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  1. Another 900 pieces go to your house in a USPS Flat Rate Medium Box. Mixed stamps, mostly Remington & Winchester. No military specimens, all cowboy ready, Turbo Tumbled clean. Nice stuff. I pay shipping, you pay $69. Your pard, T. Bone Pickins
  2. One more look on the Weekend
  3. New Unopened box of 500. 92 Grain RN .313 Sized. yours for $55 shipping included.
  4. Not appreciably. since sending this from Delaware to Arizona will send shipping cost up with the trend in fuel surcharges. You may be on the edge of victory. Don't let the picnic ants carry you away. Everything will be OK..
  5. Thank you pards, for the affirmations. Now someone must be comin' today with the sensibility and courage !! I just sweetened it with my offer to pay the shipping. T. Bone Pickins
  6. This is the High End Holy Brass for Accuracy in Hunting & Competition. Virgin Nosler Factory Brass, unprimed, weight sorted, Sized, chamfered case mouth, polished out primer pocket, ready to put in the press. This stuff is out on Midway USA for $82 per box of 50, plus shipping & tax. Right now. If you have used this brass of course you know the quality. This box of 50 will sell for half price. $41 plus $9 for USPS flat rate box shipped to You.
  7. Hey Boys & Girls, This is a juicy one, not often seen out here. I am getting out of the 45 ACP business in reloading. This is a soup to nuts 650 set-up with all the tricks and whistles. It is not heavily used, and well maintained. If you have a Dillon 650 or pondering to get one, here is a quick-start set up for adding 45 ACP to you production line.. As some may know, a number of these items are way, way backordered at Dillon. Item Dillon Current Price Tool Head $ 55 45 ACP Die Set $ 125 Caliber Conversion Kit $ 115 Powder Die $ 20 Powder Measure Set $ 120 Powder Baffle $ 12 Powder Check Sensor $ 95 Tool Stand $ 29 RF100 Stand Cover $ 15 USPS Flat Rate Ship $ 23 Total Dillon Price $ 609. You can do a true quick-change with this on your bench. It is in excellent condition. Take about 43% off and it will be shipped to your door for $350. I do not want to break this up into pieces since it will get picked over, and will add to the shipping overhead. SO it's time to treat yourself !! Your pard, T. Bone Pickins
  8. I'll have to check on the PM issue thanks. I will first try to send you a PM. So look out for that and let me know if I have unraveled this problem Check or USPS MO for $33 gets it done. (I checked out my "Bag of 25" and it only had 23.) Better stay off the Mash Drippins! Send to Gary Walkowski 29429 Pembroke Landing Millsboro DE 19966 Kind regards, T. Bone Pickins
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