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Prayers up for a speedy recovery for my friend... hope Tex can survive without her for a while... (doubtful)!  ;)

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Oh, I suspect Tex will survive without her for a while... :rolleyes:


I'm just worried about the rest of us will surviving having Tex without her for a even a little while!  :P


Prayers up for a Speedy Recovery!  Get Well Soon!

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Now that this situation is public I can post on the Wire.  Here is a photo of Cat in the rehab hospital (flowers courtesy of the Rio Grande Renegades):



Here is Tex's statement:


Cat is recovering from her knee surgery SLOWLY.  Significant pain ... and lack of strength make moving around difficult.  She is in two therapy programs ... one to simply be able to get around and take care of herself ... and the second to get ALLher mobility back.   She is in the Manzano del Sol Village on Roma St. in Albuquerque ... and will likely be there for a couple of weeks.  


Your thoughts for her recovery and the flowers are much appreciated.  Hopefully, she'll soon feel confident enough to strap her guns back on and play cowboy again.




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Yo-Ho-De-O Cat thoughts & prayers out for yah pilgrim Hang in there & God bless. 




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