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  1. If what I read is true good ole Joe has created a new Office of Gun Violence to help remove guns from more law abiding citizens and put his star game changer Kamala Harris in charge of it. Glad I don’t have to work in that office ! I don’t think I’m going to worry about much getting done there
  2. We have laws and police for a reason ( mostly good reasons ) if we stop obeying the laws because someone “ might get hurt “ just get rid of the laws and police and everything will be just fine. ( snowflake theory) You can’t have a DECENT society with out laws to govern decent and just behavior and you will always need police to enforce those laws and courts to see justice is metered out fairly. It is a certainty that some innocent people will suffer and if it turns out to be one of us that sucks but everyone will suffer if we keep up this downward spiral of letting criminals slide because something bad could happen
  3. I have had the USPS and the UPS scam tried on me a number of times just recently and every time they have been related to Amazon packages, not sure if it’s tied to Amazon or if it’s just because it’s one of the biggest companies shipping packages so a logical choice to run a scam on
  4. I read her true hair color is actually red, makes her twice as hot
  5. Another vote for the CZ sharptail coach, either get one pre tuned or buy a set of shotgun boogies springs and tune it yourself, there easy to work on and a quick handling gun to shoot
  6. Favorite picture of my Aunt in 1947, certainly a knuckle but not sure what year, I heard she could also shoot as well as ride
  7. They need to get themselves a M88 recovery vehicle for jobs like that
  8. Here’s another really good sight for do it yourself cowboy gun work https://marauder.homestead.com/cowboy.html lots of stoeger info there
  9. My old man had a glenwood coal stove and in the winter he would make his morning “toast” by throwing bread right on top of the griddle once the stove got hot enough
  10. In more than 45 years the only primer pockets I ever cleaned were for bench rest shooting, never had a problem with depriming after cleaning, everything always went bang, not trying for one hole groups shooting SASS
  11. MOST powders loaded to the lower end in 45 colt tend to be kind of dirty. I have used clays, red dot and 231, they all work, I just did a test run on shooters world Ultimate Pistol with 200 grain bullets, metered the best of anything I have used, very low recoil and soft audio report, dirty but a non gummy soot that dident gum up my guns and cleaned well so I am going to try it a bit more and see how I like it
  12. If you take a good look at Putin you realize he probably dident get high grades in school for subtle thinking, he likes to make a statement
  13. If good work ethics were still a thing I would say time wasn’t and issue but people with good work ethics are a dying breed and the snowflake population is breeding like mice and teaching there little snowflakes that they are all SPECIAL
  14. Next thing you know they will want to put safety belts on motor cycles…..
  15. Try this web sight, they have great info on fixing Stoegers https://marauder.homestead.com/cowboy.html
  16. Natchez has a good selection of primers and is doing 2 days of free hazmat
  17. Almost every time you open this forum you see someone who has a problem with a gun and at least a couple of people with the correct answer, I am always amazed at the sheer volume of knowledge from what’s wrong to where to find parts. What bothers me is a lot of us are not teenagers and that knowledge can be lost. It would be great if there was a SASS forum for cowboy guns where helpful info could be stored for future cowboys to reference. Of course it might not be as much fun
  18. Kind of scary the police need this type of equipment but the law abiding public shouldn’t have guns…. Ooops I forgot the government will protect us
  19. For those of you who are on mid south shooters email list they have an interesting write up on reloading powder on their Shot Report Vol 2. Worth reading for both the historical view points and the tech behind the powders and numbers, a good description of burn rates and why you want a certain powder for a certain ctg. I couldn’t seem to get it to paste here or I would have attached the article
  20. I bought a jug of shooters world Ultimate pistol a while back because it loaded almost every pistol ctg I own, tried it out last week for 45 colt load (full length case) and compared it to my standard trail boss load and this is what I found ( btw no dog in this fights either way) trail boss 5.7 g behind a 200g bullet, SW 7g behind the same bullet chose this load because it matched the trail boss recoil wise, SW had less smoke, softer report, slightly dirtier, better smell, and loaded exactly 7 grains on every throw ( TB was always + or - .2g ) EVERY round sounded and felt the same. I shot 200 rounds to simulate a match, pistol targets were a downward angle and rifle targets an upward angle so I believe I covered powder placement concerns inside the case. Temp was 75 degrees and 95% humidity I chose that day because TB would start to gum up the action on my 73 after 60 rounds or so on humid days and I wanted to see if SW did the same thing (it did not the action stayed smooth for the whole test). Rifles and pistol clean up was slightly easier for the SW powder, it’s seems to be a softer soot, ctg cases cleaned up the same as any other powder. All things considered the only bad thing I found about the powder was you can easily double or triple charge a 45 colt case, TB was great because you couldn’t make that mistake but put a powder lockout die in line and you won’t ever do a double charge anyway. I still want to test this powder in cold weather and see how it works but it has a pretty wide range from min to max on a lot of common ctg’s and seems to be readily available and like I said before I have no dog in the powder wars fight just passing along my thoughts on this powder YMMV
  21. It does meter great and yes there are lots of loads but 3 or 4 rounds out of 10 on hand weighed charges is enough to keep me away from using it on a 45 colt, I have not used that can of powder for anything else because I’m a bit suspicious of the powder in the can I know a lot of people who use 231/hp38 with great success but there are lots of good powders out there. I just find it interesting that he was using 231 and new loads is all
  22. Interesting that you were using 231, I bought a bottle of that last year and loaded 50 reduced power rounds using a 200 grain bullet, the loads were on the lower end of the load data and I was firing them at a slight downward angle towards my targets on a chilly fall day. I only shot 10 rounds because I had 3 or 4 rounds that sounded and recoiled waaaay different than the rest. Since these were test rounds for a new load I weighed every one by hand. That powder is under the bench and I have not used it since, I believe it may be position sensitive in a high volume case and not a powder I want to try in my 45
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