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Cheyenne Culpepper 32827

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Last saturday my wife, Sweet Addy, went to an urgent care center for an infection under the nail of her right thumb. The dr's assistant caring for her said it looked like mersa, then tried to clean out as much as possible under it and then presribed a real good anti-biotic. She had to soak it in a solution twice a day and saw the Dr on Monday, he was pleased with the way it was progressing and the anti-biotic the assistant had prescribed was working.

The results from the lab weren't back yet so wasn't sure iffn it was indeed mersa. She saw the doc again today, it was indeed mersa but it was caught soon enuff and the med worked well, so while it still looks pretty angry it is healing. Life is good.


Cheyenne, basking in the goodness of God, Culpepper

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Well, I'm not familiar with mersa but nonetheless, I'm glad things are looking better for her.


Hope to see you soooooon.




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Good to hear that Sweet Addy is on the mend.

She needs to be back in Ohio again.

That nasty stuff don't like the cold weather!!


Looking forward to shooting with you again.


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Glad she's on the mend. That's bad stuff!

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I know how scary it is when something happens that can be life threatening. You learn how to pray all over again. It makes you appreciate everything so much, and you begin telling people how much you love them---as often as you always shoulda, but somehow forgot.


It's good to get busy living life, but it's also good to remember the value of it.


I'm so glad she's okay, and like you, I thank god for every day, for who I have, and for what we can share.


Love and Blessings to you both.


Aunt Jen

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