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  1. This sounds Really risky to me. Of course i could just be paranoid. Anyone else have an idea on this?
  2. In areas with high humidity some substitute powders will clump and bridge in the spout giving a light charge. One more thing that can go wrong. I use a Lee dipper to charge each cylinder. Goes fast and you can see if there is a problem. I usually man the unloading table. Never had a complaint that I wasn't doing my share.
  3. Exactly. It's easy to load real black or APP. I run APP through a regular powder measure. I also use it in a Dillon. A drop tube is recommended for black powder so I don't use it much in a handgun though. Cleanup with APP is with water. Simple and fast.
  4. This is the one match I make sure not to miss each year. Hopefully 2024
  5. I shoot Ubertis. The Piettas are actually a 6 shot revolver built on the 1851 Navy frame. I have a pair of these also and they are great pistols. They are just not as small as the Ubertis. As I get older that long thumb reach is hard on my thumb joint which was my reason for wanting something built on a .31 frame.
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