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  1. On the first stage at every match when I get set on the line I ask the TO to test start the timer to see if I can hear it. If I cannot then I ask them to touch me on the shoulder when the timer starts. I have never had a lag or issue with that.
  2. Wow........I shoot at 4 different clubs a month and it's rare not to have a loading & unloading officer at every stage. I guess I'm just not used to one not being there.
  3. I agree with you totally Creeker as I as TO had similar experiences. However I only have one question about this. Where was the loading table official? The loading table official, if doing the job correctly, should have caught this before the rifle was even loaded.
  4. In our game........no difference at all. Shoot em if you got em.
  5. I picked up 2K of the Cheddite 209's at my LGS last week for $59.99 a 1000.
  6. Thanks all. I have a pair of reduced hammer springs coming from Taylor's.
  7. Thank you Roger! I use CCI primers in my loads. I'd like to reduce the hammer spring tension, but I don't want to put springs in that will require me to use soft primers. You told me what I needed to know. Thank you kindly!!
  8. No need Roger. Thanks! I saw a video on changing out the hammer spring and replacing the bolt spring, which I just had to do. They talk about changing the hammer spring to a lighter spring, but never say what the stock spring weight is to start with.
  9. Anyone know what pound spring the stock hammer spring is in the Uberti Cattleman pistols?
  10. I just replaced one yesterday that had broken in a pistol at last weekends match. I ordered a 3 pack in both the wire type spring from Wolff, and the flat stock type from Midwest Gun Works. The Wolff wire type arrived yesterday so I installed them in both revolvers since my 2nd revolver is the same age. The wire type seem to work just fine. I figured I'd keep a few springs on hand since I have two more sets of Uberti Cattleman pistols that I shoot.
  11. You didn't mention what caliber you have. I have two Marlin's in .357 Mag. that I shoot 38 Special in. Both are very picky with bullet style and OAL. After a lot of trial & error I found that using a 125 grain round nose flat point bullet at an OAL of 1.380" cured my jam problem in both rifles. I haven't had a jam in years.
  12. When you chamber the 45 ACP in the test cylinder just the thickness of the rim of the 45 ACP cartridge should be outside the chamber. If you see any of the cartridge extraction groove outside the chamber it'll be too long.
  13. That's why I drop them into a cylinder to check and make sure they chamber correctly, and not stick up to high to drag on the recoil shield.
  14. Although it's an extra step, and is a PITA, after I reload a batch of 45 ACP for my cowboy pistols I take one of the ACP cylinders out of the pistol frame and drop every loaded round into it to make sure they chamber correctly. Rather do it then instead of having trouble at the loading table.
  15. I have a pair of Uberti Cattleman Hombre pistols in 45 Colt that I purchased 45 ACP cylinders for. Dropped right in, and shoot just fine. I can shoot 45 Colt, 45 Schofield, or 45 ACP out of those pistols. They are not my go to pistols, but I shoot them a couple times a year.
  16. Eleven years ago when I stared this sport I purchased a pair of Uberti Cattlemen Hombre 1873 pistols in .357 mag. For the first 5-6 years they were my go to guns and were used quite extensively until until I purchased my Ruger Vaquero's and other Uberti's in 45 Colt & 32-20. Yesterday I took them to a shoot and everything was fine until the last pistol round on stage 5. Round didn't go off so I cycled it again still no pop so I declaired it dead and took the miss. At the unloading table the unfired round had a primer ding, but at the side of the primer where it meets the brass case. Strange but hoped it was a fluke. The last stage I'm at the loading table and loaded the pistol, closed the gate, cocked and dropped the hammer, checked for empty chamber under hammer but there was a round there. Went to put it back to half cock but the cylinder spun as I was grabbing the pistol in my left hand. Not supposed to do that. Short story the flat trigger spring broke that holds the bolt up, which I have heard is common in the Cattleman. First time I have every had a firearm break at a match. Lucky I guess. A pard loaned me a pistol so I could finish the match. I ordered 3 replacement flat springs, and also found the new wire type spring at Wolff's so ordered 3 of them also as they are supposed to be more reliable. I figure after the fix the broken pistol I better replace the spring in the other pistol also.
  17. I found it to be quite easy. Have an old fork handy for the hammer spring.
  18. This should definitely be pinned. What a handy tool. Thanks Gunner!
  19. I use to shoot Winchester AA Lite powder with 7/8 oz shot, AA hulls, and Win 209 primers. When I got down to my last pound of AA Lite powder I started to search for a new load. I went to Alliant Extra-Lite powder under 3/4 oz shot to save a little money on shot, with Rem. STS hulls. I found that I liked this load better than the AA Lite load, and I have never had an issue with any knock down target. I still have that last pound of Winchester AA Lite powder.
  20. Yes you are correct you can use the same powder load for 7/8 oz. of shot.
  21. I shoot and reload for both 12 & 20 gauge for Stoeger SxS shotguns. My wife also shoots a 20 ga. and is somewhat recoil sensitive. For her I load a 3/4 oz. load using 13.7 grains of Unique (#20 MEC bushing), CB1075-20 wads, and CCI primers. Neither she, nor my 9 & 11 year old grandsons, complain about recoil when shooting them. For me I load a 7/8 oz. load using 16.6 grains of WSF powder (#16 MEC bushing), CB1078-20 wads, and CCI primers. I like that load very much.
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