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  1. Congratulations for a good pard to ride the river with. Thanks for the help you've given me over the years. Coyote Kid
  2. Have you looked at the Beretta Laramie? I don't shoot black powder, but they get style points. Wells Fargo model with 5 inch barrels in .38 Just a thought, Coyote Kid
  3. They come in 2's straight up the Osage River over my house, line up on the Hurricane Deck bridge for their bombing runs. Then they peel off in opposite directions. Fun to watch from my deck and they do it often.
  4. I bought 2 new Ruger Wranglers to shoot until primers become available. Some of the Remington Thunderbolt ammo would not chamber (about half the box). Tried the Winchester 22's I had, same problem. So, took out cylinder and sat and poked about 400 shells to find good ones for match (boring). Tried the "no go" shells in my S&W model 17 and they all fell right in chamber. Is there variances in .22 ammo diameter? Is it the Wrangler or the ammo, inquiring minds want to know. Thanks, Coyote Kid
  5. My favorite was our 2 Miniature Pinchers. Very loyal, high energy with a Doberman attitude. Close second was our Old English Sheepdog which we showed. Very smart and trained easy. She won her Companion Dog certification in 3 straight shows.
  6. Thanks D, that's the one. Nice couple and I think they do it for fun.
  7. Here on the Lake of the Ozarks, we have a couple that turned their pontoon boat into a ice cream boat. They stop at the docks as people call to them and sell ice cream goodies. I'll try a get a picture some time. It's fun.
  8. I check for splits after tumbling and put the cases in a baggie for loading later. After reloading cases, I put them in my revolver and spin the cylinder before they go in the blue plastic box. This final check catches split cases and high primers. I know, I'm a little anal about reloading.
  9. Give J Bar a holler. He's in your neck of the woods. He's a wealth of knowledge and a good pard to ride the river with. He's helped improve many SASS shooters in the past. Couote Kid
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