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  1. Had the "sticking empties' start occurring around WR 2019. Very intermittent but when it happened, it was hard to lever. Checked brass when I got to unloading table and all fell in and out of chamber so it was impossible to tell which brass was the culprit. This was about the time I had opened a new box of 500 45LC from Starline and they got mixed in with some of my older brass.. Been using Starline for many years. It was also around the time I started using coated bullets so I really had to start to dig to find out what was happening. Purchased one of the Carbon Scrapers but no carbon. Bought bore camera, had some lead in bore but not in chamber. Scrubbed chamber anyway with SS Chamber Brush till I was happy. Went out and tried it again and got the same hang ups. Went back and tightened up crimp and no change. Tossed out all the older brass and still had the same problem. Called Starline and they suggested that I put it in the oven at around 430 for 25 minutes.. Didnt seem to help. Then the light came on that all this started with the new brass being mixed in so I ordered 500 Winchester. I loaded them the same bullet, charge, crimp and primer. Went to local match and no hangups. Shot annual match the next week (100 rounds) no hangups. I relayed the info to Starline and they are supposed to replace the brass. Gonna keep trying different things but right now it looks like the brass was the problem. JM
  2. OK. I am available this Saturday, have match in Creedmoor, just off I-85 if interested. I don't have anything scheduled next week until Friday. I'll be at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh Sat and Sunday.

  3. jfosborn@hotmail.com Trooper Ozzy, interested in pair of 45LC ss Vaqueros might be able to run down from Danville next week

  4. I have a pair of SASS Vaquero's for sale. Red box, locks, all papers, LNIB. Used for wax bullets only. $1200.00 plus shipping JM
  5. I am selling my back up pair of Bisley Vaqueros in 45LC. Action work done by Wes Flowers aka West Fargo (RIP). One of the best with Rugers. Work includes: Removal of Transfer Bar-Short Stroked Hammer With Half Cock-Serrated Front Sight-Opened Rear Sights-Beveled Cylinder and Ejector Rod Housing-Shortened Base Pin (Helps in ejecting empties). Guns have been shot occasionally but mainly used as backups. $1600 for the pair. Plus Shipping. Have Pictures. Will send if interested. JM
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