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Light shotgun load

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Lady shooter friend has run out of Clay Dot and needs another light load. My computer crashed a couple of months ago and i lost all my light load data. It looks like Clays, Clay Dot and Red Dot powder is not available right now. I know there is data for Winchester Xtra Lite and 700X. Can anyone share their load data that is close to Winchester LNLR?

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If you can find Alliant Promo powder it is very similar to red dot (they tell you to use red dot data)


Winchester AA hull

12-13gr of Promo

Claybuster CB0178-12 grey wad 

7/8oz shot 

primer of choice 


My wife has been shooting these with no issues. Seem to be lighter recoil than factory LNLR rounds. Knockdowns are no problem. 

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i learned an interesting thing of chedite primers - there are two available here of the three they mfgr , the boxes look the same but one is their 1000 primer that is the lighter of the two [for 20ga and 28ga ] the other r is their 2000 version that is for 12ga and 16ga 


i supose you could use either in our light loads , 


i use the 10-12 grains in 12ga and load 3/4oz shot with red dot or clays - but i think the others should be about the same as burn rates are very close 

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STS or Gun Club Hull

CB0175-12 wad

13 grains of 700X

3/4 ounce shot

Winchester 209 Primer


Will work on every shotgun KD as long as you do your part.


Less felt recoil than AA LNLR

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Check with Scarlett and see what her Cleanshot load is. She also has the powder available.



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I shoot smokeless powder instead of BP in the Spring due to my seasonal allergies.  Today I shot a match using 7/8 oz shot, CB-0178-12 wads, 15.1 grains of Extra-Lite in Remington hulls with Cheddite 209 primers.  This is also a load I use for trap.  It is comfortable for me.  Others report loading Extra-Lite down to 13 grains.  For comparison I brought a few shells I loaded with the same components and 14 grains of Perfect Pattern.  These had sharp felt recoil I found unpleasant.  BB, your lady friend would probably dislike Perfect Pattern even though there is lots of data for 7/8 oz loads.  Extra-Lite is a better option (IF she can find some).

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i also use red dot or clays , im running 13 rns under 3/4oz , in a federal premium hull with wads i get from ballistic products , we dont need much for our targets and no reason to beat yourself up , 

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I’m shooting titewad in AA HS hulls, 209 Cheddites, claybuster wads.  For 7/8 oz loads, I’ve experimented with loads between 13 up to 15.3 grns with no appreciable difference in patterns at 30’. 

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