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Wow, three weeks have gone by since my knee replacement. I'm still a bit in that fog of anesthesia and pain killers, but now things are becoming clearer.


Procedure was a success and I spent 3 overnights at the hospital. Getting my post-op pain under control was something of a challenge initially, but we've gotten meds dialed in now. My entire leg swelled to twice it's normal size and I had a giant bruise that went from hip to toe. That all disappeared a few days ago. Therapy is going well and I'm now walking with a cane instead of the walker. It's much easier to navigate around furniture now! Not sure how long that will be necessary, but I'm in no hurry to be rid of it.


I wasn't prepared for the noise though. After the swelling went down I heard and felt clunking from the knee, but there is no pain from it. Apparently this is very common and will dissipate with time, although it probably won't go away entirely. Guess I won't be able to sneak up on folks anymore! Anyways, just thought I'd share that things are going pretty well.


These days, this bit has gotten even funnier and strikes pretty close to home.  :)



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Terrific to hear from you, glad things are improving.  Like you, my knees make noise, but I don’t have replacements! Yet!  But you could still sneak up on most of us because of hearing loss.


Hope to see you sneaking around soon!  ;)

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When I had my back worked on, I had the urge to see that movie.

I looked all over, NO copies to be found.

Finally at long last a vhs tape from the rental store was for sale for $10.

I bought it, watched it and it seemed like overnight

there were copies on disk in every store I walked into.

Weird??? Very??

Did you know some big names went uncredited?




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