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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies and information! I have several sets of Eagle Gunfighter Grips and two sets of the new Eagle Reactiv grips on order. I was just curious about the Bearpaw grips because I like some of the fancy woods he uses.
  2. Hey ya ole hillbilly!, check out ALTAMONT grips, thin style, for your rugers. They are thin, and shaped like the old gunfighter style from Eagle. Plus, their ‘super’ walnut ones are damn sexy! Especially the checkered ones. I have several of these grips, and am in love with them! 
    ‘too bad you don’t have a Bisley, I’d make you a helluva deal on a pair of pairs of Buffalo, gunfighter grips! Ned

    Ill send you a pic (text) in a bit

  3. Has anyone tried Bearpaw grips on their Vaqueros and is the profile anything like the Eagle gunfighter grips? https://bearpawgrips.com/ Thanks, Doc
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