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  1. I put up a post about being very rudely treated by a business and it was deleted. My question was later answered with a quote of the rules, and then locked. So we are not allowed to speak about a business unless it’s positive? I understand not allowing bashing etc., but to totally ban any review other than a positive one seems a bit unethical. How are we supposed to help other members who’ve perhaps been wronged? How can a business be held accountable when they mistreat customers? Are we honestly banning honest reviews? PS If this is going to get locked
  2. I recently put up a post about some friends and I being treated very rudely at a merchant. The post disappeared and when I click on the notification of a reaction/comment to that post, I get the following message: "Sorry, there is a problem/You do not have permission to view this content/Error code: 2F173/K" I then posted again asking what happened and that disappeared as well. Did I post in the wrong area? Did I do something else to warrant deleting the post? Could whoever is deleting the post at least alert me as to why? Thanks.
  3. What happened to my post about Wild West Merc? It disappeared.
  4. Good to hear she's doing better! May God heal her and keep her here a bit longer!
  5. Just recalled Manatee. I shot with him down in Okeechobee, and he gave me a spring for the Marlin rifle I had back then.
  6. So, who do you miss, or wonder "where are they now"?
  7. SASS Alias: Bisley Joe SASS#: 29738 Where are you from: Cuba, New York, Florida, North Carolina, California, Colorado, Arizona... How long have I been shooting SASS: Since 2000 cowboysNY
  8. OK, so let's get it back on track! Who have you missed dearly, other than me?
  9. Most of the flamers are keyboard commandos, and they are a minority. The vast majority of people here are good people. At matches, I've only met good folks.
  10. I'd say it WAS like that in the past. Doesn't seem like it now. A good thing.
  11. Jabez Cowboy, Thank you! I'd love to shoot up there! Hope to do so one day in the not too distant future!
  12. I have my opinions about SASS, and they're based on why I joined and the reasons SASS used to list on their description. Namely "to avoid the technical gamesmanship that has ruined other shooting sports". People can disagree or agree, but there's no need to be nasty and try to shut people up, especially when those doing it are jabbering about "freedom" and "the cowboy way" out of the other side of their mouths. I have found the people in SASS to be a group of the nicest people ever. I've been away because life got in the way, and I hope to get involved a lot soon as possible. I hop
  13. That's a good thing. Too bad it wasn't around a few years ago when even those with the responsibility to keep the peace were rousing the mob. But good to hear. I wonder how it'll stand up to actual "use" though...
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