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  1. Thanks OLG! I figure by the time I get the sight installed, zeroed, work out some accurate loads I just MIGHT be ready for the Winter Range side matches! Oh, this version of the sight came with a Hadley already installed.
  2. Just invested in a Lee Shaver long range deluxe tang sight for the Pedersoli. Also bought one of Lee's front globe sights to complete the ensemble. Can't wait to get them mounted and tested out. Thanks to everyone for the sound advice, AND for helping me spend my money!
  3. Shopping for a tang sight for my Pedersoli Sharps in .45/70, barrel length 32". Looks like the mid-range sights offered by MVA, Lee Shaver, et al will allow me to shoot out more than far enough for side matches, BUT is there any reason NOT to just get the long-range version of these sights? Any downside to the longer staff? Thanks for any helpful words of wisdom.
  4. Had to remove the magazine plug on my Uberti 73 to remove some cartridges that I had loaded too long. After finding that Guido the Gorilla had tightened my plug retaining screw, as reported by others, I heated up the screw head a bit with my electric soldering iron. The heat broke it loose.
  5. Maybe just try 0000 grade steel wool?
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions! I appreciate it.
  7. What makes and models of double-action revolvers are recommended for the pocket pistol side match? I'd like to get something in .32 S&W (short or long) as I already reload this family of cartridges. I'm hoping to find a revolver that is durable and has reasonable spare parts availability so that it an be fixed when something inevitably breaks.! Thanks for any help.
  8. Thanks Slim, but I have LOTS of factory ammo and reloading components. You have to get while the gettings good with these odd cartridges, and I did.
  9. Thank you for the clarification. So the cartridge would have had to exist in the same 1860 to 1899 timeframe as the rifles specified as acceptable for long range matches? My model 71 would likely be problematic anyway, given its 1936 date of introduction, regardless of it essentially being an updated 1886. Well, my 94 Winchester in .30/30 will be pleased that it doesn't have to share range time with the model 71. Thanks again!
  10. Philosopher

    Gas checks

    1st post as a new SASS member! I understand that gas checks are not allowed in general, but are they allowed in rifle cartridges used for the long-range side matches? I've got an original Winchester model 71 I'm hoping to shoot, but I haven't been able to find any .348 caliber lead bullets for sale that do not have gas checks installed. Thanks!
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