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  1. Go to castboolits.com. Yes boolits. Loads of information on melting, smelting, cleaning lead. No need to repost here. There is an alloy calculator that uses proven data for alloys. Usually do 500-1000 lbs a month.
  2. Me and mine got married on October 31, 1981. 40th approaching. Who got tricked and who got treated. My answer, Both.
  3. Fast fingers. The go to email account settings, updates, accept new updates and then reboot again.
  4. Shut it completely down and back on. Then check your settings under email account.
  5. Bend using pliers, pry bar , etc. DO NOT use a hammer. It will bend easily. No need for brute force.
  6. Lube the seal with soap before selaing.
  7. Manufacturer torture endurance test.
  8. Contact Outlaw Gambler. He is in the vendor section.
  9. Does anyone have a picture of the final scores they can share. I know the Bar3 bunch is busy and will post them soon, but inquiring minds want to know.
  10. Google anvil gunsmithing and watch the videos. A screw and acraglass is better that pinning with a dowel. Be patient and do it right the first time., saves aggravations later.
  11. Glad you made it safe. Put a beer in the fridge and I will see you all Tuesday. Let me know if you need anything, and I will try to bring it to you. Fox
  12. Wood, rugged gear, or other? A little info may narrow it down.
  13. No sir. Only 7.5. The drippers I have only make one size.
  14. PM answered. I ship #65 of new, #7.5 shot, tumb ed and graphited for $130, with tracking and insurance. I ship on receipt of payment. Fox
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