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  1. It's a small club, so it wasn't a problem. I'll put up a short video on youtube soon. As far as the shotgun goes, I removed the screws that seem to attach the stock to the action, with no results. I have to get around to trying the other technique described above. Should do so soon and I'll post results. Been busy moving!
  2. Still have to get around to doing this! Been in the middle of a move, with the usual hectic PIA. BUT, tomorrow I'll be taking a break and shooting at my first SASS shoot since 2007! Don't have all my clothing or gear, but it'll still be fun! I'll report back about the shotgun once I get it done! THank you!
  3. Thank you! I'll certainly try that as soon as I can! I was actually thinking if there's a way to remove that cross lock bolt thing. Maybe chop off the part that sticks out? Anyway, I'll report back asap. Thanks again!
  4. Hadn't thought of that! Will give it a try! Thanks!
  5. I have an IAC Model99 Coachgun. It's well made, but the stock shape is awful in my opinion: feels chunky and clunky. I was going to sell it to get a Cimarron Coachgun, but don't think I'd get much for it, and it makes a good back up anyway. So, I'd like to remove the stock so I can reshape it a bit and give it some nicer lines. Problem is, I can't figure out how to separate the stock from the action! Ive removed the screws, but it won't budge-even with some tapping and nudging. I just looked at the manual with the exploded view, but that doesn't really explain much. I'll keep studying the drawing though, to see if anything pops out at me. Does anyone here have an idea how to do this? Thanks!
  6. Howdy! Getting ready to start reloading black powder cartridge: Starting with 45 Colt, and later possibly adding 38 special. I have an old single stage red press, and am getting a Dillon 550 from a friend. I have only reloaded with a friend, years ago, and that was really just helping a bit, so I have little knowledge on the subject. Does anyone load black powder on the dillon? I'd like to also reload 45ACP, just ball ammo: since "Ball drops 'em all", for being able to practice with my 1911 without breaking the bank. Anyway, what do you all think? Should I keep the red single stage for just black powder and the Dillon for the regular/45ACP, or is it reasonable to have different setups for the Dillon: 45 Colt BP, 38 Spl BP, and 45ACP Modern Powder?
  7. It's gonna take me a bit to get up and running, but once I do, I'll probably put up a page on faceplant or something like that.
  8. Wow! Thank you all for your comments! Inspiration to start up the leather craft again!
  9. Thinking about getting back into making leather stuff, like holsters. Is there a need for more leather? I don't want to mass produce stuff, but instead lean more towards unique creations. My favorite here is the holster I made for an authentic Merwin & Hulbert owned by a collector, along with a matching sheath for a bowie knife he has. Here are a few things I've made. What do y'all think?
  10. Good to hear she's doing better! May God heal her and keep her here a bit longer!
  11. Just recalled Manatee. I shot with him down in Okeechobee, and he gave me a spring for the Marlin rifle I had back then.
  12. So, who do you miss, or wonder "where are they now"?
  13. SASS Alias: Bisley Joe SASS#: 29738 Where are you from: Cuba, New York, Florida, North Carolina, California, Colorado, Arizona... How long have I been shooting SASS: Since 2000 cowboysNY
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