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  1. Got some things in-bound from PW Rooter and with a couple other items I picked up from eBay I'm now going to be able to affect a much better appearance. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for the generous offer! Happy to pay cost of shipping. Please send me a private message when it's convenient.
  3. PW: I'll send a text message to your phone in a moment.
  4. Thanks to all who replied. Found a 9mm Bond Roughneck on Gunbroker for a good price.
  5. New to the game, and having a great time at it! Finally got my "hardware" in order, and with my last remaining dollars would like to upgrade my "range bum" appearance with some good-condition/lightly-used pieces of cowboy apparel. I don't mind doing a bit of light sewing where required. The look I'm going for is more "respectable rancher", but not a gambler or a dude with a lot of bright colors and satin fabrics.. I'm 6'2" and about 195 pounds. I have a WAH Maker shirt in size Large that is a good fit. As for waist size for pants a 38" and sometimes a 40" is about right, inseam about 34" (wearing pants over, not inside, boots). Looking for shirts, pants, and vests. For vests I would prefer a "tall" cut to keep my paunch covered. Not looking for hats, coats, or boots at this time. I would especially like a shirt that is red in color to wear on days when we're remembering our veterans. Send me a private message and let me know what you're willing to part with, and a price with shipping to zip code 55125. If we come to terms and you take PayPal I can get you paid quickly as "friends and family", otherwise would need to send a personal check. Thanks!
  6. THIS is the primary reason I'm considering the 9mm chambering. My local fun store checked their distributors and none of them have a .357/.38 gun. I also noticed that the recent article in the American Rifleman about the Bond Roughneck refers to just a 9mm gun and a .45/.410 gun. The only reference to .357/.38 is that there are spare barrels for those cartridges in the Roughneck finish. I handload 9mm cartridges already. Making a low-power load with a lead bullet would be zero problem.
  7. I see on the first page of our beloved website that Bond is selling the Roughneck version of their derringer for the low, low price of $269. At that price I might need to embarrass myself in derringer side matches! BUT would the 9mm Luger chambering be legal? After reading the Handbook it appears to check all the boxes, only the .22 magnum cartridge is explicitly excluded, BUT I thought I'd consult the brain trust before parting with my hard-earned $$$ What say yee? Thanks!!
  8. Oh don't worry I bought PLENTY of firearms to get into cowboy action! An Uberti 1873 competition model, and a Stoeger coach gun. And after watching the side matches at Winter Range 2018 I bought a Pedersoli Sharps and added Lee Shaver sights, and put a tang sight on my Winchester 94. While I was at it I picked up THREE cap and ball revolvers for good measure and then had Lassiter slick all three of them up for me. And it's not like my gun safe was empty to start with. Spent that money like it was going out of style and enjoyed every minute of it!
  9. My plow-handled Vaquero came with a .45 ACP cylinder and a .45 Colt cylinder. The birdshead grip Vaquero is a TALO model made for a distributor and came with just a .45 ACP cylinder. I bought the birdhead version a few years ago before I thought about taking up cowboy action shooting. Figured it was simpler to just get a second .45 ACP chambered revolver (the two cylinder Vaquero) versus buying TWO new guns.
  10. Just got back from the range, it's a 35 degree day here in Minnesota. Gotta take advantage of these nice days while they last! The comments in this message string motivated me to try some loads with lower charges of Bullseye, so I tested 10 rounds each of cartridges loaded with 3.7 grains and then 3.5 grains over my chronograph. The 10 cartridges loaded with 3.7 grains of Bullseye had an average velocity of 656 fps. The 10 cartridges loaded with 3.5 grains of Bullseye had an average velocity of 593 fps. Ignition for both batches was good with little evidence of unburned powder. Since I've got a 4-pound cannister of Bullseye I think 3.5 grains of that powder is going to be my standard load for my Vaqueros, subject to inevitable tinkering on down the line. Thanks to everyone for your input!
  11. In Minnesota we support global warming! I'm heading outside in a few minutes to burn leaves and a pile of old tires.
  12. Why the magnum primer? Is the powder charge so small you need the more powerful primer to ensure reliable ignition? Have you had problems with standard primers?
  13. Excellent advice so far. Keep it coming! Sounds like I may need to buy some Trailboss powder.
  14. I've got the birdshead version in my crossdraw holster, and a regular plow-handle gripped NM Vaquero on the strong side. Trying to decide which grip I prefer.
  15. Just getting started in cowboy action, my rig uses a pair of Ruger Vaqueros chambered in .45 ACP. Thus far I've shot the Rugers using cartridges I've handloaded for use in my 1911 pistol. These particular cartridges generate quite a bit of recoil in my Vaqueros, so I'm looking to develop a lower velocity and lower recoil alternative just for use in the Vaqueros. My current "thinking" to use some 155 grain coated bullets I bought from Missouri Bullet Casting, and Bullseye powder. Thus far I've tested 3 groups of loads where the powder charges were 1/2 grain apart. These cartridges produced average velocities of 700 fps for the lightest charge, then 750 fps for the middle charge, and 800 fps for the heaviest charge. Ignition is good with very little evidence of unburnt powder in all cartridges. Wondering how slow I can go? Any issues I need to be aware of in producing reloads with light charges of this fast burning pistol powder? What levels are YOU folks loading your low-recoil .45 revolver cartridges to? Thanks for any help and insights!
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