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I started this thread a year or so prior to Miss Allie Moe's passing. 

Her death hit many of us, who knew her personally or simply here on-line, very hard. 

It has remained operational as a tribute to her now for 2 years. 

She was a fine lady and a great sport, who contributed much to CAS, SASS and here on-line.

Perhaps it's now time to end this thread and let if fade away.,

I respectfully ask that folks refrain from adding to it.

Thanks Pards

The Cold Lake Kid

Chuck Norris Stop WarningEJ79D4kUUAA1IkP.jpg

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On another board I belong to there was a member - Art. And he was a humorous fellow. He died. That board had a joke forum, which was renamed "Art's Place".


Art's been dead ten, maybe fifteen years. And normally I wouldn't think about him at all. The man's dead. But every time I go to that board and I see Art's Place, it reminds me of him. Keeps him alive in my mind.


Like Allie's Cats.

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we had several cats, most of them banded with my wife. this guy bonded with me though he didnt like most me. I took him in as a stray and got him fixed. sadly he died two years later. I called him foldy thouh I think the ears were more a deformity from birth tan anything to do with Scottish Fold heritage.  It would be a definite oomph when he jumped into my lap as welll as legs falling asleep.



Big beautiful eyed Foldy.jpg

Foldy warping the bed.jpg

Foldys favorite sleeping position.jpg

I love Gramma's wool rug Foldy.jpg

My Sweet Foldy.jpg

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