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  1. If you get an MPX be certain it's a second generation gun. YouTube has video that explains the difference. Factory support for 1st generation guns could be a problem. I have a factory SBR'ed MPX that I use for USPSA. It's been a great gun for me.
  2. Message sent regarding pair of El Paso holsters.
  3. As a proud American I do feel that our own "moral high ground" isn't as lofty as it once was.
  4. Tex! I'll certainly try! I'm getting great use out of the cart you so graciously gifted to me! Thank you again.
  5. Is that on the "boilerplate" describing the terms of use for the Classifieds there is a misspelling! (Yes, you've just been click-baited.) "...Offers posted by Guests or Members not including thier SASS Number will be deleted. " Arrrrrgh! "Their" is misspelled as "thier" and it catches my eye everytime I visit the Classifieds. Carry on!
  6. Philosopher

    My Botas

    How easy are they to take on and off ? I made a pair out of elkhide that close using straps and buckles but I have to set aside most of a morning to get them on!
  7. Just received my Wrangler back from Ruger. Nice quick turn-around on the fix, everything seems to operate as it should. I'm very pleased with Ruger's customer service. According to the paperwork returned with the revolver the fix was to replace the cylinder base pin. I measured the new base pin (without compressing the plunger at the tip) and it comes in exactly at 2.850" inches, so longer than the original base pin by .013". Not much of a difference in overall length but it's enough to make the Wrangler cock in any position without jamming the transfer bar into the firing pin. Thanks to all who helped. NOW to find some spiffier grips!
  8. Thank you for the explanation. Apply a drill to the frame? Not me! Ruger can fix this one.
  9. Made a U-shaped screwdriver bit and was able to firmly engage the cylinder latch nut. Tightened the latch screw a little at a time and tested the revolver function. No improvement was seen even though I ultimately had tightened the latch screw/nut by 2 full turns. Ruger customer service quickly offered up a return shipping label so back it goes. Thanks to all who offered up suggestions, but if I try anything further I'll be beyond my pay grade.
  10. Mr. Pettifogger, thank you very much for your detailed and insightful response! I believe your analysis is very likely to be correct. The odds that the latch is misadjusted seems more likely than a flaw in the revolver frame, transfer bar, or cylinder pin. I have a calipers and micrometer available, as well as a plethora of gunsmithing tools, and my diploma from the Wile E. Coyote School of Gunsmithing! What dimensions should I measure? The side-to-side dimension of the latch? Thanks for your assistance.
  11. Recently acquired a new Ruger Wrangler with a birdshead grip. Hoping the Wrangler lets me conserve my centerfire ammo supply! Unfortunately, I missed a small problem when I inspected the gun at the shop. If the barrel is pointed down and hammer will not come to a full cock. Point the Wrangler up in the air and the hammer comes to a full cock without issue. It appears the problem is that the plunger in the end of the cylinder pin does not adequately contact the transfer bar, so when the Wrangler is pointed down the weight of the transfer bar causes it to fall forward and jam on the lower edge of the firing pin. I double-checked that the cylinder pin IS fully seated and the cross latch engaged. If I push backward on the cylinder pin the gun operates correctly in all positions, without applying pressure on the cylinder pin the transfer bar jams. Seems this problem has been experienced by others here on the forum. Oops. Now to my question: is the problem that the cylinder pin and its plunger are too short? I measured the OAL of the cylinder pin and it's 2.837" - I did not compress the plunder at the end of the cylinder pin for this measurement. I'd LOVE to have Ruger ship me just a new cylinder pin and not have to return my nearly new revolver. Anyone want to help a pard out and measure the OAL of the cylinder pin on an unmodified Wrangler the actually works? Thanks!
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