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  1. Shoot um.....won't hurt a thing. I get a few now and then in a box that didn't make it through the lube process.
  2. I always try and write stages that are simple, fun, and not 'P' traps. If a shooter doesn't get clean match at our shoot it wasn't because of what I did.
  3. We typically shoot Josey Wales during July in the heat of summer so we don't have to pick up brass. This year for something different we also did a Rifleman shoot using two rifles and a shotgun with no pistols. The folks seemed to enjoy that shoot with very positive comments.
  4. So about at what distance were the sling shot make up targets?
  5. Where is your club and when do you shoot? I may just do that next year on our trip back to Virginia.
  6. This past weekend the wife and I made our yearly extended weekend visit to the great state of Virginia visiting the Charlottesville area this year. Yesterday on the way home we stopped at the Taylors & Company store in Winchester. What a nice store with such a friendly staff! All CAS and Wild Bunch stuff and I could have done some serious damage to the pocket book if not for the wife keeping a eye on me. I do own a couple of Taylors & Co. firearms, and have nothing but good things to say about them. If you are ever in the area stop in to see them. I highly recommend the visit.
  7. Sorry but I can't watch the firearm being fired, count the shots, and watch for squib loads while looking at targets all at the same time. I either count shots or I count misses. I don't do both. Again that is why you have three spotter.....
  8. Luckily the pards I shoot with, and TO for, are good folks. I try and help on the stage if I can. Heck most of the monthly participants I shoot with are of the older generation and their hearing and memory just isn't what it use to be. If I make a rare mistake in helping them then they can have a re-shoot. If they mess up they can't re-shoot and they can blame me all they want to. Next stage they can find someone else to time for them. Won't hurt my feelings none...
  9. Sorry folks but when I RO it's all about safety. I can't do everything involved on a stage and be efficient. My job, as far as I'm concerned, is to operate the timer, watch the shooter for firearm safety issues, count the number of shots fired in each pistol and rifle, watch the loading and unloading of the shotgun, and be prepared to stop the shooter if I have to for any safety reason. I don't watch targets, call hits or misses, or P's. That's what you have 3 spotters for. I don't mind doing the job, I try and do it the best I can. I do, on very rare occasions, have a brain fart and make a mistake now and then. If someone wants a re-shoot because of something I did wrong they will get it, but it is nice to attend a shoot once in a while where I can just help by doing something different.
  10. I had my LGS, who is also a CAS participant, hone out the chambers in all 3 of my SxS in both 12 & 20 ga. I do nothing special to my reloads and have never had a fired shell fail to shuck in any of them.
  11. I put one of the 38/357 composite sleeves in my Uberti 1873, 32 WCF (32-20) when I had a feeding issue. Turns out that wasn't the problem but I left it in seeing as the magazine tube is the 45 Colt tube size they use in all caliber rifles they make. Plus the 32-20 is such a narrow cartridge anyway. Haven't put any in my other 1873's.
  12. I load 12 gauge AA hulls on both a MEC 600 jr or 650. I use gray CB 7/8 oz wads over Win AA powder. I like the load, they shuck very well out of the SxS, but I always have this small hole on the middle of the crimp just large enough that shot can come out. I just throw in a 20 ga. over shot card before the crimp. Problem solved.....
  13. The case OD is around .379-.380". A 3/8" bit at .375" is just a tad small. I use a 25/64" drill bit at .390"
  14. I use TB in all my cowboy loads from 32-20, 38 spcl, 45 Colt, and even 45-70. I don't find it any more dirtier than any other smokeless power. As for the cost....that doesn't play into it any more than someone saying why do you shoot 45 Colt when you can get 1000 32-20 bullets for the same price as 500 45 Colt bullets. Shoot the caliber, and load it with what components you enjoy using.
  15. Alcan was a primer manufacturer that I remember from back in the 60's when my dad and I first began to reload. We used them and they were quite reliable. In fact a few years back I came across a few hundred Alcan large rifle primer sleeves from an estate sale that I picked up for next to nothing. Used them in some of my milsurp ammo and they work just fine.
  16. Uberti was making an 1873 rifle in 32-20, of which I own one, but it's not listed anymore on their site. Taylor & Co. still sells revolvers in 32-20 of which I bought two last year. Granted supply is limited but some new firearms are still available.
  17. I have quite a few 32-20's, and I reload for them. Most of the advice has already been given above. Lube the case, or at least run a lubed one in the resizer die every third one or so. Put a decent flair on the case mouth, but don't overdue it. I load on both a single stage Lyman Orange Crush press, or a Hornady LNL progressive, with no problems. Get and use a Factory Crimp die. I prefer 2.3 gr. of Trail Boss under a 100 grain FP bullet.
  18. When I first started in this sport I got a Rossi 92 in 45 Colt to go with my two Uberti 1860 pistols with the 45 Colt cartridge conversion cylinders. Later those pistols were traded in for some Uberti Cattleman .357's, and a Uberti 73 & Marlin 94 SS in .357 were purchased along the way. I still have that Rossi 92. The wife uses it and no matter how many times I have offered to get her "a better rifle" she declines. She "likes the one she has". Not one time has that Rossi ever failed to function or jammed. If you only plan to shoot once in awhile, and don't want to spend a lot of money for a rifle, then go with the Rossi. If you plan to keep shooting long term then spend the extra money for a slicked up Uberti or Winchester 73 rifle.
  19. Ditto....I use the same load of 3.0 grains Trail Boss and 100 gr. .313" bullet tips in all three of my 32-20 rifles, as well as my 32-20 Taylor pistols.
  20. Both my wife and I shoot 20 gauge Stoeger SxS. I reload for them also. Load 7/8 oz. for me, and a lighter 3/4 oz load for her using Unique. Don't find it any more difficult loading 20 ga. then 12 ga. Best part is a few other pards we shoot with shoot 20 gauge also using Winchester AA shells. They don't reload. They give all their spent hulls to me. I have enough hulls to last me many many years.....
  21. When I was a kid I was indeed a cereal killer.....Captain Crunch was my main target.
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