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  1. Looks like that should fit my 1876.Any screws with it?
  2. Yes, thank you. Tried all over the net, everything is out of stock. Was hoping someone had a used one they don't need anymore.
  3. That's what I need, for my Uberti 1876 Presidio .50/95 carbine.
  4. Says right in the title, midsize. I'll add calibers it lists on the lid, 22-250, 219zip, 243,6ppc, 7.6x39. I would have to say I used them on 30-30, or 32spl, the only 2 calibers I had for midsize.
  5. I'm betting you meant 38/56, as 38/55 was a 1894 round, never in an 86. 38/56 is a factory 1886 round. FYI. Merry Christmas.
  6. Got 10 of these just bouncing around in the miscellaneous tub, no use for them. $30.00 shipped. Used very little if at all, I don't even remember when I got them or for what. All intact, no chips, no sticker residue from labels. Just minor handling marks. PAYPAL f&f, Check, MO, or cash.
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