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  1. SASS Conventions were originated to simplify the writing of stages. Instead of writing a page full of directions for everything the writer wanted, he/she had Conventions that covered most of the questions. Stage writers can and always have been able to override a convention by writing it in to the stage description. The SASS Default is just one of those things that if the writer was too lazy or forgot to write out a starting position, there was something available to direct the shooters on how to start. It also helps to make sure all posses do it the same. Problem comes when shooters want to question the convention as to what it really means and what can they do to maybe get an advantage over everyone else. Sort of like Cowboy Port Arms. So if you as a stage writer or MD don't like a convention, do as WR is doing, write your own. It is ok but some of us still use the convention and enforce how it is done. JM
  2. Glad to see ya shootin again. Hope to see ya sometime this year. JM
  3. I have 6, Chip McCormick (Shooting Star) Stainless Steel 8 round mags for Sale. $100 shipped to lower 48 JM
  4. I have 6 CM 1911 mags (Shooting Star) 7 round blued mags for sale. Used but very little. $75.00 shipped to lower 48. JM
  5. Used Mernickle Wild Bunch Rig. Includes Holster, 3 double mag pouches and Two Belts 39 and 42. (38 and 41 inches to middle hole. Classic Design-Men's. $325 Shipping Included to lower 48. JM
  6. 4ft LED Work Light from Lowes, Sam's, etc. Been chaging out all bulbs for "daylight" LED so my old eyes can see. Hope to see ya at WR. JM
  7. Merry Christmas! Looking forward to shooting with you again. May the New Year hold something special for ya!! JM
  8. OK. I am available this Saturday, have match in Creedmoor, just off I-85 if interested. I don't have anything scheduled next week until Friday. I'll be at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh Sat and Sunday.

  9. jfosborn@hotmail.com Trooper Ozzy, interested in pair of 45LC ss Vaqueros might be able to run down from Danville next week

  10. I have a pair of SASS Vaquero's for sale. Red box, locks, all papers, LNIB. Used for wax bullets only. $1200.00 plus shipping JM
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