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  1. This 3 inch 20 ga. Ruger has 30 inch barrels with 5 choke tubes and wrench. Has magnetic rib sight with 4 light tubes. In very good condition comes with all in picture. $1250 plus shipping. If your FFL will receive from non FFL seller. Shipping will be $25 less
  2. I have 2000 38 good usable brass $120 for 1000 shipped or $220 for 2000 shipped All cleaned and polished
  3. I have one of these Fun to shoot and are tack drivers.
  4. 45 acp isn’t my first choice. I like 45 cowboy special then 45 colt. Can’t get brass for either one. I have a ton of 45 acp brass.
  5. Since 45 brass is easy to come by it should be a no brainer (?)to shoot 45acp in a convertable cylinder. Anyone using this setup ?
  6. 347 PCs once reloaded brass. Trade for 45 cowboy special brass same condition. Or, if no one has the cowboy may swap for long colt
  7. Custom grade new dimension dies. $45 shipped.
  8. 2 boxes of 250 Makarov bullets. $25 per box plus 6.50 shipping. Shipping would be $ 6.50 if you take both boxes 95 41 cal jacked hollow points (220 gr). $25 shipped
  9. What is a safe and easy way to polish cylinder bores on 45 Colt Vaquero
  10. Can’t seem to find out how to delete msgs in my inbox. System won’t allow me to pm with full inbox. Thanks
  11. Ok thanks. Will PM you as soon as I can figure out how to empty my in box so the sysy tem will allow me to P M
  12. will combine shipping on multiple items. 2 pair elastic suspenders. Used very little. In ver good shape. $25 plus shipping 3 pair jeans. All in very good condition Red ones are wrangler. Size 32 Tan ones with trim are rough riders Size 32 Grey ones with saddle seat are Frontier classics. Size 32 All three pair $45 Plus shipping. Will fit into large flat rate box Red checkered blouse. Size M very good condition. Wrinkled from being folded down. $10 plus shipping Daisy Fuentes vest Size M. In very good condition. $20 plus shipping Laredo low heel boots size 8M like new. $45
  13. Made in Australia In good used condition. One leg strap is missing. Size L. $45. Will fit into a large flat rate box.
  14. In excellent condition with two sets of grips. 4 5/8 barrel. Paper work and Ruger box $950 shipped to your FFL. Would trade for a S/S new model 45 Vaquero with 4 5/8 barrel in like condition Reddish tinge on top and bottom pic is just the photo
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