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  1. I don’t know the value but I have one, very nice guns. I’ve shot mine.
  2. Dillon 750’s, one set up one 38’s and one set up on 45’s.
  3. I retired 9/01/20 after 42 years of Machining, Supervisor and Tool and Die. I actually loved what I did and was good at it. I’ve always been a Skeet Shooter but have wanted to do SASS, just didn’t have the time or money for both. I started acquiring the correct guns for Cowboy Shooting, practicing, reading everything I could about Cowboy shooting. Finally shot my 1st match a month or so ago, didn’t embarrass myself and am very much addicted to this game and can’t wait to shoot more. I just won the Tennessee State Skeet Shoot HOA, HAA, Doubles, 12ga, 410 and runnerup in 20ga. I just might be done. Our club is having a Skeet Tournament this weekend, but there’s a Wild Bunch match that’s Cowboy friendly Saturday also.
  4. I looked at the pics of the lightened loading gates. I removed my very stiff gate and carefully ground the width of the spring to match the ones pictured and problem solved. Easy to do, just don’t let the spring arm get hot.
  5. I’m a big dude that uses a cross draw. I draw it with my left hand, transfer to the right, shoot and back into my left hand to holster while transferring to the next gun. Works good for me.
  6. I load my 410 Skeet shells with W296 or H110 with the recipe that you can locate on the Hodgen website.
  7. I’ve only shot 2 matches but I inspect and case gage 100% for matches.
  8. I bought from Scarlett Darling, APP creates plenty of smoke in 45 Colt….
  9. I have one of Long Hunters CZ Sharptail Coach Guns. It’s absolutely fantastic. My shooting pard, Pasco Kid just ordered one, he’s been using mine for the last couple weeks.
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