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  1. Looking for sts once fired 12 gauge hulls
  2. I polished the guts and put 17 pound springs and they are as ready as they can be to shoot in competition, if you have to have expensive gunsmith work done you are welcome to spend the money after -purchase however i do not think you will need it, however i aam sure a gunsmith can do a better job than me.as you see in the pics the omv have super blackhawk hammers,
  3. Too hot for my fat self there i pulled out
  4. A pard asked me to sell his sass .38 vaqueros for 2500, what he paid for them and shot in 1 match. I also have a -air of omv stainless .38 vaqueros for the same money plus shipping to your ffl or face to face. Only 1 set will sell. If mine sell i will buy his for myself or if his sell i will keep mine.
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