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  1. I put up a post about being very rudely treated by a business and it was deleted. My question was later answered with a quote of the rules, and then locked. So we are not allowed to speak about a business unless it’s positive? I understand not allowing bashing etc., but to totally ban any review other than a positive one seems a bit unethical. How are we supposed to help other members who’ve perhaps been wronged? How can a business be held accountable when they mistreat customers? Are we honestly banning honest reviews? PS If this is going to get locked
  2. I recently put up a post about some friends and I being treated very rudely at a merchant. The post disappeared and when I click on the notification of a reaction/comment to that post, I get the following message: "Sorry, there is a problem/You do not have permission to view this content/Error code: 2F173/K" I then posted again asking what happened and that disappeared as well. Did I post in the wrong area? Did I do something else to warrant deleting the post? Could whoever is deleting the post at least alert me as to why? Thanks.
  3. What happened to my post about Wild West Merc? It disappeared.
  4. I would reload 45 Colt and 38 special. Also 12 gauge (have always wanted brass shells!)
  5. Sounds great! I am in Arizona. Sadly all this leftist madness has really messed up the ability to reload/get ammo. But I hope to meet you someday, and share a beer and a cigar!
  6. Howdy! Could be! But once I tried black powder (an old timer let me shoot it out of his side by side 12 gauge) I was hooked! I fend it far less punishing on the ears though!
  7. So I got my Dillon 550C just in time.... for all this insanity. So until everything cools down, if it ever does, it's just gonna sit sealed up in its box in the closet. No way I'm paying the ridiculous prices of those components that can even be found! Just figured I'd cry a little here...
  8. That gave me a chuckle! Thank you!
  9. So I guess now you can read what I said..
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