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  1. Will the super blackhawk hammer fit on a Ruger flatop
  2. I need a set of Lee 44 special dies. 44special/44mag dies will not work for my application. If you have a set you would like to part with, shoot me a PM. Thanks
  3. Anyone have some 44 special brass you could sell ?
  4. I have a set of 357 vaquero's with 45/8 barrels. How can I find out how many of this particular model were made.. Must be kinda rare as I have not seen many of them at shoots. Thanks
  5. Like new pair of Laredo boots size 8M. $50 shipped to you
  6. S/S barrel Shooter grade. Has a significant scratch where ejector housing fits. Believe housing will cover most if not all of scratch Scratch is not as bad as looks in picture. Needs a good cleaning $57 shipped to you, If not pleased you can return at your shipping cost.
  7. I have 2 boxes of 1k 38 brass. Not once fired but good usable brass. $100 each shipped to your door.
  8. 500+ nickel plated 38 brass 230 primed nickel 38 brass Not once fired but good usable brass $100 shipped
  9. Thanks for the update on flaterate boxes. Will indeed send $850 not 6.50
  10. ok thanks I believe about $6.50 should cover a flat rate box. If ok send me your address and i'll get a check off to you Larry Lelm 29290 Queenwood Rd Morton, Illinois 61550 Thanks again Dee Mak
  11. I need 44 special brass. Have a ton of 38 brass that I would trade. Would trade 750 nickel 38's for 500 44's
  12. I would like to trade some 38 brass for some Makarov brass. or, anyone have any makarov brass for sale. Thanks Dee Mak
  13. If someone knows his email address would you please PM it to me. Thanks Dee Mak
  14. 44 barrel. d If you want to take a look at it I can send it and if you don't want it you can send it back.  All you will be out is postage both ways about $12




    1. Reuben McCoy Rankin # 34239

      Reuben McCoy Rankin # 34239

      let me think on it, I have a lead on a couple more.

      thanks for the picture

  15. Rubin, Couldn't get your email address to work You sent me 1@gmail.com 309 251 6681
  16. Looking for a push through non lubing sizing die. Anyone have one they could part with
  17. I have a Dillon tool head,  shell plate and pins and a set of lee dies.  $90 shipped

  18. Slim, I replied via email.  Here is same info.  Brqss is $85 plus shipping.  Send me you address and I'll ship via UPS

    and inform you of the total and you can send a check to

    Larry Lelm

    29290 Queenwood

    Morton,  Illinois  61550


  19. Are you still interested in the Bisley hammer and trigger

  20. Have not received your check for the hammer and trigger.  Have you decided not to take them?  Please let me know your status on these

  21. I have a 44 that will not feed consistently. Occasionally when the lifter brings up the cartridge it jams the bullet against the top of the back of the barrel above the chamber. I've had a good cowboy gunsmith work on it but it still does not function properly. Anyone else have this problem ? Tried different bullets lengths and longer seems to work better but not consistently. Thinking of trying some truncated cone bullets if I can find some in 44 cal. Am now using 200gr RNFP. Also tried 44 specials and they don't work either. I am really frustrated with this rifle. Anyone have a fe
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