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  1. My favorite was our 2 Miniature Pinchers. Very loyal, high energy with a Doberman attitude. Close second was our Old English Sheepdog which we showed. Very smart and trained easy. She won her Companion Dog certification in 3 straight shows.
  2. Thanks D, that's the one. Nice couple and I think they do it for fun.
  3. Here on the Lake of the Ozarks, we have a couple that turned their pontoon boat into a ice cream boat. They stop at the docks as people call to them and sell ice cream goodies. I'll try a get a picture some time. It's fun.
  4. I check for splits after tumbling and put the cases in a baggie for loading later. After reloading cases, I put them in my revolver and spin the cylinder before they go in the blue plastic box. This final check catches split cases and high primers. I know, I'm a little anal about reloading.
  5. S&W revolvers and Beretta semi autos make up my most of my stable (won't say how many). Raylan, I have a S&W 17-5 and love it. The -5 was only made for 2 years. Has a 5" heavy barrel, not the pencil one. It could be, in my mind, better then my S&W 617? Coyote Kid
  6. Does anyone have a regular lever for a Henry .22 laying around they don't need? Mine came with a large loop and I'd like to try the standard classic lever. Thanks, Coyote Kid
  7. Looks good. My end of the Lake still looks a little muddy from all the rain. I'll have to see if I can scare up a few crappie this week. Coyote Kid
  8. Give J Bar a holler. He's in your neck of the woods. He's a wealth of knowledge and a good pard to ride the river with. He's helped improve many SASS shooters in the past. Couote Kid
  9. Hey Shark. Where are you on the Lake? I'm by Capt. Rons and our docks are sitting really low. My fishing buddies here have an agreement that we only keep crappie over 10"s. Can't wait for the water to warm up to get started. Coyote Kid
  10. Still looking for a S&W 648. Thanks, Coyote Kid
  11. Let me know when you are ready to part with your Ruger .22 Single Six 3 screw. Hope your enjoying this beautiful Lake of the Ozarks weather. Hope you and Charlotte are doing well and staying safe. Coyote Kid (Les)
  12. I jump in here with my Puma knives. These are all German made and I've had them for many, many years with the original sheaths. White Hunter, Original Bowie, Hunters Pal, Pro Hunter, Stockman and Mini Stag. I haven't used any of them, so I don't know how hard they are to sharpen. But I have had to sharpen some of my other German Soligen steel knives and it is difficult without an Arkansas stone. Coyote Kid
  13. OK, I'll jump in with my MC-1 and raise one Army knife. Both still like new. Coyote Kid
  14. What is the price. I'm looking for a birdshead grip, but I'd consider it. Some pictures if you've got them. Thanks
  15. I'm looking for a pair for sale or can trade for a pair of Beretta Stampedes 5 1/2 bbl in 357. Used but not abused with no mods except front site. Thanks, Coyote Kid
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