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  1. I have a Dillon tool head,  shell plate and pins and a set of lee dies.  $90 shipped

  2. Slim, I replied via email.  Here is same info.  Brqss is $85 plus shipping.  Send me you address and I'll ship via UPS

    and inform you of the total and you can send a check to

    Larry Lelm

    29290 Queenwood

    Morton,  Illinois  61550


  3. Are you still interested in the Bisley hammer and trigger

  4. Have not received your check for the hammer and trigger.  Have you decided not to take them?  Please let me know your status on these

  5. I have a 44 that will not feed consistently. Occasionally when the lifter brings up the cartridge it jams the bullet against the top of the back of the barrel above the chamber. I've had a good cowboy gunsmith work on it but it still does not function properly. Anyone else have this problem ? Tried different bullets lengths and longer seems to work better but not consistently. Thinking of trying some truncated cone bullets if I can find some in 44 cal. Am now using 200gr RNFP. Also tried 44 specials and they don't work either. I am really frustrated with this rifle. Anyone have a few truncated cone bullets I could load up dummies to see if they will work ?
  6. Both pairs $60 plus shipping These boots are like new and have been worn very little. Thanks for looking 1. Laredo Black ropers 2. Laredo lacers
  7. Tired of trying to make photo bucket work. Some times is does and often it does not. So, what other options are out there that you have had good luck with. Thanks
  8. I built a stand that has a 12 x 12 inch top. Have 2 dillion 550's, a Lee turret press, and a Lyman bullet sizer mounted on that top. It is mounted to my bench with a single bolt. I can rotate it to bring the desired press to the front. Have been using it for years and it works great. I have no money in it at all as I built it from scrap material I had on hand. I planned to attach photos but Photo Bucket wouldn't cooperate. If interested shoot me a PM with your email address and I'll send pics and dimensions
  9. Anyone have any of these critters in your safe you're not using ? I need a pair as I plan on doing some Josey Wales shooting this coming year. Thought these would be good for the rifle targets. What have you got ? Thanks Dee Mak
  10. Beautiful grained butt stock for Remington 870. Stock has not been cut. Unfortunately I do not have the forearm $100 plus shipping. SOLD Thanks for looking.
  11. 1. Lee 257 Roberts dies in excellent shape $20 shipped 2. Hornady custom grade New Dimensions 257 Roberts dies in excellent condition $30 plus shipping 3. 2 Beretta 92 factory mags like new used very little $40 shipped SOLD 4. Taylor hand made lockback hunting knife Has one fixed blade and lock blade on other end $40 plus shipping SOLD 5. Blackhawk holster for Beretta 92 Never worn $30 shipped SOLD 6. Starter set Guns pictured are Rugers Slide comes off belt Belt is 34 to 3rd hole loading strip is for 38/357 $50 plus shipping SOLD First I'll take it, gets it. Thanks for looking Dee Mak
  12. I've read all the comments and have been reluctant to make any comments but....... simply said Rank Point scoring sucks.
  13. Rudy,

    No. I've traded with another. Sorry for not advising you.


  14. John,

    You must have known my sons Dave & Doug Lelm.

    You're a long way from Deemack these days. Spent some time in N. Cal while finishing up my tour in the USN. Loved the area but just too many people for me. What town do you live in or near ? Hope you enjoy SASS as much as I do. I just keep getting older and slower but am still enjoying myself. As a friend of mine says sho...

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