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  1. Joe's Sporting Goods might be able to help.
  2. I'd agree with the Ahlman's recommendation. What type of work needs done?
  3. I just recently took delivery of a Lil Grizz Ranchero, and it's the FIRST cowboy hat I've owned that actually FITS. Turns out my head is an EXTRA long oval, not just a long oval. I've been suffering ill-fitting hats for decades not knowing any better. Working off my measurements and a photo of my head Grizz made me a hat that fits like the proverbial glove for the price (about $225 delivered) of an off-the-rack hat. If you've got the time and budget go custom-made. I'm certain there are other fine hat makers out there, if you're interested in a Lil Grizz you can find him on Etsy. I've alr
  4. PM sent. Hope it fits, please report back either way.
  5. The presumed 1911 holster is yours. PM sent. Chert Rock Chuck: getting an error message that you can't receive private messages. Maybe your mail box is full?
  6. Hmmm, I think you're right! I only have a full size 1911, the front end of the slide fits in and the retaining strap looks like it would snap with a shorter slide. There's also a mark on the inside of the holster that would match up to a 1911 magazine release. Well spotted!
  7. I've got an "old school" right-handed, holster to sell. This is an old-fashioned paddle holster for a hammered S&W j-frame. Color is black with a basketweave finish. Leather has some scuffs and abrasions but is still strong and pliable. It is marked "Earl Ginn, Belmont California". and "38 2". My S&W j-frame fits but I have a hammerless gun so the retention strap doesn't reach. Price is $20 shipped. Earl Ginn holster pictures:
  8. I've been told that when you get older (and fatter) that the arch of your feet starts to flatten and your shoe size gets bigger. Well, it appears to be true. Regardless, for sale is a nice pair of cowhide Justin boots, sized 10D. Some wear, but lots of life left. Other than wear on the soles there are some incidental random scuffs and a few small cracks in the piping that runs up the joints of the boot shaft. Always stored on shoe trees, and no odors other than leather. Send $55 to the household PayPal account and I'll ship them to you just slightly bent so they fit into a la
  9. Bad Company, did you receive my PM? Want payment details for the 100 Starline .38 S&W cases. Thanks!
  10. I'll take this: 38 S&W Starline 100 ct. $20 shipped PM sent to get details for making payment.
  11. The Mernickle shotgun shell belt is still available, but the William Brown double gun rig is sold.
  12. William Brown rig sold pending funds to Dallas McPewPew. Thanks! PM with payment details will be sent shortly. Thanks!
  13. *SOLD* Mernickle shotgun belt for sale, 12 leather single loops with stop to hold 12-gauge shells. Excellent condition. Belt has slight curve. Belt is 2-ply, exterior leather a smooth medium brown, the inner ply a tan colored rough-out leather. Buckle has an antique brass finish. Used just a couple times when I was just getting started. Marked size 44. $75 shipped. SOLD to TB Bandito! *Sold* William Brown of Tombstone, AZ double gun rig with .45 Colt loops and holsters for 4.75" barreled revolvers.. Older rig with some scuffing inside the holsters but with lots of lif
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