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  1. I need 2 really, everywhere seems to be price gouging. Anyone have one or two to spare? Thanks
  2. I highly recommend Ruger sr1911 in 9mm. They come with a very light recoil spring, 10lb, I believe. I switched mine to a 12lb, made if feel much better. Pic of mine, NFS.
  3. I'd like one if Taos only wants one of them.
  4. maybe here https://sites.google.com/site/rockymountaincartridge/home/prices http://the-puzzle-palace.com/files/baco2.htm#45
  5. Got the Mid-range sight, just need the longer screws with Uberti threads to mount it with. Any additional help with where I can get them is appreciated. Thanks, KM
  6. Looks like that should fit my 1876.Any screws with it?
  7. Yes, thank you. Tried all over the net, everything is out of stock. Was hoping someone had a used one they don't need anymore.
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