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  1. I should also add that it has a built in cooling fan. I used it for cleaning handgun parts, cylinders, springs, hammers, sears, etc.
  2. It is heated. It has a 170 Watt heater. I bought it new about 2014. It has not seen heavy use.
  3. Get the stubborn ones shiny. Low mileage, Lyman Ultrasonic Cleaner is good for brass and just about any lighter weight metallic parts, jewelry, etc.. Use the Lyman juice sold for the machine or mix your own home-brew cleaning solution (You Tube). 120 Volt, quiet, variable programming, 2.5 liter capacity. Spot on your bench 11.5 x 9 x 7.5" High. Excellent condition. Yours for $95 plus $10 shipping.
  4. Here is a practically new specimen, w/ Micro Adjust Seating. Includes Original cartridge tray Box, papers, allen tools, etc. I no longer shoot this caliber. Yours for $69 plus $6.00 Shipping.
  5. Here are 5 high quality Cowboy shirts in excellent or near new condition. Sizes are all XL. Brands like Scully, Stitches in Time, Frontier Classics, as follows: Caballero, Scully, all black, cowhide lace-up, durable cotton twill. Retail, $69, Price to you $35 plus $6 shipping. Drover Bib shirt, Stitches in Time, durable cotton twill, washed drab green, bronze metal buttons, cotton twill. Retail $65, Price to you $30 plus $6 shipping Land Office Dress Shirt, Scully, all cotton white, grey, black stitch stripe, Retail $55, Price to you, $30 plus $6 shipping Side Match Casual, Stitches in Time, all red light weight, Retail $39, Price to you $20, plus $6 shipping Tailored Striped Bib, Frontier Classics, all cotton green shades striped, Retail $59, Price to you $30, plus $6 shipping If you buy 3 or more, Seller pays all shipping in ConUS.
  6. This set-up includes Dillon 650 9mm Die Set,Dillon 650 9mm Conversion Kit, 650 Tool Head with Whidden Gunworks Die Stabilization Upgrade Kit, and Tool Head Stand. Everything you need to get into the 9mm business (just place your Powder Measure on it). You can add a standby powder measure to this to make it into a "Quick Change". Current Retail for this is $340 This will be shipped to your door (ConUS) for $180. Seller covers shipping.
  7. Redding T-7 Turret Press and all the trimmings. If you want to make high quality, precision, repeatable loads for competition or hunting, this is your jumpstart. Built for duty, with 7 die / tool position turret head, rotary pivot indexing, ball detent lock up, compound linkage handle movement, and easy mounting on your bench. It comes equipped with the Redding Competition Slide Bar Auto-primer feed system, In-Line-Fabrication riser bench mount, spent primer recovery, and spare Turret Head for easy caliber quick change with one bolt. Each Turret Head can be easily set up for 2 different calibers in place at the same time. Also included on this set up is the RCBS Competition Powder Measure with micro-adjustable powder charge control. A separate RCBS Powder Measure Piggyback Stand is included for times when a special purpose die may be needed on the press taking the place of the Powder Measure. I have been very successful in loading a wide range of calibers. It is a pleasure to work with, but my eyesight limits me now. If you are familiar with this system then, nuff said. If not, you can refer to the Redding Website and many excellent reviews and feature articles on You Tube. Shipping this will require 2 substantial parcels, one for the press (about 28 pounds) and one for rest of the goods. Shipping in ConUS will be split by the Seller. Buyer pays a flat $20 limit. Everything here is in excellent condition. No dies or shell holders included. I will be offering some dies soon on the SASS Wire. Golden Dog stays with me. Current Retail Prices =============== Press with Auto-Prime upgrade $445 InLineFabrication Mount Base $ 80 Spare Tool Head Turret $100 RCBS Competition Powder Measure $167 RCBS PM Piggy Back Stand $ 22 Current Retail Total $ 815 plus Tx & Shipping Price here for all is $465 plus the $20 Flat Shipping It’s your move pard!
  8. Redding 88186 Titanium Carbide 44 Special / 44 Mag Complete Set. Very Lightly used, includes Allen key, spare de-capping pin, Ammo tray Box, Papers. Sent to your ConUS front door for $56
  9. These kits are designed to help you determine the ACTUAL GROOVE DIAMETER of your gun barrel. If you are interested in improved accuracy or leaving less lead in your barrel, then this is what the doctor ordered. Kit #4 (.308 -.327), Kit #6 (.374 -.384) are offered here for sale. They are easy to use and the method and instructions are found on the Meister Bullets website. I have done the handful of barrels for me, and there is plenty supplies left in the kits for your collection. These are mostly on backorder at Meister and they sell for $49.95 per kit including flat rate Post. You may have both of these for $33 including the shipping to you in ConUS. If you want just one, the deal would be $22 shipped to you.
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