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  1. I have a 4th generation S&W "lemon squeezer" chambered in .38 S&W, blued, with a 5" barrel. Looking for a sub 4" barrel so I can use the revolver in side matches. I want a clean, shiny, unpitted bore and a blued exterior finish. Found a few on Gunbroker, but wanted to inquire here first. Anybody have one in the parts bin? Thanks!
  2. I've got a S&W Safety Hammerless, 4th generation in .38 S&W with a 5" barrel. I'd like to get a second barrel that's 4" or less so I can use the revolver in side matches. If I get a second barrel is it going to "drop in", or will fitting be required? Thanks for any insights!
  3. Joe's Sporting Goods might be able to help.
  4. I'd agree with the Ahlman's recommendation. What type of work needs done?
  5. I just recently took delivery of a Lil Grizz Ranchero, and it's the FIRST cowboy hat I've owned that actually FITS. Turns out my head is an EXTRA long oval, not just a long oval. I've been suffering ill-fitting hats for decades not knowing any better. Working off my measurements and a photo of my head Grizz made me a hat that fits like the proverbial glove for the price (about $225 delivered) of an off-the-rack hat. If you've got the time and budget go custom-made. I'm certain there are other fine hat makers out there, if you're interested in a Lil Grizz you can find him on Etsy. I've alr
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