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  1. To keep the revolver in the holster on hard runs between locations before they are used. When drawn, the thong would slip out underneath the hammer on an empty chamber. Did it myself many times before ruled illegal. Was ruled illegal when someone misloaded and didn't have it down on an empty chamber. I was in agreement with the ruling.
  2. Rod with saturated brush, then a couple of saturated patches and finish up with bore snake. Works for me, your mileage may vary. Think everyone kinda comes up with their own system. Part of the fun.
  3. As Doc Coles said, you need to get the rifle lettered from the Cody Museum before moving forward. It appears to be an honest gun but can't tell unless it was in hand. Asking prices will be all over the place, and as Phantom said, worthless. A couple of known facts is the gun was mfg. sometime around 1900 and doesn't qualify as an antique. When comparing apples to apples, a pre 1898 antique gun will be worth more. There were about 800 pistol grip 1886's produced out of close to 160,000 manufactured. The sling swivels may or may not be original to the gun. Hopefully the letter will mention them. Regardless of what any appraiser says the gun is worth, its only worth what a buyer is willing to pay. Buyers set the price of these collectable guns, not the sellers. Putting it in a national auction is the only way to find out what the current market value is. Good luck!!
  4. That's a good idea Creeker. You should run that by the main office. Just an idea, but it could be held on side match day before EOT or National or Regional. Maybe have a three stage team shootout on berms they're not using that day. The stages could be left exactly like the main match but change the order so it doesn't add workload to volunteers other than painting the targets. Since it's your idea, you can expound from there.
  5. Ed "Jersey Kid, SASS #287 was the main man responsible for bringing the stars to EOT in Norco. You might reach out to him for ideas. He has several post on the thread "SASS, The Early Days". Ken Amorosano, aka: Chisler, was also a marketing genius and responsible for the explosion in growth in the late 90's. If anyone was serious, they should reach out to him for ideas. He's now CEO and publisher of several magazines. Not sure if he would be willing to help put my guess is he would. Before any idea can work, it will need serious volunteer's, follow through and the blessings of current management. Good luck to anyone that's willing to take this task on.
  6. Hmmm, 1894's in .357 and 44 Magnum. Too bad no 45 Colt.
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