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Mug shot of Frank McGowan, Robert McFarlane and John Dennis McFarlane, 23 May 1921, Central Police Station, Sydney.
Robert McFarlane (the middle man in this trio) is mentioned in the Police Gazette, 7 September 1921 in connection with the theft of 'three clocks, two sports coats and other articles' from the warehouse of Dobson Franks Ltd. He appears in the NSW Criminal Register (24 September 1930) as a 'thief and petty larcenist'. His MO includes visiting foundries with a horse and cart and stealing ingots of iron copper and tin.
He also 'steals laundered articles from clothes lines'. He is
described as being of 'violent disposition', 'addicted to drink' and is said to associate with 'the vagrant class'.
NSW justice and Police Museum
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You take you a piece of white bread, and butter it. Then you put some Vegemite on it. You take another piece of white bread and butter it. Then you stick potato chips to the butter. Now put these two pieces of white bread together to make a sandwich.


Doesn't that just sound disgusting beyond belief?




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You know if I wanted these two posts to be in the same post, I would have put them in it to begin with.



I've heard of crosstown rivals, and Romeo and Juliet. But this seems to be taking it a little far.


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4 minutes ago, Alpo said:

Back in the day




What cane are they speaking of?

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Here in the good old us of a, back when teachers were still allowed to hit students, you got paddled.


In England, and all its derivatives - Canada Australia India New Zealand - they didn't use a paddle. They used a cane.





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