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June 24 th. I had to have a new right hip replaced...

Doc said the cartilage had torn loose.. folded over and locked up the hip..

He said he'd never seen a hip joint do that..

I had put up with the pain for about 4 months..


They say "Give me a # for the pain level?"

I told them most of the time it's a # 6 walkin around but if I turned it the wrong way it jumps way off the chart past a 10..


Doc said the surgery went great..

I was askin' to dangling my legs off the bed about 2 hours after surgery.. tired of layin' in the bed..

Went for a walk down the hallways about 4 hours after surgery.. again.. tired of bein' in my bed..

Walked around the hall about 3 times the next day when I could find a nurse to hold my belt..

Was out of there the 3rd. day.. Nurses (God bless them all) said I was doin' great for 2 days out of surgery..

We're they BS's me to make me feel good? or was I doin' great as they say?


I go in this afternoon to have the staples taken out..

My Physical Therapy I've done myself.. they give you a booklet that tells ya what excercises to do..

I've been doing them purty darn religiously but not to the point of doing them 5-6 times a day..

Maybe twice a day..


My right hip and thigh still has some swelling but I figure hey.. they cut into my body .. gonna have some of that for a while..


I might also say that I don't like sittin' around doin' nuthin'.. yard still needs mowed and yard work still needs done.. I kinda realize that I'm done shootin' fer a few months.. the Doc said I should be back to full action in about 4 months..


Reckon I'm asking the Physical Therapist folks..

And I realize it's your livelyhood.. but..

Do I need the classes?

Can I do this on my own?

I'm new to this.. What's the real important stuff I should be doin' and not be doin'


Rance ;)

Thinkin' I thank you for your help and suggestions..


Update 9 pm..

Doc said what I did as PT and what I was doin as PT is great.. Said after 3 more weeks I'm pretty much good ta go..

He did say that knee replacement is a whole different procedure of therapy and needs to be strictly followed..

BCB.. I did ask if they did an anterior or posterior replacement..

Doc said they now do a more efficient and more popular surgery where it's kinda of a half and half of both.

And yep... Over my head..

Thank you all again for your help and replies..


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Wife dislocated her shoulder a few years back.


Doc said gonna need physical therapy.


We looked into it but just plain couldn't afford it.


So she went online and found the excersizes.

She did them very religiously.

Surprise, it worked.


She still has occassional pain in the shoulder.


I still have occassional pain in my knee that was operated on in 1987.


Guess that's the price of gettin' older.






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Rance, you may want to PM Dusty Chaps he is a physical therapist and can probably answer your questions. Hope all goes well, it sounds like you're on your way.

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with PT you go and they will see you do the exercises.

on your own you have to have dedication to keep doing them (not referring to you directly, just general population)


+ PT can keep you doing them correctly and not 'cheating' to make the exercises easier--trust me, if my body could figure out a way to do one with less pain it would certainly do it and without my knowledge.


My therapist was much prettier than looking at myself in the mirror.


You know you the best so take info above as general comments.



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Wondering where you have been Rance. Sorry to hear that you have been playing with Doctors instead of your guns. As for your question about PT; my first hip replacement I had PT, worst 6 months of my life. When my second hip was done no PT orders were given. I was done with my walker in 2 weeks, when the staples were taken out. Doctor told me I could use my cane or not, up to me. Threw the cane in the back of the suburban as I came out of the office. Simple two months of caution and I was on my way.


I was talking to PT about this last week, no I am not doing PT for my hip now, and she said many people are not assigned PT after hip replacement surgery. Now knee replacement is a totally different story.


I see lots of transition and dryfire work in your future. You will me back stronger and faster, now just remember you have to hit the targets as well.


Wishing you a quick recovery,


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I know shooters that are back on the firing line in two weeks...... They weren't running, but they were shooting with friends.

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GO to the PT, it's the MOST important part of recovery. I had my right hip replaced in 06, the test for getting out of the hospital was the ability to walk up stairs. I did it the day after surgery. Yes you can do PT on your own, but it's like practicing with your guns guns, if you practice wrong it's never gonna get better.Did you have the anterior or posterior surgery? I was out of work for 4 weeks and desk duty for another 2. Don't twist it. And no I'm not a PT, but appreciate what they do.

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Did you have the anterior or posterior surgery? I was out of work for 4 weeks and desk duty for another 2. Don't twist it. And no I'm not a PT, but appreciate what they do.


Well Boulder Canyon Bob.. I reckon I don't know... I've got a nice straight line of about 25 staples across my right buttock side.. if that tells ya anything..


Rance ;)

Thinkin' it might be somethin' I should ask today huh?? :blush:

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