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  1. I found mine and I have #109 pieces you can have for postage. Just let me know where to send them.
  2. I will see what I have and you can have them for postage.
  3. Larry Crowe a gunsmith here in Missouri used to convert old model vaqueros to 38/40. He has done several, but I'm not sure if he still does this. I have not seen him in a long time.
  4. Are Winchester model 12 and model 97 Butt Stocks interchangeable? Thanks, Doc
  5. Thanks everyone! The information I was reading about these sites stated the inlays were gold.
  6. Is a front sight like below approved for use in SASS matches?
  7. Thanks Tom we had a great posse!
  8. Thank you to everyone involved in putting on another great land run event. Thank you for your persistence and determination to make this event happen again and to make it one of the best. Doc
  9. Hi are you the cowboy that makes the nice wooden gun carts that are small and come apart easy?  I think some of the local guys have them like Missouri Traveler.  If so how much are they?


    Doc Hurd


    1. Straight Arrow Hombre

      Straight Arrow Hombre

      I’m that guy. A two gun cart is $240

      holsters add $40

  10. Doc

    Yes I am. The gun was only used for a short time by my wife

    "TWO PONIES GAL" who wanted a rifle to match her pistols Caliber.

    I soon switched her off of that because I got tired of making too many bullets of different calibers. and the gun has been in the safe for some years now.

    She no longer shoots due to maculer degeneration with her sight.

    She was  Alabama State Champion for many years prior to 2018.


  11. Doc, I have a pair of the 44 Specials SS 4 5/8" I purchased them in 2012 and shot them a couple years at SASS matches. Had Brisco  kid change to Blackhawk hammers/springs and changed to the black checkered grips. These are used but real nice condition. They have been in the safe for last couple years and thinking to down size gun collection.

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    2. stepnmud#33546


      missing the dust cover, might have it in a box some where.




    3. stepnmud#33546


      few more pics.






    4. stepnmud#33546
  12. I've used universal clays in the past. I could not get a load that would work for me without having unburnt flakes. I like unique or red dot much better.
  13. I actually made a large bead for my rifle site last night. I took a .175 shotgun bead, chucked it into my dremel tool and turned it down with a small file. I turned it down just enough that it was a snug fit and pressed it into my Marbles sight. First I just pulled out the small bead that Marbles used. Pretty easy and cheap to do.
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