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  1. Diesel Fuel Yellow Safety Can: Diesel
  2. If you need shot, I make and sell #7.5. I will be at EOT. PM me for more details. Order Early. Fox
  3. Technically only have two cheeks, after that game on. If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck!
  4. Puppies prepare you for babies, kittens prepare you for teenagers.
  5. That black pipe is the sewer drain line.
  6. The BS of calling people “fairies” or “queens” that has nothing to so with the OP.
  7. With the risk of having this post locked, we have shooters that do not shoot the category posting derogatory comments about those that do. I’ll stop here. Fox
  9. Viewing glasses are included in the shooters bag.
  10. Thanks Tequila. Good shooting with you at Comin at cha. That is another example.
  11. The discussion was about the SASS rules in general. Ie, stage shotgun at x. No specific place stated to shoot it. Again the question, permissive or prohibited language. If the rule does not prohibit something, it is allowed. If the rule does not say you can, it is prohibiter. That is the question about the intent of the rules. .
  12. Overheard a conversation this week about the sass rules. One opinion was that if the rules did not specifically allow something, then it was prohibited. The other opinion was that if the rules did not prohibit an action then it was allowed. What does the ROC say. IE: staged here, shot where? Fox
  13. Chas, please resend the PM to Dakota Fox.
  14. Placing one back on the table while picking up the other.
  15. 4 grains of promo or red dot. Both in stock at powder valley. Same powder, promo is a little denser so load by weight.
  16. Straight cherry juice., water, ice , elevation. No citrus. The key is to dilute the crystals and move them away from the site. Meloxicam.
  17. Who’s coming. Inquiring minds want to know. I know they are busy, but how are we doing?
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