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  1. In the past month I've bought 2 cases of Fiocchi field loads on the internet for around $110/case shipped. I also picked up two 25 lb bags of shot. Things are available but you have to spend some time searching. Hogleg
  2. Apple, beef jerky or sticks. It also helps save energy if you can convince your spouse to pull your gun cart. P.S. let me know if that works. Hogleg
  3. 1862 Colt pocket pistols do NOT fit the description of pocket pistol by SASS standards, but they do fit the description for main match pistol. Barrel is over 4" .36 is a main match approved caliber for cap & ball No swing out cylinder Single action They are basically a smaller framed 1860 Colt Army in the Navy chambering. Hogleg
  4. I use the 1862 Uberti Pocket Police. The 5 shot .36 built on the .31 frame. They work fine but the metal is really thin where the cap guard needs to be placed. Slixshot nipples did fit on mine. The problem now is that percussion caps are impossible to find. The only caps that work in my guns are Remington #10's. I don't expect to see any produced for at least 2 years. Hogleg
  5. $200 for case of Fiocchi 7.5 shot loads. Bought 2 cases on the internet for $88 plus shipping a couple of weeks ago. Powder was $50 from the "cheapest" vendor. Lucky that I have plenty of smokeless powder. APP is still available in case lots if I run low. Primers were crazy too. Mostly foreign crap I never heard of. Lucky I'm stocked up I was able to buy 2 tins of percussion caps @ $10 apiece. Hogleg
  6. No modification to the AR lower. Two pins to take the AR upper off and 2 pins to attach the .410 upper. No additional parts needed. These are sensitive to shell length. Google "Safir T-14 shell length". There are a bunch of articles on this. I have one 8 round magazine.
  7. This is a used Safir T-14 upper for an AR-15 chambered for .410 shotshell. I bought it years ago (10+ years) to mate with a lower that I had. Never did it so its time to move on. Price $250 + actual shipping. Might trade for something of interest. Hogleg
  8. NAA has them listed on their web site. $75 for the buckle + the cost of the derringer. The gun that fits this buckle is extremely tiny. I can't even grip it. It is .22lr.
  9. 30-30 or 45/70 since I have lever guns in these calibers. Hogleg
  10. But not according to SASS costume rules for b-western category. It would be nice if "John Wayne" dress were allowed. After all I'm seeing state matches with "Steam punk" categories. This seems pretty far from the origins of SASS. Hogleg
  11. Then why do we have a b-western category and not a spaghetti western category?
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