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Rough Week

Smoken D

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Don't recall ever having to vent, but today guess I need to. Wednesday buried a very good friend who was my wife's first cousin. They were a month apart in age and raised together. He was a bit special and one of the think tanks to D.C. At the funeral were gathered many who intelligence are way off the chart. Each one always accepted me and enjoyed listening to some of my stories. Very kind people. Today I lost a very special friend that was as close to me as a brother could be. In the photo Jack is the one far right in the wheelchair. The photo was when Jack, his brother, and myself went on the Honor Flight to D.C. Jack was a real hero in Vietnam with a lot of medals. His death was the result of what agent orange will do to you. Jack, Jim his brother, and me were always into something together. I will truly miss this one. Just hasn't been a good week. That damm war.


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For my brother-in-arms:

Hand Salute. Two.

We fought people who we did not hate for people who spot on us when we came home.

May he rest easy in our Savior's grace.



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