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  1. Thank you for your input! I appreciate it! I tried a dummy cartridge and an empty case. Switched to the dummy as it allowed me to easily insert the cartridge partially into the chamber and not get ejected. I had to hold it down with my thumb so it wouldn't be tossed off, so your idea about the extractor being too short or shallow sounds like a good possibility. One thing I noticed was that the bolt wouldn't fully close, by just a hair, with a round chambered (a dummy round) and the extractor stayed slightly elevated. Working the lever would not extract, of course, because the extractor wouldn't fall and grab the cartridge case. And even closing it rather hard did nothing. However, dropping the hammer was enough to nudge the bolt forward, causing the extractor to drop, grab the case rim, and then it would extract and eject fine. I wasn't about to try this with live ammunition though. Maybe I'm paranoid, but the thought of a round going off a microsecond before the bolt is fully closed made me a bit uncomfortable. Anyway, I sent the rifle back. Waiting to see what they say. Again, thank you. Hopefully they will send me another rifle. One that actually works.
  2. Was finally able to send the rifle back. Waiting for a reply.
  3. Damn it! Sorry about that! Right: it won't EXTRACT. EXTRAAAAAACT!!!! I got my blood pressure down a bit from this and wrote back Rossi/Taurus. Let's see what they say. If they fix this/give me a new rifle that works, I will change my mind. I will update once I know. Thank you for the help to everyone, and for the patience in correcting my eject vs extract!
  4. Well, venting here. Just really pissed off because I very much liked this little rifle! It is a perfect size for a truck gun and I wanted to use it as a woods rifle along with my woods pistol: Ruger Bisley/Cimarron Bisley, both in the same caliber (45 Colt). I also planned on it being my SASS rifle for when I shoot the Bisley revolvers and possibly a '97. The issue remains the same: the extractor will not drop fully and grab the cartridge rim. I noticed that, with dummy rounds, if I pull the trigger/drop the hammer on a chambered dummy round, the extractor will drop, and the round will eject. This made me think that the bolt is not going all the way forward. I gently tapped the rear of the bolt-beside the firing pin-with a drift/small plastic mallet, and the extractor dropped, grabbed the case rim, and then ejected. The ejector spring feels ridiculously hard, so maybe this is it? But even slamming the lever shut hard does not remedy the situation. I can understand some ammo fussiness due to the straight-wall cartridges. However, failing to eject-every time-is a clear sign of abysmal quality control and a lack of respect for their customers-not to mention their own brand! Very frustrating. So I emailed Rossi in a followup email. I guess its worth seeing if this is easily resolved. It will take a big, positive surprise for me to ever even consider a Rossi again.
  5. Got the lever in-finally. Still not ejecting. I will never buy a Rossi again. I have three friends who were waiting and I just let them know. They will buy another brand. There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of garbage to be made, and that these issues are KNOWN to be common is even worse. If the rifle was under $300 maybe it would be tolerable, but even the "low" price of over $600 is a scam. Can't send it in anymore because warranty is obviously void now. The absolute worst experience with a firearm I have ever had. I may see if a gunsmith will touch it. If it's too much to fix I will chop it up and dump it in the trash.
  6. Absolutely NOTHING I try works. Rifle on it's side, upside down, right side up.... lever goes in but pin will not go in.
  7. I am now following this video, which showed how to get the dummy round to stay: using finger pressure. Now the issue is that, no matter what I try, the lever with the lugs will not go in an line up. The lugs are on the correct side and everything, but it just will not line up.
  8. Howdy and thankjs for the replies so far! OK. I bought the DVD. There was no need to mod the extractor because it was already thinned like in the video. I disassembled the rifle as per the video and decided to leave everything as is, at least for now, except for running a diamond file lightly on the extractor claw. I reinstalled the extractor, put an empty case in the chamber, and ran the bolt into it and pulled out. The case ejected this time. But since the rifle was still unassembled, I can't tell if it really is fixed. So here is the issue... In the video, he puts a dummy round into the bolt and it is held there. He then partially inserts it into the chamber and installs the lever. No matter what I try, I can't get an empty case to click onto the bolt and get held there. I don't know how he does this. He seems to just put it there and it stays. His rifle is a 38 Special. Mine is in .45 Colt. Don't know if that makes a difference. The ejector is always forward and under tension, pushing the bottom of the case up. There is nothing I see to hold that case against the bolt like he does. In the video, he works the lever on the bolt outside of the gun to see if the ejector has movement. I did this and it has movement. Damn stout spring though. Maybe I am missing something here? I have included two photos, one from each side, to see if anyone can tell anything from the photo. It the little bushing too far forward? Does anything look off? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the correction! I hope you're right, and that the DVD makes it easy to make this a good rifle. I do like it. Thank you!
  10. Makes sense. Thank you! Point taken! Yeah, not gonna risk that PIA for another. I'll see what the DVD helps me do. Thank you!
  11. I would say it's the ejector then, #55. This is the part I notice stays up with a chambered round. I won't know for sure until I get that DVD and look into this. I thought of sending the rifle back, but don;t want to do that and wait a ridiculous time for it. This is inexcusable for an issue that seems to be very common and that Rossi could easily remedy. If this is not easily fixed with the DVD and becomes a bigger issue, I will never buy anything Rossi/Taurus again. I have three friends wanting to get this rifle and I told them to hold off until I see what happens. So if this isn't fixed easily, I'll tell them to just go elsewhere for a rifle. I'd rather pay more for a Marlin or a Henry, or a Uberti/Cimarron and have a working rifle than pay less and deal with this ridiculous issue. From what I have read, it is hopefully easily remedied and the rifle easy to slick up. I truly hope this is the case.
  12. I tried a Starline Brass 45 Colt case in the rifle. Same thing: ejector stayed up when over the "loaded" chamber". Didn;t get a chance to measure because I got home late and can;t remember where the caliper is right now, but I think its safe to say that its the ejector that needs a little filing. Once the DVD gets here, I will work on it.
  13. Sounds like a plan! Will do! Thanks!
  14. What brand of ammo? Can't recall at the moment. It's not a cowboy load, it's a copper jacketed flat nose that is in a more self defense level. I'll check when I get home. But regardless, I need it to work with anything. This will serve as a truck gun as well. Do you have any Starline brass to try? Yes. EMpty cartridges at the moment, but I can try that when I get home. Mic the rim and compare it to the SAAMI spec. What does "Mic" mean? Measure? I will do that at home and post it.
  15. That's what I was thinking and why I ordered the video. Even if it was a month turnaround I wouldn't want to do that.
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