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  1. Mustang, OK, on the West side of OKC. Will be at Comin at cha in north Texas and OK state shoot in September.
  2. Yes I do. I ship 65 pounds for$110. Or $35 a jug(25#) FTF.
  3. Let me get to the shop today. I think I have what you are looking for. I”ll send you a PM with the info. Fox
  4. Cleavage and eclipses have one thing in common. Wear dark glasses to avoid eye damage.
  5. Go to castboolits.com. There is a whole section on removing zinc from alloy using sulphur or copper sulphate. Used the sulphur method myself. It works.use a respirator!.
  6. If the shotgun is the last fired, when would there be another report to count on the timer? Take your time and clear your shotgun, before you pick up any other firearms....
  7. I have not used these in a rifle. I shoot a Marlin in B Western, and they do not function well. The short length and nose shape are the problem. All PMs replied to.
  8. If you really want to load them as designed, I make the original bullet for that brass. 130 gr, .452; truncated cone, hollow base called the Barnstormer.
  9. Anyone else notice there are no tires left on the trailer?
  10. The expelling charge is not a shaped charge, but a small amount of quick burning propellant to eject the missile from the tube to protect the soldier firing from burns. There is a significant blast area to the rear. A shaped charge could have a range of sevral hundred meters to the rear for personnel and would not be practicle.
  11. I sell the Barnstormer 130 gr .452 bullet for reduced load in 45 colt or 45 cs brass. PM me if you are interested.
  12. https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiI4sKG88_hAhWNxWQKHdS8BGwYABAnGgJwag&sig=AOD64_0Bq9xl2eXLzFQBqc_l-c4inOaYvA&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwjB9LyG88_hAhXDup4KHRdBCT8Qwg96BAgLEAY&adurl= Here you go. Fox
  13. Try some rescue remedy liquid on her food. It is available on Amazon. It will help her anxiety. Thank you for the rescue
  14. 2 boxes of jiffie mix, one can of creamed corn, two eggs,well beaten, jalepenos or cayenne to taste. 1/4 cup of ham and 1/4 cup of finely chopped sautéed onions.,1/2 cup of grated cheese. Grease the pan with bacon fat. 400degrees preheated. Bake till golden brown.
  15. Oklahoma Terrotorial Marshalls are working on a new bay using bailey barriers.(concrete highway construction barriers). stack them up. Cover the exposed ends alOng the town side with wood.
  16. If youblook closely at the right two, at the firward edge, you can see two contrail tips before they merge due to camera angle. The rudder is aligned, so all four are operating.
  17. Animal, car, airplane, Ann Margret. Off normal cartridges.
  18. Glocks are model pistols. cheap plastic imitations of the real thing......
  19. Saw a hitchhiker the other day on the way to work. He is out there in the same area every day. I think he hitchhikes to work. Since the weather was bad I stopped and picked him up. About 5 minutes later he asked me if I was not afraid of him being a psychoitic killer. I responded that I did not think the odds would support two in one car. Have you ever seen anyone turn completely pale? Have not seen him lately. Just joking.
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