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Car vs. Tank

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In the way back, when we still maintained a large presence in Europe and Germany, we had an exercise call Reforger, or "Return of Forces to Germany. Every exercise, some idiot would wind up driving a Mercedes or VW into a Tank. The result was usually fatal to the car driver. The Tank involved normally required some touch-up to it's paint.

Although, on occasion, we drove a Tank thru somebody's building. Pretty much, same result. Just a little more paint for the Tank.



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An unnamed battalion in the 1st AD had just been issued their Bradleys and completed qual training at Graf. This is 1989.


The battalion was in convoy/parade back to garrison with guidons flying and the CO riding up front. The division band was at the gate ready to welcome the newest toys to town.


Herman the German came flying towards the convoy in his Mercedes and didn't quite stop in time. The Bradley driver tried to swerve but instead of just denting one auto, he totaled three of them.


It took a few extra brush strokes of paint to cover up the scratches.

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Ive got a nice used car for you. Just a little minor parkin lot damage.

Weve got a guy who can buff that right out....



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When I was in 1st Cav, we went to Germany for REFORGER 1983.


In our battalion alone, there were 3 car vs. tank/personnel carrier incidents.


7 civilians were killed.


One young German lady was weaving/passing our convoy at night. Ran into the back of a tank (M60A3) doing over 80mph and her BMW got caught in the drive sprocket. We were about 4 tanks back and started seeing weird, ground up metal, glass, plastic strewn about the road. Then the convoy stopped and MP's and Polizei started the investigation.


That tanks crew said they felt a small bump, nothing to be alarmed about. Amazing what 55 tons vs. 1.5 tons is.



Had a command track break down just after cresting a hill. Crew got out and was in process of setting out warning markers back up the hill. Family of 4 came cruising over the hill at over 100mph and decided to park their Mercedes in the command track.


Shortened the car by roughly 8ft, pushed the command track over 100ft down the road. Sadly, no one in the car survived; 3 crew members were injured, 1 critically but he did survive.


Saw some even more amazing mishaps when we got the M1 Abrams. Get 65 tons running at highway speeds: E=mc2

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