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  1. No. The match is over. No procedural. There's nothing that says a traditional shooter cannot use one hand...just that a duelist must...
  2. I understand. I also contend that they should not have made your match participation hang in the balance because you can't deprogram drawing and cocking two guns. A progressive penalty here is unnecessary given that if the shooter repeatedly does this he's killing his score with the P's and making himself liable to incur the SOTG if he's gaining a competitive advantage. It's just harsh for harshness sake.
  3. The first time...the second it's a SDQ...third is a MDQ. It really tends to slow the shooter down after that first penalty. It's a struggle to stay in the match coming from gunfighter to duelist. Unnecessary progressive penalty. There's nothing unsafe being done here.
  4. This bears the question...Which man is more ready? Bob's action is closed. Is he already loaded and decieving us? Or is he way behind the curve?
  5. I wish they had made it a bit easier to clean. Having to remove it from the stock to strip the receiver on a blow back gun is not ideal... I'd like to see a metal trigger.
  6. I was looking at the hands wrapping easily around the rifle. You look like you could fire it one handed. I sure hope you enjoy your rifle. They are fun.
  7. Did anyone else notice that his Garand looks smaller than normal? Scaled down model...
  8. You say trade off and I say acknowledgement that the average RO staffer can't keep up with the GF well enough to see what is cocked or fired.
  9. Widder snuck a funny in and everybody's too riled up to see it...
  10. Hey there BS, This is true, but this is the one shooting discipline that has some really odd rules. There are a lot of folks that start shooting SASS with no other competitive shooting experience. Hence the term incompetent. You have someone green to competition going from one gun at a time at the range to trying to make 24+ shots in varying sequences from multiple positions. There are a lot of folks who only compete in this one discipline and have no idea how difficult the rules are for someone crossing over from another discipline. I'm flat baffled by some of the rules and just shrug at the penalty when it's called. Coming from other disciplines as an SO/RO it burns me up that it takes so long to make the proper call on the line. That adds insult to injury. It gives the impression that the one making the ruling is uncertain of the rules. As far as shooting GF to avoid the Penalty I'd say shoot BW because there you can shoot in any manner you wish. In theory you could start the stage as GF and finish as two handed. I don't see how you could be assessed with any Penalty and you could reholster at anytime. As a duelist you could (in theory) draw and fire one round with the left and reholster then draw and fire one round with the right without penalty while a GF can't be trusted to do so. I think shooting out of category should not be a progressive penalty. That's a match ender for something that isn't unsafe at all. Totally bogus. Just keep calling the P and there's no way they can outshoot the penalty.
  11. Oooh careful...pretty soon you're going to realize that not being allowed to shoot on the move is silly too. Essentially the problem is this... incompetent people playing four gun that have never shot competitively before, old folks running around in slip enhancement footwear, and rules designed to frustrate the gunfighter because somehow he's extra dangerous...how come you can't fully load the '97? Why do empty shells in an action matter? How come we can't wear shady Brady's? What is a shady Brady? Is it a tricorn hat with a NE Patriots logo?
  12. Haha! That'll be the day! Making guns for you... So you can breathe easy and not waste your time on the .460 barrel. I recently had a long conversation with Bond Customer Service. Turns out they were developing a .44 Magnum barrel recently (announced at 2018 Shot) and had the intention of going on to a .454 barrel after that. The recoil was too severe for the testers and they kept cracking grips. Why they didn't partner with Hogue was not discussed. I was curious about the .460 barrel as well because if they got the .454 proofed then a .460 would definitely be doable. I got the impression that the creature comforts and recoil mitigation is the driving force behind the expressed limitations. The individual with whom I spoke, indicated that there had been reports of folks injured by recoil loading +P bear loads in the .45 Colt loadings. Bond Arms appears to have taken the position that they'd like to head off negative reviews of folks getting injured by recoil by stating that heavy loads are against their recommendations. From my experience, the recoil does increase markedly above 200 grains and folks are well advised to limit their loads to something between SAA and Ruger loads. For your bear load, I think you can find anything you need with a 300 grain solid and about 7-7.5 grains of Titegroup. It will be stout and not something you will want to shoot more than a handful of times. You're not going to get expansion in the hollow points out of those short barrels unless you know of something that functions under 650 fps.
  13. So I have acquired an American on top of the Bond. The Bond is definitely better out of the box. The trigger on the American was rough and had a nasty burr on the full cock notch. After a bit of stoning I got it to a serviceable weight with a smooth break. I really like the American for looks and find it easier to cock than the Bond. I've heard the Liberty Ammo load suggestion which are unobtanium locally. Does anyone actually carry one in .45 Colt and have a favorite full power load other than that? The 200 grain Vortx doesn't expand when fired into sand out of the Bond. I have shot some warmer 300 grain Sierra soft points and that was a fun ride. So if anybody has any working loads I'm interested.
  14. My friends shall not be penalized, but mine own score shall be swiftest with all of my sworn enemies smighted with stage DQs.
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