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  1. I'll take the Hogue grip for the Jr frame. Figure shipping to 31569 and let me know how you want to be paid.
  2. I checked Academy's web site which stated that there was a limited supply of CCI #11 caps at my local store. Got up early the next morning and got there to find out " limited stock" means "0"
  3. I still have a fair supply but with Remington being sold to other groups I'm concerned that these caps will be a really low priority when production resumes under new ownership. I use Slixshot nipples on all my revolvers. Their website says they will work with other caps but I've heard conflicting reports. Anyone have any first hand experience?
  4. My Baikal shotgun is starting to loosen up and rattle. Luckily I had bought a spare one several years ago but never had it set up for SASS. Can anyone recommend a good gunsmith to tune this shotgun? I believe Johnny Meadows did my last one and I've been super pleased with it. Does anyone know if he has retired?
  5. Books - Please PM me with your address. I'll get the books off to you right away. Thanks.

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