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Pat Riot Countdown!

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I have been visiting family in Pennsylvania and checking out West Virginia. I am pretty sure we will be moving to West Virginia next summer. :D

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It’s official. Unless something goes utterly wrong we will be moving to God’s Country, Northern West Virginia. 

I spent some time going to gun and sporting goods stores. All of them nearly fully stocked with guns and ammo. 
I have encountered lots of very nice people and have been welcomed to the state a number of times and I won’t be moving here until next summer. :)

I grew up in SW Pennsylvania, and visiting there was not as pleasant as West Virginia and that area was my home! Weird. 

Anyway, we have made our choice. 

Beautiful rivers. Lots of fantastic motorcycle roads. Lots of trails for off roading and camping. One of the big bonuses…free boat ramps! No charge to park and or use the boat ramps. 

I am pretty excited about this. :D


Oh yeah, my wife likes it here too. :)

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That's great! Congrats on you decision.

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Well, Pat, now that you are so SHORTthat you can decide on where to move to, you can also determine that you are only eleven or twelve hours from Wartrace. Therefore we will expect to see you there in the future. Tn State match is June 2-4 2022. Can you make it?



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