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  1. The men using the holsters likely positioned them for purpose at the moment much like cross draw shooters do in between stages.
  2. Actually you could load all nine chambers and the shotgun barrel also. You couldn't cap more than five chambers at a time and as long as there was a solid ball fired from the 20 gauge barrel, there is no problem. Or is there oh faithful fetterers of fun? That's two stages on one load. If I were the MD I would totally let that person cap all the nipples and just download their rifle and pick up the extra with the shotgun. Especially if they agreed to shoot GF! They aren't going to win anything with it, so why not have fun?
  3. What's the difference between .36& .44? Is it the same debate as .357/.45 or is it different in BP?
  4. Or I could just take my whole gun apart every stage....? Hahaha
  5. If stainless, I really like it. Rammer does look functionless. Perfect for a conversion revolver with a Krist converter? I had a thought...if a man had a small mallet...would the rammer work then?
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