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  1. Heard about it at our local gun club. Told my husband I was interested, since it seemed like something we could do together, now that we are retired and have more time. He likes to hunt, but that is too early for this night owl-and too cold. I have some experience pistol shooting, but limited rifle and shotgun (retired Army). Costuming is another draw for me-give me a couple years to sew and I’ll be rocking some bustle dresses. He is taking care of locating guns and the reloading. We have a rifle and shotgun (for him), but will need pistols. One of the biggest draws-The folks in our local club are very friendly and welcoming. I helped with score keeping during the second match we went to. I will never be super fast, but know that I can improve against myself, and have fun. There are a bunch of clubs within a few hours, split about 50/50 between Saturday and Sunday, so we will be able to get some shooting in-we don’t do Sundays.
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