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  1. Will do. See you in October or Comin at Cha.
  2. Winchester does not differentiate between regular and magnum. WLP is it. They do make magnum small pistol. And match for both.
  3. Got it covered. Thank you all. Fox
  4. Rusty, KR, and Roamin. Got you all covered. See you there.817-888-4228 is the easiest way to find me. Thank you all. Fox Rusty, how much do you want?I had a notification for 200 and a post for 100. Either one is fine, just want to make sure I have enough.
  5. Rusty, KR, and Roamin. Got you all covered. See you there.817-888-4228 is the easiest way to find me. Thank you all. Fox
  6. I’ll have it set aside for you.
  7. Rugged gear. Folded down I can place the front tire on my tailgate and lift os with the back wheels to load into the bed. Rolls right in and the tonneau cover closes over it. Takes up no room in the garage, just the truck. If I need the bed space, unload th cart and away I go.
  8. AA are one piece hulls HS have an insert. Look in the case. If you see a clear plastic insert in the bottom of the hull, it is the new AA. They have minimum powder requirements or the hull will buckle, because the powder will not support the base of the wad and it hangs up on the lip that insert and leaves a void between the powder and wad base.
  9. Captain Clark. Did not hear anything from you.
  10. $35 for25#. Please let me know how much you want and I will set it aside.
  11. I have plenty on hand, so if you need some send me a PM with your info. If anyone is coming to Landrun(not cancelled yet) I will be there with shot on hand.
  12. I ship 65 pounds of new lead shot, #7.5, tumbled and graphited for $120 to your door with tracking and insurance.Thank you Tyrell for the plug. Fox
  13. Gas in OK. 1.48 for gas, 1.37 for E10.
  14. Chicken wings, pinto beans, corn bread and ice cream for dessert.
  15. Rusty, contact them asap. Many booking sites are waiving cancellation fees, etc. due to the national emergency. Don’t wait.
  16. Flat Top, please enter me in the Senior B Western category and Wild Bunch Modern match. I will bring my application and check on Saturday.
  17. I wish I could resolve the debate. 45 Colt.
  18. That is where the Barnstormer excells. The hollow base skirt seal the chamber better to help prevent blowby. Think about the Minnie ball principle.
  19. I sell them for $45 for 500 + shipping. $8 for 500, 16 for 1000 to 2000. Flat rate shipping with tracking and insurance. These are labor intensive as it is a hollow base projectile and they will not collate. Each one must be fed into the lube sizer by hand. multiple post in this forum have load info. PM me if you have more questions. Fox
  20. First, do-not talk about it on an open forum. Second, wrap it, ship it, shut up about it. Remember shipping USPS is illegal.
  21. I bought the mold and commercial rights from Jack.
  22. Thanks for your he plug. I ship 65 pounds of new 7.5 shot, tumbled and graphited for immediate use for $120. tracking and insurance included. Fox
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