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  1. boom pop

    Land run

    Does anyone know when land run will open registration,
  2. Mike is one of the best to do business with in this sport.
  3. boom pop


    Well cup cake i am usually at land run and was on my way to eot last year when a drunk wiped me out in tuscon so maybe keep your snide remarks to yourself., have a wonderful day
  4. boom pop


    You are so correct, world championships cant sell out. Land run sells out within a week.
  5. what is the best way to clean cap and ball cylinders, i load 12 for a 6 stage match so i have 12 cylinders to clean after every match, do yall use sonics on your cylinders
  6. If the sale falls out i will take them both
  7. I have had safety swotch issues so when staging my shotgun i close it and dry fire it pointing down range then open it and set it down open and empty, what is the call, any problems with this
  8. Long hunter action job, with cz case, like new, 1100 no shipping will have it at land run, or face to face , i bought another charles daly, dont need this one, it was a back up.
  9. So does posse 1-12 shoot first shift thursday, second friday, and third saturday?
  10. Go to tractor supply and buy ivermectin injectible, put 1cc/75# body weight for 7 days fixed me, that is what my doctor prescribed me. Put it in cranberry juice or something, it dont taste good
  11. Does this watch wind on the stem or by key, well duh it says key watch, do you have the key with it?
  12. Hell o alovera, how is the ticker doing my friend
  13. Buy one and send it to him i believe he is still alive
  14. any one have a race ready lightning for sale, i am tired of stupid comments from dumb asses
  15. does a stoeger 12 gauge single trigger side by side barrel switch by recoil or mechanical
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