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  1. Ambush/SE Regional, will be hosting both RO-1 and RO-2 Classes on Thursday Sept 29th. Registration begins at 8:30 with classes starting at 9:00. Classes will be held in the Blue House on the hill. These are two separate classes. Either may be a first time or Refresher. You do not have to shoot the match to take a class. RO-1 will be taught by Randy St. Eagle who will be completing his Observation to become and RO Instructor. RO-2 will be taught by Cassalong Hopidy and Rubicon Ryder. We look forward to seeing you there. JM
  2. Thanks PW. Thought most would have known to go to the SHB under Gunfighter. Guess not. JM
  3. i didn't tell anyone how to fire the pistols, only that five shots with each hand. You can shoot it any way you want that fits the category as long as it meets the requirements of the Category. SHB o Gunfighter style competitors must shoot FIVE rounds with each hand – regardless of how they are drawn from leather.
  4. FYI-Gunfighters are required to split rounds between hands. Load five in each gun then shoot five with right hand and 5 with left hand. Two reloads? One each pistol and fired one right handed and left handed. JM
  5. AR steel is not Armor Plate. The AR stands for Abrasion Resistant and other than targets is used for concrete trucks, etc and any type of industrial equipment that needs their stuff not to wear out due to constant abrasion. Bowing is normal with time but can be controlled by the thickness of the targets. 3/8 in is fairly normal and our club used it for years. We marked the targets and rotated them each use. They still bowed!. Once it bows in a particular direction, it is impossible to reverse. Wild Bunch almost destroyed them so we switched to 1/2 inch and other than being heavy, they haven't bowed in 5 years. We still reverse them occasionally but usually don't pay attention anymore. Just a view from my direction. Your view my differ!
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