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  1. Barnstormer 130 gr tc Bullets are available from me at $45 per 500 + shipping. I can get 2000 in a medium flat rate box with tracking-and insurance. $20. Fox
  2. Thanks Doc. I have to admit I am reading it for the first time, You state in the book ant fundamentals are the starting point. Grip, stance, sight placement and alignment. That is what I mean by shoo clean quickly. Once you have the basics down, then push for speed. Sorry if that was misunderstood. The OP was asking about first starting out. Good advise from all who commented. Thank you all. Fox
  3. I agree with both of you about learning to shoot fast. No argument. My point was “ starting out” as mentioned in the op. No foul either way. What works for one may not work for another. Fox
  4. OK. I’ll buy part of that. If you shoot a 20 second stage and 2 misses equals 30 second stage as apposed to no missies less tan 30 seconds. I understand to improve, you have to push it. Starting out in anything, fundamentals first then improve. Both have merit. YMMV.
  5. If you don’t have sight alignment and sight placement, how can you hit a target. If I am mistaken, please let me know.
  6. Dale, all guns are loaded and left on the loading table. Next shooter gos to the table retrieves their guns and is called to shoot. Unloading table, cart. Next stage, repeat. Only one shooter with guns at a time.
  7. If we have less than 10-12 everyone loads. Guns on the loading table. Rotate positions. Everyone reloads for the next stage., repeat.
  8. We shot WB today in OK.98 degrees 90% humidity. 17 on the posse. I shoot early in the string, clear guns, reload loading strip and belt, drink water, relieve someone. Usually 3-5 shooters later. Everyone followed the same pattern. Avg. 28 pistol, 10 rifle, 6 shotgun. 45-60 seconds Per shooter. Rotation seemed to work well. No one was overworked and had a little time to relax between shooting and working.
  9. Days inn by wyndam, north Phoenix. Filling up fast. Several pf us are there.
  10. I bought that book in 1983 as well. Has served me well over the years. I use it for quick reference and then verify data online.
  11. I use 5.5 gr under 200 gr rnfp. 1.57 coal.
  12. 45 Colt, 200 Gr rnfp, 4-5 gr reddot or promo, tight crimp.
  13. The USA Henry Big Boy in 45 Colt has a spring fit extractor in the bolt and will depart the rifle if loading from the port or trying to run it to fast. A stovepipe in the ejection port will cause the e tractor to depart the rifle. Running it slow and steady, it is a heavy, accurate rifle. Not for speed. Fox
  14. Remember pards. I sell shot. New, #7.5, tumbled, screened, and graphited for $130 for 65# delivered to your door. Fox All PMs and inquiries answered! Thanks to all.
  15. Remember pards. I sell shot. New, #7.5, tumbled, screened, and graphited for $130 for 65# delivered to your door. Fox
  16. Just like any gunsmith receiving and shipping guns. Not complicated.
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