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  1. Doc, I will take the first one! camillus SK jungle machete new in package $35 Thanks Sid
  2. I purchased the scope in 2006.  I do have the box.  I will look for the paperwork.  It comes with three extra BDC cams for 5.56 green tip, 75 grain Hornady and 7.62 millimeters for 16 and 20 inch barrel SR 25’s. I have the adjustment wrench and the Allen wrench for the La Rue QD mount. 

    1. Sidewinder Sid

      Sidewinder Sid

      Wow that is 13 years old...but it seems to be in excellent shape based on the photos.

    2. Sprue Cutter

      Sprue Cutter

      Sorry I didn’t see your reply until now I purchased it and then essentially and retired from 3 gun about the time it went to multigun. So it’s never been thrown in a barrel. But it is in excellent condition. The only reason I’m selling it is my hearing is non existent and I decided reluctantly to retire my AR 15 and I hooked on CAS need $$ for some cowboy guns.

  3. Delay on shipping Bowie=needed a bigger box.  Should go today!

  4. I have always wanted a pair, do you do PayPal?

    1. Sidewinder Sid

      Sidewinder Sid

      Sorry, I don't, I would prefer a check or cashier check. These are brand new, I paid $650 for them right before he quit.

    2. Sidewinder Sid

      Sidewinder Sid

      Got the knife thank you.

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