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Pat Riot Countdown!

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34 minutes ago, Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646 said:

Well, Pat, now that you are so SHORTthat you can decide on where to move to, you can also determine that you are only eleven or twelve hours from Wartrace. Therefore we will expect to see you there in the future. Tn State match is June 2-4 2022. Can you make it?



Who knows? Maybe one day. I have to get healed up from my last injury before I can even hit a monthly match, but I am getting close. :D


I will say this, it was hard to leave WV and come back here. <_<

So looking forward to putting CA in my rear view mirror for good. 

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This one's better, a 2-6-0 Mogul

2-6-0 - Wikipedia

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2 minutes ago, Perro Del Diablo said:

Well Pat you stole my thunder with my S&W so I put this one up :lol:

I think it’s funny that I’m my work computer your picture wasn’t viewable but on my phone I can see the ammo box. 

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3 hours ago, Perro Del Diablo said:

GUNS Magazine The .256 Winchester Magnum - GUNS Magazine

OH NO! Pat's back up to 2520 days?!?!

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