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  1. Howdy! Getting ready to start reloading black powder cartridge: Starting with 45 Colt, and later possibly adding 38 special. I have an old single stage red press, and am getting a Dillon 550 from a friend. I have only reloaded with a friend, years ago, and that was really just helping a bit, so I have little knowledge on the subject. Does anyone load black powder on the dillon? I'd like to also reload 45ACP, just ball ammo: since "Ball drops 'em all", for being able to practice with my 1911 without breaking the bank. Anyway, what do you all think? Should I keep the red single stage for just black powder and the Dillon for the regular/45ACP, or is it reasonable to have different setups for the Dillon: 45 Colt BP, 38 Spl BP, and 45ACP Modern Powder?
  2. It's gonna take me a bit to get up and running, but once I do, I'll probably put up a page on faceplant or something like that.
  3. Wow! Thank you all for your comments! Inspiration to start up the leather craft again!
  4. Thinking about getting back into making leather stuff, like holsters. Is there a need for more leather? I don't want to mass produce stuff, but instead lean more towards unique creations. My favorite here is the holster I made for an authentic Merwin & Hulbert owned by a collector, along with a matching sheath for a bowie knife he has. Here are a few things I've made. What do y'all think?
  5. Thank you all for the advice. Selling it to the gun grabbers would be awesome! Then use the money towards a new gun! But I live in Arizona, so none of those that I know nearby. I may contact that Bodie 601 fellow though, just to know what it would cost to fix. But I agree, for what it'll cost to fix, I can likely buy a much better working revolver. One thought I've had is, when I get around to building a cool fish-tank, just drop inside as an ornament.
  6. Howdy all... I have an old Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle Works break open revolver in what looks like 38 S&W. Got it in Colorado back around 2007 for $50. It brought 5 original rounds but the airport people made me toss them because I had no box for them. Has the following issues: The break open mechanism is a little loose. When hammer is down, the cylinder spins freely. If I pull the trigger, it cycles the action, rotates the cylinder (and seems to lock it), etc, but the trigger remains in the back position. If I cock the hammer, the cylinder locks up fine. When I pull the trigger in single action, the trigger stays in the "pulled back" position. Is there a way to fix this gun that is reasonable? I'd like to be able to use it at a side match loaded with black powder. The finish is brown, but if it can be fixed I'd consider maybe bluing it. Serial number is in the 2400s, on the bottom of the trigger guard. Thanks!
  7. We need more sheriffs and police chiefs like this one! Inspiring to hear that he has a spine, to put it decently.
  8. I contacted Mike. The correct email is goonsgunworks@gmail.com but thank you for letting me know about this, 'cause I had no idea! I think the best way to go is to send the pistols to Mike (once I recover from the Christmas wallet black hole) and have him do the "Outlaw Mule" job on them. For less than a conversion cylinder, not to mention lining the barrel and maybe having to get the cylinder fitted, I can have the pistol tuned to be reliable and slick enough to compete with! I want firearms that are reliable and accurate, and don;t much like "good enough for". I want that lead going where I put the sights! Once again, thanks for the advice! Can't wait to eventually get back into this awesome sport!!!
  9. Good to hear she's doing better! May God heal her and keep her here a bit longer!
  10. I agree that the best course of action is to go to a match or two and let my wife handle some of those revolvers. In the meantime, I'll let her mess around with my 45 open tops and the Navy revolvers in 36, once I actually get powder and cap and ball for them!
  11. Interesting information. Still not sure which way to go, but am leaning towards leaving the cap and ball revolvers as is and just getting Uberti revolvers already in .38 I'll wait for more info and reply about getting them tuned. My thing is that I want them to be accurate. I know that plenty accurate for close range SASS is fine, but I want them to be accurate for farther distances. Again, thanks to all for the advice!
  12. That's what I thought. I probably read something wrong.
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