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Ruger vaquero's production question

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357’s vaqueros are extremely common at sass matches. Might even be the most shot revolvers in the game. Unless yours were a special run or variation by some distributors they are readily available to purchase. 

Might be helpful if you mentioned whether original model or new. A couple pics would help. I’m sure with the first few digits of the serial numbers someone on this site could give you more info on build date and numbers produced. 

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2 hours ago, Dee Mak Jack, SASS #55905 said:

I have a set of 357 vaquero's with 45/8 barrels.  How can I find out how many of this particular model were made.. Must be kinda rare as I have not seen many of them at shoots.  Thanks  

Feisty Mama bought a pair in 2003. birds head faux ivory grip and still uses them.



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The only limited production of old models Ruger documented to me was the stainless 4 5/8 Birdsheads was 2000 made in 2000 

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Just check the Ruger website for serial number listing the date of production, no production #'s though,  easy peasy.

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The Vaqueros with 45/8 barrels have 5.625 inch barrels as I recall.   Slightly longer than the 5  and 1/2 inch barrels.   :D:D:D


45 Divided by 8 . . .

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