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  1. That happen to me also with the 115 gr. bullet when I first started loading for my Uberti 32WCF. I switched to a .312 dia., 100 gr. bullet very similar to the 120 gr. design that Major Art Tillery mentions above. There is a very crisp shoulder above the crimp groove. My dies are set up to crimp in that groove and I have not had another bullet push back into the case since I made the switch.
  2. I was thinking about doing something different at one of my monthly shoots. For a lack of a better name I'll all it a "Modern Cowboy" shoot. Basically the stages would be the same, but the firearms could be different. Ammunition still has to be lead bullets that can be fired in a revolver, SASS power factor applies, and no magnum ammunition. First the pistols must be revolvers in either single or double action. Any manually operated rifle, no semi's, in a pistol caliber only, and any shotgun, manually operated only, in any gauge. That would pretty much include .22 short, long, long rifle and up for pistol and rifle, any lever or pump rifle exposed hammer or not, and any shotgun single of double barrel with or without exposed hammer or ejectors, just no semi's. The purpose would be to have some fun with the regular folks, but also maybe let some new shooters give it a try without having to borrow firearms. Just a though....
  3. It took me a lot of trial and error to get both of my Marlin's to feed reliably in 38 Special. I use 1.38" OAL with a 125 Gr. Round Nose Flat Point bullet. I could never get the cone shaped flat point bullets that I use in my pistols to feed consistantly in my Marlin rifles.
  4. I have a Rossi in 45 Colt, and two Marlin 94's in 357 Mag that I run 38 Special's in (one blued and one stainless steel). I have no complaints on any of them.
  5. I use improved cylinder in both barrels of my Stoeger SxS in both my 12 & 20 guage shotguns.
  6. The 1893 was Winchester's first slide action shotgun. The problem was it was made to be used with 2 5/8" black powder shotgun shells. However shortly after its introduction smokeless powder shotgun shells came into existence and the 93 couldn't safely handle the higher pressure smokeless powder shells. Winchester actually had a recall on the 1893 to swap them even up for the new Winchester 1897 that could handle the new smokeless powder shells. So in short because of possible safety issues they are not allowed in SASS, and it is recommended that they not be shot at all.
  7. Used plenty of them over the years with no problems. I also do NOT have light springs installed.
  8. one of those shooting days when nothing just seems to go right. I had one of those yesterday. Start off stage one with 5 pistol misses (4 on the second pistol alone ). I have no idea what I did wrong, but it must have been the way I grabbed it, and was holding it, as I had no pistol problem the rest of the match. Stage two was ok but not great. Stage three was going well then pffffft... last shotgun round (reload) had no powder in it (that never happens to me) .....now I have to shuck the SxS empties, blow the smoke out of the barrels to make sure the wad cleared, reload and shoot the last target all the while the seconds just clicked by. Stage four has a swinging pistol target that you had to shoot 5 times. I had no problems hitting the swinging pistol target all 5 times, but then I miss a stationary pistol target on round 10. Then stage five was a total brain fart with a P on round 4 (rifle) that I knew better not to do but shot the wrong target anyway. However......I still had fun!
  9. Yeah that only happens to you once. When I first started CAS, and got my new Uberti '73's, I went to a local shoot. Got up to the line, buzzer went off, drew the first piston but it didn't. Kept cocking and pulling the trigger but nothing. TO stopped me and sent me over to the unloading table. I was quite upset with this happening to me with my new pistol. A pard came over and said "I know exactly what's wrong." Showed me the pin and the two notches, and sure enough I had put it in the safe position after I had cleaned it after the first time I had shot it. I shook my head, thanked him, and had a big laugh. Since then the last thing I check after cleaning and reassembly is what notch the cylinder pin is in.
  10. Sorry but when I am the TO I'm watching the shooter & the firearms for safety issues as well as counting the firearm rounds as they are fired. I'm not watching targets. That's what spotters are for. We have 3 spotters for each shooter who call misses and procedural penalties. If a procedural is called I'll ask what it was for to make sure it did indeed violate the stage instructions, and if so I'll explain the P to the shooter.
  11. I've used it for years in 12 ga. shotgun trap loads as well as a few different pistol cartridge loads. I have found it to be pretty clean burning.
  12. I use 5 gr. of TB with a 240 gr. lead bullet in a 44 Spcl case for a plinker load in my Ruger Blackhawk 44 Mag. Works well.
  13. I have to agree with Smokestack. I prefer and use Yellow lenses. Helps me pick up the target faster.
  14. I have and shoot 32-20, 38 Spcl, 45 Schofield, and 45 Colt in various cowboy guns and my first powder choice in all of those calibers is Trail Boss. I even use Trail Boss in my Sharps 45/70. Now my second powder choice is Unique simply because that is what I use to reload my shotgun shells with. All of the Uberti 1873 rifles I observe, including mine, work pretty well with 38 Special cartridges so I don't quite understand why you jam with 38's. You probably just need to experiment a little with cartridge length. Also 125 or 130 grain TC bullets will work just fine and are a lot cheaper on the wallet than 158 gr bullets.
  15. I shoot SxS shotguns. My cart just isn't set up well to transport the shotgun in it with action open. I cut two pieces of PVC pipe longer than the barrels. I dropped them into the empty barrels and drew a line around the top. Then I put the full length snap caps I have into the chamber, closed the action, dropped the PVC pipe in, and drew a line around the pipe again. Between the lines I painted it red. If unloaded you only see white on the PVC pipes. If the shotgun is loaded you see red. My problem was solved, and I have never heard a complaint from any of the local clubs that I shoot at. I also made the same barrel rods out of dow rods and used a red magic marker.
  16. So what if you have one like me under s/n 90000. Can I still get one?
  17. I guess I'm lucky. I send out an email each spring to all of the members of our sportsmen's club asking for volunteers to join the Cowboy Committee at the club, and to help set up and tear down the stages each month for the CAS shoot. I usually get 10 members who volunteer to serve on the committee. Now 90% of these folks don't even participate in our sport. Each month I send out an email asking for help setting up on Saturday, and tearing down on Sunday. I usually have 4 committee people to help each of the days every month. They all have a standing invitation to try shooting a stage after the match. All I need from the cowboy shooters is to help with the usual stage duties.
  18. Had an original Winchester '92 in 32WCF relined by Redman about 3 years ago. They did a fantastic job at a very reasonable price!
  19. Mine came from one of my favorite western movies "Winchester 73". Cept'in I don't need a hyphen to sit on......
  20. In addition to the reasons above I replaced the two piece firing pins in my Marlin 94's simply because I found that last second click when closing the bolt when the two firing pin pieces were lining up to fire annoying.
  21. I have a Bond Texas Defender with a 38/357 barrel that I like a lot.
  22. I have a pair of Taylor & Co. 1873's in 32-20 that I shoot now and then.
  23. We're pulling for you! We just had our first club shoot of the year yesterday here in south central PA. It was a small group, and little chilly starting in the mid 30's with a stiff breeze at times, but the sun was shining and we had a great time!
  24. Around 1970 I bought a Savage 19 NRA .22 LR for $100, which was a lot of money for a .22 back then. I still have that old .22 yet today.
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