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  1. Governor DeWine signed the Constitutional Carry as well as the “Stand Your Ground” law or, 2901.09 no duty to retreat, effective April 2021. Not sure I see the devil in these actions.
  2. Nice shooting with you Tn Tombstone. Posse 8 was great!
  3. Does the 44-40 rifle you have for sale in 44-40 include any work to it?  I currently have one I bought from Jim Bowie with his short stroke and I'm really happy with it.  

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    2. Big-un Bruce

      Big-un Bruce

      Thanks for getting back to me.  What's the cost with an action job / short stroke?  

    3. Big-un Bruce

      Big-un Bruce

      Sorry if this is a duplicate message.  I tried to send one and it seemed to not go through.


      Thanks for getting back to me.  What's the cost with an action job / short stroke?  

    4. Long Hunter SASS #20389L
  4. Deplorables... Ha! I've done business with both of you recently and you guys are the best. I do not want to go to FB looking for what I need and always look first on merchant's corner. And if you have one of those "specials" on a 20" '73 straight stock in 44-40, please post it here!
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