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  1. I have used both in my opinion it doesn’t matter use whichever you like, they will both do the job. ST
  2. I use a 308 win. In a short action scout set up for everything now it is light and handy, and is perfect for deer and elk. ST
  3. I go once a year for the Cooper Reunion it is one of my favorite places to go, highly recommend it. ST
  4. Kirk, he was a very nice gentleman your family has Reds and my sympathy. Silvertip
  5. I really like Diamond D Leather out of Alaska very comfortable. ST
  6. I had a Tequila rig from Kirkpatrick cross draw for 7.5 inch barrel it was a very nice rig ST
  7. My wife started with birds head grips and then found out the recoil was better handled with the standard grip frame. ST
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