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  1. I pulled the barrel and cylinder off and the bolt stays up at half cock. I pushed down on it with the hammer down and it clicks and goes down a bit, but then pops right back up when I start to pull the hammer back. I'll do a thorough cleaning, and follow Lead Monger's process as soon as I get a minute to spare. I'll also look on you tube and that article on tuning these pistols. Worse case, I'll replace a few parts and start over. I'll check back in once I can run the test and watch/read a few instruction vids/articles. Again, Thank you all!
  2. I can see the possibility of obnoxiousness. When I shot up in Rifle, Colorado, and other places too, the gun carts were parked pretty neatly near the stages, on the other side of a wooden rail. I also recall wooden beams, like railroad ties or 4x4s, on the ground-like the concrete stops used in many parking spots. These served as a set place for people to park their carts. I don't see much difference between a regular cart's and a motorized cart's effect if they are parked correctly. I mean, some non-motorized carts are pretty big-in the shape of Conestoga wagons, tool carts, etc. Are there people driving their motorized carts right up to the loading table or something? I figured the motorized cart would be parked just like a regular one: near the loading area by the stage, but away from obstructing others. Walking to the loading table with pistols in their holsters, and a rifle and shotgun in hand, from a cart a few yards away, is no big deal. If someone can't walk a couple of yards from the cart to the loading table, then I can't see how they can safely engage in a match! It's standing all day, and pushing a gun-cart over dirt that gets old, and really tiresome for some-but again, can't see much issue if carts are correctly stationed. If/when I make my little horseless carriage, I'd have no problem parking it a little out of the way to prevent obstruction. It's just a matter of people communicating, and also observing.
  3. Those are the only two 51s I have. I may have to order a couple of replacement parts. I could also just load the cylinders outside the guns.
  4. That's where I saw them: Track of the Wolf.
  5. Wonderful contraption.
  6. Or I could just buy a brace of pistols for her anyway-then if she doesn't really like them, I have an excuse to by another brace, and so on...
  7. That is a beautiful pistol! Been thinking of something like that for my wife. But I figure I'll take her to a big match, after notifying them ahead of time, to see if she can try out as many as possible. Have you thought of lightening the hammer spring-if that's possible? Would SASS allow a modified/Bisley-style hammer on something like that? If you're having trouble due to arthritis, they should allow it, in my opinion.
  8. Yeah, I'm leaning towards a six cavity .38 ball mold. But before that I'm doing what you said: just getting some .38 balls and have at it. Thank you for the link and the advice!
  9. I'm gonna have to look up what those things are! JK Both guns were slicked up before I got them. I'm now wondering if the person who did the job sacrificed the half-cock free wheeling for slickery. The trigger is awesome on them, I'll say that! Is there a better way to do that? Should I get new trigger/bolt springs and lighten the trigger another way? And again, thank you guys!
  10. How do I figure that out?
  11. Now I have to figure out what all that means!
  12. That is EXACTLY what I'm talking about! Anyone not wanting to allow carts like that should be forced to carry all their gear in a gunny sack, with an extra 20 pounds of sand, and twenty seven rattle snakes, inside.
  13. Then, you should have written that. Agreed. Just because someone uses motorized cart doesn't mean he or she is "lazy". That's like saying those too dumb to use a motorized cart need to get out of the way. +++ I can understand if there are issues with obnoxious motorized carts, and people being rude. But those people and situations need to be dealt with by addressing the people, not by painting everyone with the same brush and restricting them, or labeling them as lazy. There are plenty good reasons to use motorized carts, and not all are directly medical. One reason is simply being able to bring along cold drinks, snacks, etc. from stage to stage. It gets hot sometimes, especially exerting ourselves shooting. There's also the ability to bring all the supplies we need-not only ammo, but a tool kit, extra guns, etc. I've seen people almost pass out from the heat after shooting. There's also the person's right to not want to push a heavy cart all day. As far as noise, are we playing golf here or shooting firearms that go BOOM? Even on long range shoots, shooters have to concentrate while others are cranking off rounds just feet away. Personally, I've always wanted to have a motorized cart styled after a horseless carriage. I think stuff like that adds to the fun and atmosphere! If I can manage a steam engine, I'll use that!
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