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  1. Y’all left the bait in water too long I gotta have these.
  2. If I end up owning it I plan on using light APP loads to plink with it. It is not in real bad shape however the prior user was not vigilant about cleaning and the barrel rifling does show some pitting. It is extremely tight so I assume it was not shot much, cool looking gun but certainly won't be taking the place of my ROA's
  3. Great info thanks everyone. This belongs to my son in laws brother and he knows I am interested in these, guess I will Try to figure out a deal so I can play with it. I can see myself in Josey Wales category soon.
  4. Made in Italy .44 calibur I thought it looked like an 1851 but can not find any marking
  5. I am not familiar enough was hoping someone could ID this revolver for me TYIA
  6. Would a shotgun slide work? I have some I won’t ever use.
  7. Jim I will take shirt 1 tan with pocket if you want to bring to next shoot.
  8. Oh Boy looky here looky here looky here somebody better buyem before I fall off the wagon and buy more of what I like more than need.
  9. That one is blue I am looking for stainless thanks for lead.
  10. Somebody has to have one of these in back of there safe, dust her off and let me know
  11. An Original Coyote aint gonna be cheap I know where one is that might be for sale.
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