looks of yours.   Is it an Uberti?  Does it run similar to a 73'?  Does it share any of the internal parts with the 73's?   Is this a good gun to compete with?   


Right now I have a 73 that was sold to me at a match and I was told it was Longhunter tuned but I've had several issues that I've had to work through.  in fairness the rifle was older and well used.  It jammed frequently and I ended up changing the block.  It was missing a lever safety which I didn't like so I had to figure out how to replace that.  I really don't need another "project" gun.  Is this a good rifle for a starting shooter or should it be left to somebody that can tinker with it?


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