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  1. Just had the same thing happen, USAA was on top of things and called as well as emailed me, just wish once they would go after the scum bags, I would like to see a post about some credit card thief being caught for once, maybe a picture so everyone would know who he/she/it was
  2. I have done about 4k rounds of brass now and as far as I can tell once I rinse the brass in cold water there is no residue on the case inside or out, they are squeaky clean, I did use a heated solution on the second batch of cases and it does work a little better, I am also using distilled water because my well water has enough lime in it to make a drinking glass have a white film if you let it evaporate and that might cause an issue if I used it
  3. I’m not sure if this has been posted here before but I got tired of paying big bucks for Hornady, Lyman and RCBS case cleaning solution so on a friends recommendation I tried Simple Green HD, it’s made for metal and is purple not green, I used app 1/4 cup in a gallon of water, it wasn’t even enough to turn the water colored, 20 minutes on cold and wow what a difference, I did it a second time for 20 minutes but dident really need to, took off all the Trail Boss soot on my 45s and 38s, it did not however have any effect at all on the couple of black powder stained cases I threw in as a test, after about 2k cases I had to make a new batch but it’s a LOT cheaper and does a lot better job than the other cleaners I have tried, I’m going to try it heated next since the cleaner has that option, hope this helps others who use ultrasonic
  4. Just saw that line for the first time ever today and it got me thinking how many sayings like that are out there across the cowboy world that I have never heard and what the H*ll to they all mean, post your favorites and throw in a brief description for those of us without a clue, really like the whole tail waging day think im gonna start using that one ORR
  5. Having a good friend and his 2 sons in LE down in Ga I have to say I hope they all get out and find a safer job, the father is a 30+ year veteran of the force and a dam fine officer as are his boys but the way the public sh*ts on police and then blames them for everything when they don’t fly to the rescue and do everything perfect makes me sick, I know there are bad cops out there but let me point a gun at anyone out there and start SHOOTING real bullets and let’s see how many people do the RIGHT thing every time, then go home knowing maybe I’m outside your house, or maybe not, maybe I’m in your coffee shop waiting for you, see how long before your choices are not what the liberals feel they should be, we shoot steel targets that don’t shoot back and have time to plan and we still miss and shoot the wrong order while police get to dodge 4 year olds that daddy gives a gun to to shoot the bad cops with, is the chance of catching a bullet from a 4 year old worth it ? And people are wondering why police are quitting in record numbers, I hope my friends leave the force, ( they won’t) it would be sad for the state of Ga but in todays liberal BS world I would rather have my friends doing a safer job for people who might at least care. ORR
  6. Sometimes Numrich Gun has parts but it’s iffy at best
  7. I measured the distance from my eye to the rear sight of my rifle and then to the front sight, when I went to have my shooting glasses made I told the doc I needed to get as clear sight as possible between those to points, he worked on it a bit and I ended up with a pretty clear ( not perfect ) sight picture for both my rifle and pistol, targets are a bit fuzzy but there big and I’m not shooting bullseye so it’s ok, these glasses are only for shooting because they were made for that perfect range my sights are at, worked out really great for me and I just carry my regular glasses in the cart for after shooting
  8. Careful if you throw your whole gun in to clean it, the first time I did this with the SS Vaqueros I couldn’t cock the hammers, open the loading gate or even push the ejector rods, everything was so squeaky clean there was no lubrication on anything, a light coat of lube fixed everything right up but I think if I had forced anything I probably would have done some metal damage, the other thing I have found is some aluminum gun finishes get soft and kind of gummy ( Ruger single six frames ) so be careful until you know what works, does a hell of a nice job on cleaning brass and is the only thing I have found that will make a SS gun look new after 500 rounds, even the cylinder ends will look new
  9. Not sure if you intended to say glass bed the barrel or you intended to say glass bed the action and free float the barrel, with laminate stocks these days the wood tends to be so full of binders they stay very stable and lots of times you can get away with just carving out your barrel channel so your barrel floats, perhaps some glass around the recoil lug area, laminate stocks are impressive stability wise
  10. Hey Dan be careful about using a 270, I’m NOT sure about Maine but in Vermont you MUST use 30 cal or above for moose, I know for a fact in Vt you loose your moose, rifle and license plus the fine if you use less than a 30 caliber rifle, Jason will know for sure
  11. Perhaps I can help, A good friend of mine runs Maine Whitetail Adventures and he has territories in both zone 4 and 8, Both he and his wife are liscenced Maine guides for Moose, bear, Deer, fishing and white water rafting, they also do grouse, they do both rifle and bow hunts, give him a call his name is Jason Lucarellie, phone is 207-265-6250 and the web sight is mainewhitetailadventures.com, Maine is Big and easy to get lost in if your thinking about a guide Jason has got some pretty good territory staked out and scouted, hope this helps
  12. I have tried to get parts from CZ 3 times now and all 3 times they said they would ship them right out but I never saw a single part ( they were springs) not sure what the problem is
