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  1. I have some. Let me get a count. Price/ offer? Fox PS. Not high jacking, just in addition to, for the others requesting hulls.
  2. Make a tee out of pvc that fits behind the rifle rack. Cross piece keeps the upright from poking a hole i. The. bottom of the cart. I use this setup for a ,large umbrella.
  3. Are any plans/ specs available. I would love one of those in electric.
  4. They are. Contact me by PM. G W. Pm answered. Fox
  5. Decisions, decisions! Discretion/ Valor.
  6. People staring at you is an opportunity to expand the sport. last year EOT example. Three of us went to Waffle House for breakfast. Me in my B Western finest. Two couples sitting across the restaurant were staring at us. Went over and explained what we were doing and invited them to come out and see. They showed up and last I heard one couple is joining SASS. Never pass up an opportunity to knvite new people. My .02. Fox
  7. Decided to sleep in this AM. Woke up to these two.
  8. Which accessories are included? Case feeder, etc.?
  9. Correct shoot rifle and pistols any order. 20 shots.
  10. May not have the percentage correct, but the California ISO site has detailed info on California electric sources. as of today, they import 23%.
  11. three musketeers sweep. 8 targets. 1, 4 all, all 4, 1 shooters choice
  12. california gets over 30% of their power from Texas and Oklahoma.
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