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.22 diameter variance

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I bought 2 new Ruger Wranglers to shoot until primers become available.

Some of the Remington Thunderbolt ammo would not chamber (about half the box).

Tried the Winchester 22's I had, same problem.

So, took out cylinder and sat and poked about 400 shells to find good ones for match (boring).

Tried the "no go" shells in my S&W model 17 and they all fell right in chamber.

Is there variances in .22 ammo diameter?

Is it the Wrangler or the ammo, inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks, Coyote Kid

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I have noticed a similar problem on an occasional basis with my Single Six pair.
In my case, the variation is ammo, as a different cartridge in the same cylinder hole fits properly.
The ammo is Winchester black tips which is a bargain brand purchased before the chronic shortage of everything.

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I have an old SSSS Ruger 22 that will take any ammo you put in it, my other BSS is very picky and will reject about half of the Win ammo I try in it. I polished the cylinder chambers this morning and at least can get the ammo in now. Shirttails Wranglers will take whatever you put in them. I would not bother calling or sending them to Ruger as it is easily remedied.


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Sounds like the Wrangler to me. 

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2 hours ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

Ammo varies and chambers vary.  Max round of ammo, minimum chamber = unhappy shooter.


Tolerance stacking can be a right pain in the backside.



Sounds like the chambers are either rough or at minimum tolerances.   Maybe run some patches with toothpaste through them.   

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Yep the cheepest toothpaste at walmart.

Give those holes a real good buffing.

Also toothpaste on a bore brush will get chambers so clean

the empties just fall out without need of ejector rod.

Some ammo is getting a little sloppy.

Call Ruger? Call the ammo maker?? Both??

When ammo is made day and night getting out of spec is no surprise.




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Toothpaste is rated with a Relative Dental Abrasion (RDA) value.
The higher numbers are the most abrasive types.

Colgate 2-in-1 Tartar Control / Whitening is the top of the abrasive list at 200.
Ultra Brite Advanced Whitening is cheap and plentiful, and 145 on the RDA scale.

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