  13. You can brass electroplate steel but first you usually have to copper plate it then apply the brass/nickel/gold ect ect ect to the copper plate, you can get a home plating kit but the plating is pretty thin and will wear thru with heavy use, I have had so-so luck getting the copper to stick well to steel it needs to be really clean and there is a chemical you can pre treat the steel with that is supposed to help, I bought my chemicals from caswellplating.com, if it’s just a one shot project it’s probably cheaper to send it out to be done, once you have the chemicals they are good for years and lots of plating, I did my brass grip frames on my uberti 1851 mason conversion in nickel and was very happy with the outcome
  14. Purdygear did the leather but I’m not sure if she is doing custom leather any longer
  15. I have used JM Bullion for physical hold in your hand bullion but be advised that bullion dealers are VERY much like used car dealers and there is a sizable markup on bullion, if your looking at paper gold stocks you will need to look around and see who has the smallest fees for the transactions ( watch out for heavy redemption fees with gold stocks )
  16. I have 4 sets of theses grips on 4 different pistols, 2 sets on ruger Vaqueros, 1 set on a pair of uberti mason conversions, 1 set on a pair of Pietta 1851 black powder, all the sets fit pretty well, they are NOT custom so they are not perfect but the quality of the material is really good and the imitation ivory with the checkered pattern really looks great after a year of use and some dirt and oil worked into the grip, so far oil and cleaning fluids dont seem to effect the grips at all and they have never warped or twisted and I have both imitation ivory and the dark blood colored wood grips
  17. propane kiln will melt all the way up to gray iron if its got enough btu, I made my last furnace by putting a 8" sonno tube inside a 12" sonno tube and pouring it full of refactory cement between tubes, I cast a 2" hole thru the side on the bottom and used one of those 100,000 btu brush burning wand tips for the burner (you do need to play with air holes to get it to burn well ) that setup will fit a #11 crucible and give you room for lifting tongs, it was about a foot tall if I remember correctly, melted silver and brass with no problem
  18. That’s good to hear, she certainly has great talent when it comes to leather
  19. I investment cast these 45 cal bullets out of 99.9 fine silver, cut off the spru and did a light polishing and loaded them up, dident even have to size them they cast perfect, I did this just in case the local werewolves got upidy, I will warn you that investment casting can get addictive, you start with drawer pulls and the next thing you know you doing buckles, badges, watch fobs, silver bullets …….
  20. The leather was from a woman in Ga called Purdy Leather, she did amazing leather work but she has stopped doing custom holsters which is a great loss, I may have actually got the last couple of sets she made
  21. A good quality CLEAN sand sifted over your object and well packed ( helps with the fine details ) I also used to dust the object I was casting with talc to help it release from the sand, plenty of riser holes at the far end of your spru so the air can get out when you do your pour, clean metal to melt for your casting you will want plenty of flux to draw contaminants out of your metal as it melts unless you got really good metal to start with, those were the main things that would cause me problems. You might want to look into investment casting instead, you make a mold out of silicone, pour molten wax into the silicone mold, pop out a perfect wax item, ( this can be done dozens of times and you can keep these molds for a long time) pour investment cement around the wax item, melt out the wax and pour in your metal, break your part out of the investment and clean it up, that’s a little simplified but not much, investment allows more intricate details and you can touch up or modify your wax castings and there is no chance of a mold collapse, you can find all the supplies on line at jewelry making sites or dental supply companies, sand is fun but a lot of work and it’s really hard to get a good detail cast, hope this helps. P.s molten brass is nasty stuff and if you have ever cast bullets you can imagine how brass can splatter at 1800 + degrees
  22. Not my main match guns but these are my favorites, the grips are Arizona 2 piece grips, not a nice as a one piece but Uberti screws are soft and I don’t like to remove them just to clean under the grips
  23. Larsen Pettifogger has a great set of instructions for fixing theses guns and most of the colt cap gun clones as well, great write up with pictures and my bet is he would be more than happy to share them with anyone here, there were a couple of items he tweaked that I never would have though of, I give his instructions a solid 5 stars
  24. I had that problem and a couple of more on my Uberti Mason conversion, when I took it apart and checked the machined slot that the hand rides in I could see it was rough as HELL to say the least, ( the hand wouldent move fully in the slot )horrible machining grooves in the metal, I took a small square file and a very small stone and carefully smoothed out the track the hand rides in and even polished up the sides of the hand and after that it worked slick, my best guess was it was actually locking up the cylinder and keeping the gun from cocking completely, hope this helps
  25. I think everyone is missing the point, the best way to get people and the MEDIA to stop talking about the fact that gas prices are killing the economy and the country is going to hell while the oil companies and politicians get rich is to throw in a few dozen murders and viola no one is worried about anything except them nasty ole black guns, add in a senile old num nuts on the podium mumbling gibberish and Washington can just sit back and relax while the news media tells the American sheeple just what to think and believe...... and God help us for the most part they will
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