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good headlight?

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There are a lot of little lights for your cap and to wear on a headband.

Has anyone found a good one that runs on AA or AAA battery??

A fella came in to work on the furnace and had a nice one but didnt

get around to reply which one it was.

Thanks aheadotime.




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The one I use the most is the cheapest one from Harbor Freight, cost about $3.  Not too bright, but is about right for most things.  They also make a LED one that has two or three brightness levels and a focusing beam.  Works well for some things, but is brighter than I need for most tasks.  I think the cheap one is about 50 lumens.  I keep several around the house and in my camping gear.  I grill several times a week and use them while grilling.  They also work great for reading at night on camping trips.  They don't attract as many bugs as having a lantern or such.  Both lights run on two AA batteries.  I use the Harbor Freight rechargeable batteries, and they run for several hours between charging. 

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Screenshot_20240317_082504_Walmart2.thumb.jpg.8fdb2d81e06a0f8cdb272567c409622f.jpgWalmart camping section usually a display box of em

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I have tried a few different head lamps and my favorite, so far, was an Energizer model that took 2-AAA batteries. Now that same light is a “rechargeable” model. 
The reason I liked it was the comfort of the unit and headband after literally wearing it for hours at a time. The weight of the lamp didn’t cause it to slide down your forehead and the headband was easily adjustable and didn’t cause my head to itch. The light unit didn’t cause “hot spots” (painful points of contact usually after a long duration of wearing it)


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On 3/17/2024 at 9:45 AM, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

He only bad thing about headlamps is the lack of shadows.

I am confused. What shadows?

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