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  1. Buffy is pretty tame and easy going. She lives in the fenced in area with a couple of goats. Another time we were there a lady tossed a watermelon over the fence and it busted up. Buffy started eating it and one of the goats wanted some but couldn't get in close enough. The goat backed up several feet and came forward and head butted Buffy in the head as she was bent over eating. She didn't feel it. Finally the goat got a piece and moved back about 10 feet to eat the watermelon.
  2. My wife feeding one down the road here in Ohio. What a tongue. d
  3. Made a visit to Dodge City this week and took this picture.
  4. Thanks for the message back to me and look forward to meeting you some day!


  5. Hope to catch up to you when I get to California.

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