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  1. Thank you all for some excellent insights!
  2. I frequently see the recommendation that before firing an old firearm that the gun should be inspected by a gunsmith. I'm curious as to what the components of the safety check are? Visual examination for cracks in the frame? Deep pits in the metal? Check for short chambers? Verify the cartridge the firearm is chambered in? Magnafluxing?
  3. I'll check them out but I was thinking I might be able to find a member who has some originals or reproductions lying around unused.
  4. I have two S&W lemon squeezers in .32 caliber. One has a broken right grip, the other a broken left grip. Anyone have original or reproduction grips they would sell? I'd even be interested in SINGLE grips if you have one lying about. Send me a PM with description of what you have and how deep I'd need to dig into my pocket. Thanks!
  5. Recently acquired a nice 3rd model S&W lemon squeezer in .32 S&W "short". The left grip is pretty much destroyed. I've found a few purveyors of replacement grips but I'm wondering who makes the best, yet reasonably priced, replacement grips? Thanks for any and all input!
  6. Sooooooo, if I'm reading everything correctly he's good to go? Sorry if I'm being acutely obtuse. (A little geometry humor there....)
  7. Asking for an elderly family member who is lacking in computer skills. Before he pries open his poke he wants to be absolutely certain that a Winchester model 64 lever gun in .30/30 would be legal for long-range side matches. Tang sights or barrel mounted sights only, of course. Also, would a model 64 be legal in .32 Winchester Special? Thanks for any insights.
  8. Bought two from the Cowboy and Indians Store. Arrived in just a few days. Installed without issue in my model 1897 trap gun. Made it out to the range for a test fire and everything works great! Thanks all!
  9. Huh, can't find anything. My usual experience with computers. I'll send you another email address and my phone number in a PM. I remain VERY interested in your rifle.
  10. PM sent. Please send pictures.
  11. Looking for a bolt action military rifle to shoot and have decided upon the Swedish Mauser. Would prefer the shorter or shortened version (model 38 or model 96/38) versus the longer version (model 96?). although I WOULD consider a good model 96 if offered. As I'm a bit persnickety I'd greatly prefer a matching numbers gun, in very good plus original condition. Got anything you'd part with? Send me a PM! Thanks! Forgot to mention, I have a Curio/Relic license so you could ship directly to me.
  12. I'm working on bringing a nice old 12 gauge Winchester 1897 trap gun back on line. It currently extracts an empty shell, but then fails to eject it. I've traced the problem to an ejector spring that has its' end sheared off. I've found a few sellers of replacement springs online but at a pretty wide range of prices. Is there more than one manufacturer of these springs? If so, who makes and sells the better spring? Thanks for any help.
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