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  1. WTB or WTS is a good start, and a must really. Add a bit as to what you WTB/WTS What really bugs me is the type like I wonder if..., Lets see if... Guess I'll ask here.. and the like. The couple threads that were there this morning are now gone, or fixed, so they saw this and did it proper. Some will say, 'Well, if it don't interest you, pass it by" Yep, that works. But what if it does interest me? I'll have missed something I may want to buy, because someone didn't bother to list it properly, and that person will have missed a sale. Or I may have something I could be willing to let go. WTB/WTS does have it's own section. It's called The Classifieds. Sorry or originally posting IN the Classifieds, but I thought that would be where it do the most good.
  2. If ya got something to sell or want to buy something, say what it is in the title! I find this very annoying. Isn't there a rule for this? OK, rant over. Bring on the flame. KM
  3. ISO mean your looking for one, In Search Of. Looks to me like your trying to sell one??
  4. Might help if you posted what caliber it is, unless I missed it somewhere.
  5. This may help, from the Ruger forum classified. http://www.rugerforum.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=282497&sid=97f6bab30d5dd07c2237e295ba98baae
  6. OK, I'll rephrase, From the FACTORY, ALL Ruger Single Action's have the transfer Bar. Since 1973.
  7. All New Model Ruger SA's have the transfer bar.
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